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package cloud

import "github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/cloud"


Package Files

add.go addcredential.go defaultcredential.go defaultregion.go detectcredentials.go list.go listcredentials.go regions.go remove.go removecredential.go show.go showcredential.go updatecloud.go updatecredential.go updatepublicclouds.go


var NewUpdateCloudCommand = func(cloudMetadataStore CloudMetadataStore) cmd.Command {
    return newUpdateCloudCommand(cloudMetadataStore)

NewUpdateCloudCommand returns a command to update cloud information.

var NewUpdatePublicCloudsCommand = func() cmd.Command {
    return newUpdatePublicCloudsCommand()

NewUpdatePublicCloudsCommand returns a command to update cloud information.

func GetAllCloudDetails Uses

func GetAllCloudDetails(store jujuclient.CredentialGetter) (map[string]*CloudDetails, error)

GetAllCloudDetails returns a list of all cloud details.

func NewAddCloudCommand Uses

func NewAddCloudCommand(cloudMetadataStore CloudMetadataStore) cmd.Command

NewAddCloudCommand returns a command to add cloud information.

func NewAddCredentialCommand Uses

func NewAddCredentialCommand() cmd.Command

NewAddCredentialCommand returns a command to add credential information.

func NewDetectCredentialsCommand Uses

func NewDetectCredentialsCommand() cmd.Command

NewDetectCredentialsCommand returns a command to add credential information to credentials.yaml.

func NewListCloudsCommand Uses

func NewListCloudsCommand() cmd.Command

NewListCloudsCommand returns a command to list cloud information.

func NewListCredentialsCommand Uses

func NewListCredentialsCommand() cmd.Command

NewListCredentialsCommand returns a command to list cloud credentials.

func NewListRegionsCommand Uses

func NewListRegionsCommand() cmd.Command

NewListRegionsCommand returns a command to list cloud region information.

func NewRemoveCloudCommand Uses

func NewRemoveCloudCommand() cmd.Command

NewRemoveCloudCommand returns a command to remove cloud information.

func NewRemoveCredentialCommand Uses

func NewRemoveCredentialCommand() cmd.Command

NewRemoveCredentialCommand returns a command to remove a named credential for a cloud.

func NewSetDefaultCredentialCommand Uses

func NewSetDefaultCredentialCommand() cmd.Command

NewSetDefaultCredentialCommand returns a command to set the default credential for a cloud.

func NewSetDefaultRegionCommand Uses

func NewSetDefaultRegionCommand() cmd.Command

NewSetDefaultRegionCommand returns a command to set the default region for a cloud.

func NewShowCloudCommand Uses

func NewShowCloudCommand() cmd.Command

NewShowCloudCommand returns a command to list cloud information.

func NewShowCredentialCommand Uses

func NewShowCredentialCommand() cmd.Command

NewShowCredentialCommand returns a command to show information about credentials stored on the controller.

func NewUpdateCredentialCommand Uses

func NewUpdateCredentialCommand() cmd.Command

NewUpdateCredentialCommand returns a command to update credential details.

func PublishedPublicClouds Uses

func PublishedPublicClouds(url, key string) (map[string]jujucloud.Cloud, error)

type AddCloudAPI Uses

type AddCloudAPI interface {
    AddCloud(jujucloud.Cloud, bool) error
    AddCredential(tag string, credential jujucloud.Credential) error
    Close() error

AddCloudAPI - Implemented by cloudapi.Client.

type AddCloudCommand Uses

type AddCloudCommand struct {

    // Replace, if true, existing cloud information is overwritten.
    // TODO (anastasiamac 2019-6-4) Remove as redundant and unsupported for Juju 3.
    Replace bool

    // Cloud is the name of the cloud to add.
    Cloud string

    // CloudFile is the name of the cloud YAML file.
    CloudFile string

    // Ping contains the logic for pinging a cloud endpoint to know whether or
    // not it really has a valid cloud of the same type as the provider.  By
    // default it just calls the correct provider's Ping method.
    Ping func(p environs.EnvironProvider, endpoint string) error

    // CloudCallCtx contains context to be used for any cloud calls.
    CloudCallCtx *context.CloudCallContext

