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package circleci

import "github.com/jszwedko/go-circleci"


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type APIError Uses

type APIError struct {
    HTTPStatusCode int
    Message        string

APIError represents an error from CircleCI

func (*APIError) Error Uses

func (e *APIError) Error() string

type AWSConfig Uses

type AWSConfig struct {
    AWSKeypair *AWSKeypair `json:"keypair"`

AWSConfig represents AWS configuration for a project

type AWSKeypair Uses

type AWSKeypair struct {
    AccessKeyID     string `json:"access_key_id"`
    SecretAccessKey string `json:"secret_access_key_id"`

AWSKeypair represents the AWS access/secret key for a project SecretAccessKey will be a masked value

type Action Uses

type Action struct {
    Background         bool       `json:"background"`
    BashCommand        *string    `json:"bash_command"`
    Canceled           *bool      `json:"canceled"`
    Continue           *string    `json:"continue"`
    EndTime            *time.Time `json:"end_time"`
    ExitCode           *int       `json:"exit_code"`
    Failed             *bool      `json:"failed"`
    HasOutput          bool       `json:"has_output"`
    Index              int        `json:"index"`
    InfrastructureFail *bool      `json:"infrastructure_fail"`
    Messages           []string   `json:"messages"`
    Name               string     `json:"name"`
    OutputURL          string     `json:"output_url"`
    Parallel           bool       `json:"parallel"`
    RunTimeMillis      int        `json:"run_time_millis"`
    StartTime          *time.Time `json:"start_time"`
    Status             string     `json:"status"`
    Step               int        `json:"step"`
    Timedout           *bool      `json:"timedout"`
    Truncated          bool       `json:"truncated"`
    Type               string     `json:"type"`

Action represents an individual action within a build step

type Artifact Uses

type Artifact struct {
    NodeIndex  int    `json:"node_index"`
    Path       string `json:"path"`
    PrettyPath string `json:"pretty_path"`
    URL        string `json:"url"`

Artifact represents a build artifact

type Branch Uses

type Branch struct {
    LastSuccess   *BuildSummary   `json:"last_success"`
    PusherLogins  []string        `json:"pusher_logins"`
    RecentBuilds  []*BuildSummary `json:"recent_builds"`
    RunningBuilds []*BuildSummary `json:"running_builds"`

Branch represents a repository branch

type Build Uses

type Build struct {
    AllCommitDetails        []*CommitDetails  `json:"all_commit_details"`
    AuthorDate              *time.Time        `json:"author_date"`
    AuthorEmail             string            `json:"author_email"`
    AuthorName              string            `json:"author_name"`
    Body                    string            `json:"body"`
    Branch                  string            `json:"branch"`
    BuildNum                int               `json:"build_num"`
    BuildParameters         map[string]string `json:"build_parameters"`
    BuildTimeMillis         *int              `json:"build_time_millis"`
    BuildURL                string            `json:"build_url"`
    Canceled                bool              `json:"canceled"`
    CircleYML               *CircleYML        `json:"circle_yml"`
    CommitterDate           *time.Time        `json:"committer_date"`
    CommitterEmail          string            `json:"committer_email"`
    CommitterName           string            `json:"committer_name"`
    Compare                 *string           `json:"compare"`
    DontBuild               *string           `json:"dont_build"`
    Failed                  *bool             `json:"failed"`
    FeatureFlags            map[string]string `json:"feature_flags"`
    InfrastructureFail      bool              `json:"infrastructure_fail"`
    IsFirstGreenBuild       bool              `json:"is_first_green_build"`
    JobName                 *string           `json:"job_name"`
    Lifecycle               string            `json:"lifecycle"`
    Messages                []*Message        `json:"messages"`
    Node                    []*Node           `json:"node"`
    OSS                     bool              `json:"oss"`
    Outcome                 string            `json:"outcome"`
    Parallel                int               `json:"parallel"`
    Picard                  *Picard           `json:"picard"`
    Platform                string            `json:"platform"`
    Previous                *BuildStatus      `json:"previous"`
    PreviousSuccessfulBuild *BuildStatus      `json:"previous_successful_build"`
    PullRequests            []*PullRequest    `json:"pull_requests"`
    QueuedAt                string            `json:"queued_at"`
    Reponame                string            `json:"reponame"`
    Retries                 []int             `json:"retries"`
    RetryOf                 *int              `json:"retry_of"`
    SSHEnabled              *bool             `json:"ssh_enabled"`
    SSHUsers                []*SSHUser        `json:"ssh_users"`
    StartTime               *time.Time        `json:"start_time"`
    Status                  string            `json:"status"`
    Steps                   []*Step           `json:"steps"`
    StopTime                *time.Time        `json:"stop_time"`
    Subject                 string            `json:"subject"`
    Timedout                bool              `json:"timedout"`
    UsageQueuedAt           string            `json:"usage_queued_at"`
    User                    *BuildUser        `json:"user"`
    Username                string            `json:"username"`
    VcsRevision             string            `json:"vcs_revision"`
    VcsTag                  string            `json:"vcs_tag"`
    VCSURL                  string            `json:"vcs_url"`
    Workflows               *Workflow         `json:"workflows"`
    Why                     string            `json:"why"`

