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package buckets

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/cloud/buckets"


Package Files

buckets.go interface.go

func CreateBucketURL Uses

func CreateBucketURL(name string, kind string, settings *jenkinsv1.TeamSettings) (string, error)

CreateBucketURL creates a go-cloud URL to a bucket

func KubeProviderToBucketScheme Uses

func KubeProviderToBucketScheme(provider string) string

KubeProviderToBucketScheme returns the bucket scheme for the cloud provider

func ReadBucketURL Uses

func ReadBucketURL(u *url.URL, timeout time.Duration) ([]byte, error)

ReadBucketURL reads the content of a bucket URL of the for 's3://bucketName/foo/bar/whatnot.txt?param=123' where any of the query arguments are applied to the underlying Bucket URL and the path is extracted and resolved within the bucket

func ReadHTTPURL Uses

func ReadHTTPURL(u string, timeout time.Duration) ([]byte, error)

ReadHTTPURL reads the HTTP based URL and returns the data or returning an error if a 2xx status is not returned

func ReadURL Uses

func ReadURL(urlText string, timeout time.Duration, httpFn func(urlString string) (string, error)) ([]byte, error)

ReadURL reads the given URL from either a http/https endpoint or a bucket URL path. if specified the httpFn is a function which can append the user/password or token if using a git provider

func SplitBucketURL Uses

func SplitBucketURL(u *url.URL) (string, string)

SplitBucketURL splits the full bucket URL into the URL to open the bucket and the file name to refer to within the bucket

type Provider Uses

type Provider interface {
    // CreateNewBucketForCluster creates a new dynamically named bucket
    CreateNewBucketForCluster(clusterName string, bucketKind string) (string, error)
    EnsureBucketIsCreated(bucketURL string) error

Provider represents a bucket provider

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