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package modelconfig

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/facades/client/modelconfig"


Package Files

backend.go modelconfig.go

type Backend Uses

type Backend interface {
    ControllerTag() names.ControllerTag
    ModelTag() names.ModelTag
    ModelConfigValues() (config.ConfigValues, error)
    UpdateModelConfig(map[string]interface{}, []string, ...state.ValidateConfigFunc) error
    Sequences() (map[string]int, error)
    SetSLA(level, owner string, credentials []byte) error
    SLALevel() (string, error)
    SpaceByName(string) error

Backend contains the state.State methods used in this package, allowing stubs to be created for testing.

func NewStateBackend Uses

func NewStateBackend(m *state.Model) Backend

NewStateBackend creates a backend for the facade to use.

type ModelConfigAPI Uses

type ModelConfigAPI struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ModelConfigAPI provides the base implementation of the methods for the V2 and V1 api calls.

func (*ModelConfigAPI) ModelGet Uses

func (c *ModelConfigAPI) ModelGet() (params.ModelConfigResults, error)

ModelGet implements the server-side part of the model-config CLI command.

func (*ModelConfigAPI) ModelSet Uses

func (c *ModelConfigAPI) ModelSet(args params.ModelSet) error

ModelSet implements the server-side part of the set-model-config CLI command.

func (*ModelConfigAPI) ModelUnset Uses

func (c *ModelConfigAPI) ModelUnset(args params.ModelUnset) error

ModelUnset implements the server-side part of the set-model-config CLI command.

func (*ModelConfigAPI) SLALevel Uses

func (c *ModelConfigAPI) SLALevel() (params.StringResult, error)

SLALevel returns the current sla level for the model.

func (*ModelConfigAPI) Sequences Uses

func (c *ModelConfigAPI) Sequences() (params.ModelSequencesResult, error)

Sequences returns the model's sequence names and next values.

func (*ModelConfigAPI) SetSLALevel Uses

func (c *ModelConfigAPI) SetSLALevel(args params.ModelSLA) error

SetSLALevel sets the sla level on the model.

type ModelConfigAPIV1 Uses

type ModelConfigAPIV1 struct {

ModelConfigAPIV1 hides V2 functionality

func NewFacadeV1 Uses

func NewFacadeV1(ctx facade.Context) (*ModelConfigAPIV1, error)

NewFacadeV1 is used for API registration.

func (*ModelConfigAPIV1) Sequences Uses

func (a *ModelConfigAPIV1) Sequences(_, _ struct{})

Sequences isn't on the V1 API.

type ModelConfigAPIV2 Uses

type ModelConfigAPIV2 struct {

ModelConfigAPIV2 is currently the latest.

func NewFacadeV2 Uses

func NewFacadeV2(ctx facade.Context) (*ModelConfigAPIV2, error)

NewFacade is used for API registration.

func NewModelConfigAPI Uses

func NewModelConfigAPI(backend Backend, authorizer facade.Authorizer) (*ModelConfigAPIV2, error)

NewModelConfigAPI creates a new instance of the ModelConfig Facade.

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