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package sshinit

import "github.com/juju/juju/cloudconfig/sshinit"


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func RunConfigureScript Uses

func RunConfigureScript(script string, params ConfigureParams) error

RunConfigureScript connects to the specified host over SSH, and executes the provided script which is expected to have been returned by cloudinit ConfigureScript.

type ConfigureParams Uses

type ConfigureParams struct {
    // Host is the host to configure, in the format [user@]hostname.
    Host string

    // Client is the SSH client to connect with.
    // If Client is nil, ssh.DefaultClient will be used.
    Client ssh.Client

    // SSHOptions contains options for running the SSH command.
    SSHOptions *ssh.Options

    // Config is the cloudinit config to carry out.
    Config cloudinit.CloudConfig

    // ProgressWriter is an io.Writer to which progress will be written,
    // for realtime feedback.
    ProgressWriter io.Writer

    // Series is the series of the machine on which the script will be carried out
    Series string

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