Build represents the details of a build

type BuildAgent Uses

type BuildAgent struct {
    Image      *string               `json:"image"`
    Properties *BuildAgentProperties `json:"properties"`

BuildAgent represents an agent's information

type BuildAgentProperties Uses

type BuildAgentProperties struct {
    BuildAgent string `json:"image"`
    Executor   string `json:"executor"`

BuildAgentProperties represents agent properties

type BuildStatus Uses

type BuildStatus struct {
    BuildTimeMillis int    `json:"build_time_millis"`
    Status          string `json:"status"`
    BuildNum        int    `json:"build_num"`

BuildStatus represents status information about the build Used when a short summary of previous builds is included

type BuildSummary Uses

type BuildSummary struct {
    AddedAt     time.Time `json:"added_at"`
    BuildNum    int       `json:"build_num"`
    Outcome     string    `json:"outcome"`
    PushedAt    time.Time `json:"pushed_at"`
    Status      string    `json:"status"`
    VCSRevision string    `json:"vcs_revision"`

BuildSummary represents the subset of build information returned with a Project

type BuildUser Uses

type BuildUser struct {
    Email  *string `json:"email"`
    IsUser bool    `json:"is_user"`
    Login  string  `json:"login"`
    Name   *string `json:"name"`

BuildUser represents the user that triggered the build

type CheckoutKey Uses

type CheckoutKey struct {
    PublicKey   string    `json:"public_key"`
    Type        string    `json:"type"` // github-user-key or deploy-key
    Fingerprint string    `json:"fingerprint"`
    Login       *string   `json:"login"` // github username if this is a user key
    Preferred   bool      `json:"preferred"`
    Time        time.Time `json:"time"` // time key was created

CheckoutKey represents an SSH checkout key for a project

type CircleYML Uses

type CircleYML struct {
    String string `json:"string"`

CircleYML represents the serialized CircleCI YML file for a given build

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    BaseURL    *url.URL     // CircleCI API endpoint (defaults to DefaultEndpoint)
    Token      string       // CircleCI API token (needed for private repositories and mutative actions)
    HTTPClient *http.Client // HTTPClient to use for connecting to CircleCI (defaults to http.DefaultClient)

    Debug  bool   // debug logging enabled
    Logger Logger // logger to send debug messages on (if enabled), defaults to logging to stderr with the standard flags

Client is a CircleCI client Its zero value is a usable client for examining public CircleCI repositories

func (*Client) AddEnvVar Uses

func (c *Client) AddEnvVar(account, repo, name, value string) (*EnvVar, error)

AddEnvVar adds a new environment variable to the specified project Returns the added env var (the value will be masked)

func (*Client) AddHerokuKey Uses

func (c *Client) AddHerokuKey(key string) error

AddHerokuKey associates a Heroku key with the user's API token to allow CircleCI to deploy to Heroku on your behalf

The API token being used must be a user API token

NOTE: It doesn't look like there is currently a way to dissaccociate your Heroku key, so use with care

func (*Client) AddSSHKey Uses

func (c *Client) AddSSHKey(account, repo, hostname, privateKey string) error

AddSSHKey adds a new SSH key to the project

func (*Client) AddSSHUser Uses

func (c *Client) AddSSHUser(account, repo string, buildNum int) (*Build, error)

AddSSHUser adds the user associated with the API token to the list of valid SSH users for a build.

