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package stateauthenticator

import "github.com/juju/juju/apiserver/stateauthenticator"


Package Files

auth.go context.go locallogin.go modeluser.go


var AgentTags = []string{

AgentTags are those used by any Juju agent.

func LoginRequest Uses

func LoginRequest(req *http.Request) (params.LoginRequest, error)

LoginRequest extracts basic auth login details from an http.Request.

TODO(axw) we shouldn't be using params types here.

type Authenticator Uses

type Authenticator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Authenticator is an implementation of httpcontext.Authenticator, using *state.State for authentication.

This Authenticator only works with requests that have been handled by one of the httpcontext.*ModelHandler handlers.

func NewAuthenticator Uses

func NewAuthenticator(statePool *state.StatePool, clock clock.Clock) (*Authenticator, error)

NewAuthenticator returns a new Authenticator using the given StatePool.

func (*Authenticator) AddHandlers Uses

func (a *Authenticator) AddHandlers(mux *apiserverhttp.Mux)

AddHandlers adds the handlers to the given mux for handling local macaroon logins.

func (*Authenticator) Authenticate Uses

func (a *Authenticator) Authenticate(req *http.Request) (httpcontext.AuthInfo, error)

Authenticate is part of the httpcontext.Authenticator interface.

func (*Authenticator) AuthenticateLoginRequest Uses

func (a *Authenticator) AuthenticateLoginRequest(
    serverHost string,
    modelUUID string,
    req params.LoginRequest,
) (httpcontext.AuthInfo, error)

AuthenticateLoginRequest authenticates a LoginRequest.

TODO(axw) we shouldn't be using params types here.

func (*Authenticator) CreateLocalLoginMacaroon Uses

func (a *Authenticator) CreateLocalLoginMacaroon(tag names.UserTag) (*macaroon.Macaroon, error)

CreateLocalLoginMacaroon is part of the httpcontext.LocalMacaroonAuthenticator interface.

func (*Authenticator) Maintain Uses

func (a *Authenticator) Maintain(done <-chan struct{})

Maintain periodically expires local login interactions.

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