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package upgradeseries

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/agent/upgradeseries"


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type API Uses

type API struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

API serves methods required by the machine agent upgrade-series worker.

func NewAPI Uses

func NewAPI(ctx facade.Context) (*API, error)

NewAPI creates a new instance of the API with the given context

func NewUpgradeSeriesAPI Uses

func NewUpgradeSeriesAPI(
    st common.UpgradeSeriesBackend,
    resources facade.Resources,
    authorizer facade.Authorizer,
    leadership common.LeadershipPinningAPI,
) (*API, error)

NewUpgradeSeriesAPI creates a new instance of the API server using the dedicated state indirection.

func (*API) FinishUpgradeSeries Uses

func (a *API) FinishUpgradeSeries(args params.UpdateSeriesArgs) (params.ErrorResults, error)

FinishUpgradeSeries is the last action in the upgrade workflow and is called after all machine and unit statuses are "completed". It updates the machine series to reflect the completed upgrade, then removes the upgrade-series lock.

func (*API) MachineStatus Uses

func (a *API) MachineStatus(args params.Entities) (params.UpgradeSeriesStatusResults, error)

MachineStatus gets the current upgrade-series status of a machine.

func (*API) SetMachineStatus Uses

func (a *API) SetMachineStatus(args params.UpgradeSeriesStatusParams) (params.ErrorResults, error)

SetMachineStatus sets the current upgrade-series status of a machine.

func (*API) StartUnitCompletion Uses

func (a *API) StartUnitCompletion(args params.UpgradeSeriesStartUnitCompletionParam) (params.ErrorResults, error)

StartUnitCompletion starts the upgrade series completion phase for all subordinate units of a given machine.

func (*API) TargetSeries Uses

func (a *API) TargetSeries(args params.Entities) (params.StringResults, error)

TargetSeries returns the series that a machine has been locked for upgrading to.

func (*API) UnitsCompleted Uses

func (a *API) UnitsCompleted(args params.Entities) (params.EntitiesResults, error)

UnitsCompleted returns the units running on this machine that have completed the upgrade-series workflow and are in their normal running state.

func (*API) UnitsPrepared Uses

func (a *API) UnitsPrepared(args params.Entities) (params.EntitiesResults, error)

UnitsPrepared returns the units running on this machine that have completed their upgrade-series preparation, and are ready to be stopped and have their unit agent services converted for the target series.

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