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package app

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/cmd/codegen/app"


Package Files

generate_clientset.go generate_docs.go generate_openapi.go generate_options.go root.go

func NewCmdCreateClientOpenAPI Uses

func NewCmdCreateClientOpenAPI(genOpts GenerateOptions) *cobra.Command

NewCmdCreateClientOpenAPI creates the command

func NewCreateDocsCmd Uses

func NewCreateDocsCmd(genOpts GenerateOptions) *cobra.Command

NewCreateDocsCmd creates apidocs for CRDs

func NewGenerateClientSetCmd Uses

func NewGenerateClientSetCmd(genOpts GenerateOptions) *cobra.Command

NewGenerateClientSetCmd creates the command

func Run Uses

func Run() error

Run executes the Cobra root command.

type ClientSetGenerationOptions Uses

type ClientSetGenerationOptions struct {
    Generators []string

ClientSetGenerationOptions contain the options for the clientset generation.

func (*ClientSetGenerationOptions) Run Uses

func (o *ClientSetGenerationOptions) Run() error

Run executes this command.

type CommonOptions Uses

type CommonOptions struct {
    Args             []string
    Cmd              *cobra.Command
    LogLevel         string
    GeneratorVersion string
    Verbose          bool

CommonOptions contains the common options

type CreateClientOpenAPIOptions Uses

type CreateClientOpenAPIOptions struct {
    Title                string
    Version              string
    ReferenceDocsVersion string
    OpenAPIDependencies  []string
    OpenAPIOutputDir     string
    ModuleName           string

CreateClientOpenAPIOptions the options for the create client openapi command

func (*CreateClientOpenAPIOptions) Run Uses

func (o *CreateClientOpenAPIOptions) Run() error

Run implements this command

type GenerateDocsOptions Uses

type GenerateDocsOptions struct {
    ReferenceDocsVersion string

GenerateDocsOptions contains the options for the create client docs command

type GenerateOptions Uses

type GenerateOptions struct {
    OutputBase          string
    BoilerplateFile     string
    GroupsWithVersions  []string
    InputPackage        string
    GoPathInputPackage  string
    GoPathOutputPackage string
    GoPathOutputBase    string
    OutputPackage       string
    InputBase           string
    Global              bool

GenerateOptions contain common code generation options

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