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package common

import ""


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common.go version_since.go


const (
    // JSONOutputFormat is the format of json
    JSONOutputFormat string = "json"
    // YAMLOutputFormat is the format of yaml
    YAMLOutputFormat string = "yaml"
    // TableOutputFormat is the format of table
    TableOutputFormat string = "table"
const (
    // VersionSince0028 represents v0.0.28
    VersionSince0028 = "v0.0.28"
    // VersionSince0024 represents v0.0.24
    VersionSince0024 = "v0.0.24"
const (
    Since = "since"

func GetAliasesDel Uses

func GetAliasesDel() []string

GetAliasesDel returns the aliases for delete command

func GetEditorHelpText Uses

func GetEditorHelpText() string

GetEditorHelpText returns the help text related a text editor

func GetSystemStdio Uses

func GetSystemStdio() terminal.Stdio

GetSystemStdio returns the stdio from system

type BatchOption Uses

type BatchOption struct {
    Batch bool

    Stdio terminal.Stdio

BatchOption represent the options for a batch operation

func (*BatchOption) Confirm Uses

func (b *BatchOption) Confirm(message string) bool

Confirm promote user if they really want to do this

func (*BatchOption) SetFlag Uses

func (b *BatchOption) SetFlag(cmd *cobra.Command)

SetFlag the flag for batch option

type CommonOption Uses

type CommonOption struct {
    ExecContext     util.ExecContext
    SystemCallExec  util.SystemCallExec
    LookPathContext util.LookPathContext
    RoundTripper    http.RoundTripper
    Logger          *zap.Logger

    GitHubClient *github.Client

    Stdio terminal.Stdio

    // EditFileName allow editor has a better performance base on this
    EditFileName string

CommonOption contains the common options

func (*CommonOption) Editor Uses

func (o *CommonOption) Editor(defaultContent, message string) (content string, err error)

Editor edit a file than return the content

func (*CommonOption) Select Uses

func (o *CommonOption) Select(options []string, message, defaultOpt string) (target string, err error)

Select return a target

type EditContent Uses

type EditContent interface {
    Editor(defaultContent, message string) (content string, err error)

EditContent is the interface for editing content from a file

type FormatOutput Uses

type FormatOutput interface {
    Output(obj interface{}, format string) (data []byte, err error)

FormatOutput is the interface of format output

type HookOption Uses

type HookOption struct {
    SkipPreHook  bool
    SkipPostHook bool

HookOption is the option whether skip command hook

type InteractiveOption Uses

type InteractiveOption struct {
    Interactive bool

InteractiveOption allow user to choose whether the mode is interactive

func (*InteractiveOption) SetFlag Uses

func (b *InteractiveOption) SetFlag(cmd *cobra.Command)

SetFlag set the option flag to this cmd

type JenkinsClient Uses

type JenkinsClient interface {
    GetCurrentJenkinsFromOptions() (jenkinsServer *config.JenkinsServer)
    GetCurrentJenkinsAndClient(jClient *client.JenkinsCore) *config.JenkinsServer

JenkinsClient is the interface of get Jenkins client

type JenkinsConfigMgr Uses

type JenkinsConfigMgr interface {
    GetMirror(string) string

    GetGitHubClient() *github.Client
    SetGitHubClient(gitHubClient *github.Client)

JenkinsConfigMgr is the interface of getting configuration

type MsgConfirm Uses

type MsgConfirm interface {
    Confirm(message string) bool

MsgConfirm is the interface for confirming a message

type OutputOption Uses

type OutputOption struct {
    Format string

    Columns        string
    WithoutHeaders bool
    Filter         []string

    Writer        io.Writer
    CellRenderMap map[string]RenderCell

OutputOption represent the format of output

func (*OutputOption) GetLine Uses

func (o *OutputOption) GetLine(obj reflect.Value) []string

GetLine returns the line of a table

func (*OutputOption) ListFilter Uses

func (o *OutputOption) ListFilter(obj interface{}) interface{}

ListFilter filter the data list by fields

func (*OutputOption) Match Uses

func (o *OutputOption) Match(item reflect.Value) bool

Match filter an item

func (*OutputOption) Output Uses

func (o *OutputOption) Output(obj interface{}) (data []byte, err error)

Output print the object into byte array Deprecated see also OutputV2

func (*OutputOption) OutputV2 Uses

func (o *OutputOption) OutputV2(obj interface{}) (err error)

OutputV2 print the data line by line

func (*OutputOption) SetFlag Uses

func (o *OutputOption) SetFlag(cmd *cobra.Command)

SetFlag set flag of output format Deprecated, see also SetFlagWithHeaders

func (*OutputOption) SetFlagWithHeaders Uses

func (o *OutputOption) SetFlagWithHeaders(cmd *cobra.Command, headers string)

SetFlagWithHeaders set the flags of output

type RenderCell Uses

type RenderCell = func(string) string

RenderCell render a specific cell in a table

type Selector Uses

type Selector interface {
    Select(options []string, message, defaultOpt string) (target string, err error)

Selector is the interface for selecting an option

type WatchOption Uses

type WatchOption struct {
    Watch    bool
    Interval int
    Count    int

WatchOption for the resources which can be watched

func (*WatchOption) SetFlag Uses

func (o *WatchOption) SetFlag(cmd *cobra.Command)

SetFlag for WatchOption

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