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package pki

import "github.com/jenkins-x/jx/pkg/kube/pki"


Package Files

cert-manager.go certificate.go


const (
    // CertManagerNamespace indicates the namespace where is cert-manager deployed
    CertManagerNamespace = "cert-manager"
    // CertManagerDeployment indicates the name of the cert-manager deployment
    CertManagerDeployment = "cert-manager"
    // CertManagerReleaseName indicates the release name for cert-manager chart
    CertManagerReleaseName = "cert-manager"
    // CertManagerChartOwner is the owner of the cert-manager chart repo
    CertManagerChartOwner = "jetstack"
    // CertManagerChartURL is the URL for the repo containing the cert-manager chart
    CertManagerChartURL = "https://charts.jetstack.io"
    // CertManagerChart name of the cert-manager chart
    CertManagerChart = "jetstack/cert-manager"
    // CertManagerCRDsFile files which contains the cert-manager CRDs
    CertManagerCRDsFile = "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jetstack/cert-manager/v0.9.1/deploy/manifests/00-crds.yaml"

    // CertManagerIssuerProd name of the production issuer
    CertManagerIssuerProd = "letsencrypt-prod"

    // CertManagerIssuerStaging name of the staging issuer
    CertManagerIssuerStaging = "letsencrypt-staging"
const CertSecretPrefix = "tls-"

CertSecretPrefix used as prefix for all certificate object names

func CleanAllCerts Uses

func CleanAllCerts(client kubernetes.Interface, certclient certclient.Interface, ns string) error

CleanAllCerts removes all certs and their associated secrets which hold a TLS certificated issued by cert-manager

func CleanCertManagerResources Uses

func CleanCertManagerResources(certclient certclient.Interface, ns string, ic kube.IngressConfig) error

CleanCertManagerResources removed the cert-manager resources from the given namespaces

func CleanCerts Uses

func CleanCerts(client kubernetes.Interface, certclient certclient.Interface, ns string, filter []Certificate) error

CleanCerts removes the certs and their associated secrets which hold a TLS certificate issued by cert-manager

func CreateCertManagerResources Uses

func CreateCertManagerResources(certclient certclient.Interface, targetNamespace string, ic kube.IngressConfig) error

CreateCertManagerResources creates the cert-manager resources such as issuer in the target namespace

func CreateIssuer Uses

func CreateIssuer(certclient certclient.Interface, ns string, ic kube.IngressConfig) error

CreateIssuer creates a cert-manager issuer according with the ingress configuration

func WaitCertificateExists Uses

func WaitCertificateExists(client certclient.Interface, name string, ns string, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitCertificateExists waits until the timeout for the certificate with the provided name to be available in the certificates list

func WaitCertificateIssuedReady Uses

func WaitCertificateIssuedReady(client certclient.Interface, name string, ns string, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitCertificateIssuedReady wait for a certificate issued by cert-manager until is ready or the timeout is reached

func WatchCertificatesIssuedReady Uses

func WatchCertificatesIssuedReady(ctx context.Context, client certclient.Interface, ns string) (<-chan Certificate, error)

WatchCertificatesIssuedReady starts watching for ready certificate in the given namespace. If the namespace is empty, it will watch the entire cluster. The caller can stop watching by cancelling the context.

type Certificate Uses

type Certificate struct {
    // Name certificate name
    Name string
    //Namespace certificate namespace
    Namespace string

Certificate keeps some information related to a certificate issued by cert-manager

func GetIssuedReadyCertificates Uses

func GetIssuedReadyCertificates(client certclient.Interface, ns string) ([]Certificate, error)

GetIssuedReadyCertificates returns the current ready certificates in the given namespace

func ToCertificates Uses

func ToCertificates(services []*v1.Service) []Certificate

ToCertificates converts a list of services into a list of certificates. The certificate name is built from the application label of the service.

func (Certificate) String Uses

func (c Certificate) String() string

String returns the certificate information in a string format

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