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package config

import ""


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const (
    // ANNOTATION_CONFIG_LOAD annotation for config loading set
    ANNOTATION_CONFIG_LOAD string = "config.load"

type CommandHook Uses

type CommandHook struct {
    Path    string `yaml:"path"`
    Command string `yaml:"cmd"`

CommandHook is a hook

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Current        string          `yaml:"current"`
    Language       string          `yaml:"language,omitempty"`
    JenkinsServers []JenkinsServer `yaml:"jenkins_servers"`
    PreHooks       []CommandHook   `yaml:"preHooks,omitempty"`
    PostHooks      []CommandHook   `yaml:"postHooks,omitempty"`
    PluginSuites   []PluginSuite   `yaml:"pluginSuites,omitempty"`
    Mirrors        []JenkinsMirror `yaml:"mirrors"`

Config is a global config struct

type JenkinsMirror Uses

type JenkinsMirror struct {
    Name string
    URL  string

JenkinsMirror represents the mirror of Jenkins

type JenkinsServer Uses

type JenkinsServer struct {
    Name               string            `yaml:"name"`
    URL                string            `yaml:"url"`
    UserName           string            `yaml:"username"`
    Token              string            `yaml:"token"`
    Proxy              string            `yaml:"proxy,omitempty"`
    ProxyAuth          string            `yaml:"proxyAuth,omitempty"`
    InsecureSkipVerify bool              `yaml:"insecureSkipVerify,omitempty"`
    Description        string            `yaml:"description,omitempty"`
    Data               map[string]string `yaml:"data,omitempty"`

JenkinsServer holds the configuration of your Jenkins

type PluginSuite Uses

type PluginSuite struct {
    Name        string   `yaml:"name"`
    Plugins     []string `yaml:"plugins"`
    Description string   `yaml:"description"`

PluginSuite define a suite of plugins

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