The API token being used must be a user API token

func (*Client) Build Uses

func (c *Client) Build(account, repo, branch string) (*Build, error)

Build triggers a new build for the given project for the given project on the given branch. Returns the new build information

func (*Client) BuildOpts Uses

func (c *Client) BuildOpts(account, repo, branch string, opts map[string]interface{}) (*Build, error)

BuildOpts triggeres a new build for the givent project on the given branch, Marshaling the struct into json and passing in the post body. Returns the new build information

func (*Client) CancelBuild Uses

func (c *Client) CancelBuild(account, repo string, buildNum int) (*Build, error)

CancelBuild triggers a cancel of the specified build Returns the new build information

func (*Client) ClearCache Uses

func (c *Client) ClearCache(account, repo string) (string, error)

ClearCache clears the cache of the specified project Returns the status returned by CircleCI

func (*Client) CreateCheckoutKey Uses

func (c *Client) CreateCheckoutKey(account, repo, keyType string) (*CheckoutKey, error)

CreateCheckoutKey creates a new checkout key for a project Valid key types are currently deploy-key and github-user-key

The github-user-key type requires that the API token being used be a user API token

func (*Client) DeleteCheckoutKey Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteCheckoutKey(account, repo, fingerprint string) error

DeleteCheckoutKey fetches the checkout key for the given project by fingerprint

func (*Client) DeleteEnvVar Uses

func (c *Client) DeleteEnvVar(account, repo, name string) error

DeleteEnvVar deletes the specified environment variable from the project

func (*Client) DisableProject Uses

func (c *Client) DisableProject(account, repo string) error

DisableProject disables a project

func (*Client) EnableProject Uses

func (c *Client) EnableProject(account, repo string) error

EnableProject enables a project - generates a deploy SSH key used to checkout the Github repo. The Github user tied to the Circle API Token must have "admin" access to the repo.

func (*Client) FollowProject Uses

func (c *Client) FollowProject(account, repo string) (*Project, error)

FollowProject follows a project

func (*Client) GetActionOutputs Uses

func (c *Client) GetActionOutputs(a *Action) ([]*Output, error)

GetActionOutputs fetches the output for the given action If the action has no output, returns nil

func (*Client) GetBuild Uses

func (c *Client) GetBuild(account, repo string, buildNum int) (*Build, error)

GetBuild fetches a given build by number

func (*Client) GetCheckoutKey Uses

func (c *Client) GetCheckoutKey(account, repo, fingerprint string) (*CheckoutKey, error)

GetCheckoutKey fetches the checkout key for the given project by fingerprint

func (*Client) GetProject Uses

func (c *Client) GetProject(account, repo string) (*Project, error)

GetProject retrieves a specific project Returns nil of the project is not in the list of watched projects

func (*Client) ListBuildArtifacts Uses

func (c *Client) ListBuildArtifacts(account, repo string, buildNum int) ([]*Artifact, error)

ListBuildArtifacts fetches the build artifacts for the given build

func (*Client) ListCheckoutKeys Uses

func (c *Client) ListCheckoutKeys(account, repo string) ([]*CheckoutKey, error)

ListCheckoutKeys fetches the checkout keys associated with the given project

func (*Client) ListEnvVars Uses

func (c *Client) ListEnvVars(account, repo string) ([]EnvVar, error)

ListEnvVars list environment variable to the specified project Returns the env vars (the value will be masked)

func (*Client) ListProjects Uses

func (c *Client) ListProjects() ([]*Project, error)

ListProjects returns the list of projects the user is watching

func (*Client) ListRecentBuilds Uses

func (c *Client) ListRecentBuilds(limit, offset int) ([]*Build, error)

ListRecentBuilds fetches the list of recent builds for all repositories the user is watching If limit is -1, fetches all builds

func (*Client) ListRecentBuildsForProject Uses

func (c *Client) ListRecentBuildsForProject(account, repo, branch, status string, limit, offset int) ([]*Build, error)

ListRecentBuildsForProject fetches the list of recent builds for the given repository The status and branch parameters are used to further filter results if non-empty If limit is -1, fetches all builds

func (*Client) ListTestMetadata Uses

func (c *Client) ListTestMetadata(account, repo string, buildNum int) ([]*TestMetadata, error)

ListTestMetadata fetches the build metadata for the given build

func (*Client) Me Uses

func (c *Client) Me() (*User, error)

Me returns information about the current user

func (*Client) ParameterizedBuild Uses

func (c *Client) ParameterizedBuild(account, repo, branch string, buildParameters map[string]string) (*Build, error)

ParameterizedBuild triggers a new parameterized build for the given project on the given branch, Marshaling the struct into json and passing in the post body. Returns the new build information

func (*Client) RetryBuild Uses

func (c *Client) RetryBuild(account, repo string, buildNum int) (*Build, error)

RetryBuild triggers a retry of the specified build Returns the new build information

type CommitDetails Uses

type CommitDetails struct {
    AuthorDate     *time.Time `json:"author_date"`
    AuthorEmail    string     `json:"author_email"`
    AuthorLogin    string     `json:"author_login"`
    AuthorName     string     `json:"author_name"`
    Body           string     `json:"body"`
    Branch         string     `json:"branch"`
    Commit         string     `json:"commit"`
    CommitURL      string     `json:"commit_url"`
    CommitterDate  *time.Time `json:"committer_date"`
    CommitterEmail string     `json:"committer_email"`
    CommitterLogin string     `json:"committer_login"`
    CommitterName  string     `json:"committer_name"`
    Subject        string     `json:"subject"`

CommitDetails represents information about a commit returned with other structs

type EnvVar Uses

type EnvVar struct {
    Name  string `json:"name"`
    Value string `json:"value"`

EnvVar represents an environment variable

type FeatureFlags Uses

type FeatureFlags struct {
    TrustyBeta             bool    `json:"trusty-beta"`
    OSX                    bool    `json:"osx"`
    SetGithubStatus        bool    `json:"set-github-status"`
    BuildPRsOnly           bool    `json:"build-prs-only"`
    ForksReceiveSecretVars bool    `json:"forks-receive-secret-env-vars"`
    Fleet                  *string `json:"fleet"`
    BuildForkPRs           bool    `json:"build-fork-prs"`
    AutocancelBuilds       bool    `json:"autocancel-builds"`
    OSS                    bool    `json:"oss"`
    MemoryLimit            *string `json:"memory-limit"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*FeatureFlags) Raw Uses

func (f *FeatureFlags) Raw() map[string]interface{}

Raw returns the underlying map[string]interface{} representing the feature flags This is useful to access flags that have been added to the API, but not yet added to this library

func (*FeatureFlags) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (f *FeatureFlags) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

type Logger Uses

type Logger interface {
    Printf(fmt string, args ...interface{})

Logger is a minimal interface for injecting custom logging logic for debug logs

type Message Uses

type Message struct {
    Message string `json:"message"`
    Type    string `json:"type"`

Message represents build messages

type Node Uses

type Node struct {
    ImageID      string `json:"image_id"`
    Port         int    `json:"port"`
    PublicIPAddr string `json:"public_ip_addr"`
    SSHEnabled   *bool  `json:"ssh_enabled"`
    Username     string `json:"username"`

Node represents the node a build was run on

type Output Uses

type Output struct {
    Type    string    `json:"type"`
    Time    time.Time `json:"time"`
    Message string    `json:"message"`

Output represents the output of a given action

type Picard Uses

type Picard struct {
    BuildAgent    *BuildAgent    `json:"build_agent"`
    ResourceClass *ResourceClass `json:"resource_class"`
    Executor      string         `json:"executor"`

Picard represents metadata about an execution environment

type Project Uses

type Project struct {
    AWSConfig           AWSConfig         `json:"aws"`
    Branches            map[string]Branch `json:"branches"`
    CampfireNotifyPrefs *string           `json:"campfire_notify_prefs"`
    CampfireRoom        *string           `json:"campfire_room"`
    CampfireSubdomain   *string           `json:"campfire_subdomain"`
    CampfireToken       *string           `json:"campfire_token"`
    Compile             string            `json:"compile"`
    DefaultBranch       string            `json:"default_branch"`
    Dependencies        string            `json:"dependencies"`
    Extra               string            `json:"extra"`
    FeatureFlags        FeatureFlags      `json:"feature_flags"`
    FlowdockAPIToken    *string           `json:"flowdock_api_token"`
    Followed            bool              `json:"followed"`
    HallNotifyPrefs     *string           `json:"hall_notify_prefs"`
    HallRoomAPIToken    *string           `json:"hall_room_api_token"`
    HasUsableKey        bool              `json:"has_usable_key"`
    HerokuDeployUser    *string           `json:"heroku_deploy_user"`
    HipchatAPIToken     *string           `json:"hipchat_api_token"`
    HipchatNotify       *bool             `json:"hipchat_notify"`
    HipchatNotifyPrefs  *string           `json:"hipchat_notify_prefs"`
    HipchatRoom         *string           `json:"hipchat_room"`
    IrcChannel          *string           `json:"irc_channel"`
    IrcKeyword          *string           `json:"irc_keyword"`
    IrcNotifyPrefs      *string           `json:"irc_notify_prefs"`
    IrcPassword         *string           `json:"irc_password"`
    IrcServer           *string           `json:"irc_server"`
    IrcUsername         *string           `json:"irc_username"`
    Parallel            int               `json:"parallel"`
    Reponame            string            `json:"reponame"`
    Setup               string            `json:"setup"`
    SlackAPIToken       *string           `json:"slack_api_token"`
    SlackChannel        *string           `json:"slack_channel"`
    SlackNotifyPrefs    *string           `json:"slack_notify_prefs"`
    SlackSubdomain      *string           `json:"slack_subdomain"`
    SlackWebhookURL     *string           `json:"slack_webhook_url"`
    SSHKeys             []*PublicSSHKey   `json:"ssh_keys"`
    Test                string            `json:"test"`
    Username            string            `json:"username"`
    VCSURL              string            `json:"vcs_url"`

Project represents information about a project

type PublicSSHKey Uses

type PublicSSHKey struct {
    Hostname    string `json:"hostname"`
    PublicKey   string `json:"public_key"`
    Fingerprint string `json:"fingerprint"`

PublicSSHKey represents the public part of an SSH key associated with a project PrivateKey will be a masked value

type PullRequest Uses

type PullRequest struct {
    HeadSha string `json:"head_sha"`
    URL     string `json:"url"`

PullRequest represents a pull request

type ResourceClass Uses

type ResourceClass struct {
    CPU   float64 `json:"cpu"`
    RAM   int     `json:"ram"`
    Class string  `json:"class"`

ResourceClass represents usable resource information for a job

type SSHUser Uses

type SSHUser struct {
    GithubID int    `json:"github_id"`
    Login    string `json:"login"`

SSHUser represents a user associated with an build with SSH enabled

type Step Uses

type Step struct {
    Name    string    `json:"name"`
    Actions []*Action `json:"actions"`

Step represents an individual step in a build Will contain more than one action if the step was parallelized

type TestMetadata Uses

type TestMetadata struct {
    Classname  string  `json:"classname"`
    File       string  `json:"file"`
    Message    *string `json:"message"`
    Name       string  `json:"name"`
    Result     string  `json:"result"`
    RunTime    float64 `json:"run_time"`
    Source     string  `json:"source"`
    SourceType string  `json:"source_type"`

TestMetadata represents metadata collected from the test run (e.g. JUnit output)

type User Uses

type User struct {
    Admin               bool                    `json:"admin"`
    AllEmails           []string                `json:"all_emails"`
    AvatarURL           string                  `json:"avatar_url"`
    BasicEmailPrefs     string                  `json:"basic_email_prefs"`
    Containers          int                     `json:"containers"`
    CreatedAt           time.Time               `json:"created_at"`
    DaysLeftInTrial     int                     `json:"days_left_in_trial"`
    GithubID            int                     `json:"github_id"`
    GithubOauthScopes   []string                `json:"github_oauth_scopes"`
    GravatarID          *string                 `json:"gravatar_id"`
    HerokuAPIKey        *string                 `json:"heroku_api_key"`
    LastViewedChangelog time.Time               `json:"last_viewed_changelog"`
    Login               string                  `json:"login"`
    Name                *string                 `json:"name"`
    Parallelism         int                     `json:"parallelism"`
    Plan                *string                 `json:"plan"`
    Projects            map[string]*UserProject `json:"projects"`
    SelectedEmail       *string                 `json:"selected_email"`
    SignInCount         int                     `json:"sign_in_count"`
    TrialEnd            time.Time               `json:"trial_end"`

User represents a CircleCI user

type UserProject Uses

type UserProject struct {
    Emails      string `json:"emails"`
    OnDashboard bool   `json:"on_dashboard"`

UserProject returns the selective project information included when querying for a User

type Workflow Uses

type Workflow struct {
    JobName        string    `json:"job_name"`
    JobId          string    `json:"job_id"`
    UpstreamJobIds []*string `json:"upstream_job_ids"`
    WorkflowId     string    `json:"workflow_id"`
    WorkspaceId    string    `json:"workspace_id"`
    WorkflowName   string    `json:"workflow_name"`

Workflow represents the details of the workflow for a build

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