    // Force holds whether user wants to force addition of the cloud.
    Force bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AddCloudCommand is the command that allows you to add a cloud configuration for use with juju bootstrap.

func (*AddCloudCommand) Info Uses

func (c *AddCloudCommand) Info() *cmd.Info

Info returns help information about the command.

func (*AddCloudCommand) Init Uses

func (c *AddCloudCommand) Init(args []string) (err error)

Init populates the command with the args from the command line.

func (*AddCloudCommand) Run Uses

func (c *AddCloudCommand) Run(ctxt *cmd.Context) error

Run executes the add cloud command, adding a cloud based on a passed-in yaml file or interactive queries.

func (*AddCloudCommand) SetFlags Uses

func (c *AddCloudCommand) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)

SetFlags initializes the flags supported by the command.

type CloudCredential Uses

type CloudCredential struct {
    // DefaultCredential is the named credential to use by default.
    DefaultCredential string `json:"default-credential,omitempty" yaml:"default-credential,omitempty"`

    // DefaultRegion is the cloud region to use by default.
    DefaultRegion string `json:"default-region,omitempty" yaml:"default-region,omitempty"`

    // Credentials is the collection of all credentials registered by the user for a cloud, keyed on a cloud name.
    Credentials map[string]Credential `json:"cloud-credentials,omitempty" yaml:",omitempty,inline"`

CloudCredential contains attributes used to define credentials for a cloud.

type CloudCredentials Uses

type CloudCredentials map[string]NamedCredentials

type CloudDetails Uses

type CloudDetails struct {
    Source           string   `yaml:"defined,omitempty" json:"defined,omitempty"`
    CloudType        string   `yaml:"type" json:"type"`
    CloudDescription string   `yaml:"description,omitempty" json:"description,omitempty"`
    AuthTypes        []string `yaml:"auth-types,omitempty,flow" json:"auth-types,omitempty"`
    Endpoint         string   `yaml:"endpoint,omitempty" json:"endpoint,omitempty"`
    IdentityEndpoint string   `yaml:"identity-endpoint,omitempty" json:"identity-endpoint,omitempty"`
    StorageEndpoint  string   `yaml:"storage-endpoint,omitempty" json:"storage-endpoint,omitempty"`
    // DefaultRegion is a default region as known to this client.
    DefaultRegion string `yaml:"default-region,omitempty" json:"default-region,omitempty"`
    // CredentialCount contains the number of credentials that exist for this cloud on this client.
    CredentialCount int `yaml:"credential-count,omitempty" json:"credential-count,omitempty"`
    // Regions is for when we want to print regions in order for yaml output.
    Regions yaml.MapSlice `yaml:"regions,omitempty" json:"-"`
    // Regions map is for json marshalling where format is important but not order.
    RegionsMap    map[string]RegionDetails `yaml:"-" json:"regions,omitempty"`
    Config        map[string]interface{}   `yaml:"config,omitempty" json:"config,omitempty"`
    RegionConfig  jujucloud.RegionConfig   `yaml:"region-config,omitempty" json:"region-config,omitempty"`
    CACredentials []string                 `yaml:"ca-credentials,omitempty" json:"ca-credentials,omitempty"`

CloudDetails holds cloud details.

type CloudMetadataStore Uses

type CloudMetadataStore interface {
    ParseCloudMetadataFile(path string) (map[string]jujucloud.Cloud, error)
    ParseOneCloud(data []byte) (jujucloud.Cloud, error)
    PublicCloudMetadata(searchPaths ...string) (result map[string]jujucloud.Cloud, fallbackUsed bool, _ error)

type CloudRegionsAPI Uses

type CloudRegionsAPI interface {
    Cloud(tag names.CloudTag) (jujucloud.Cloud, error)
    Close() error

type ControllerCredentials Uses

type ControllerCredentials struct {
    Controller CloudCredentials `yaml:"controller-credentials,omitempty"`
    Client     CloudCredentials `yaml:"client-credentials,omitempty"`

type Credential Uses

type Credential struct {
    // AuthType determines authentication type for the credential.
    AuthType string `json:"auth-type" yaml:"auth-type"`

    // Attributes define details for individual credential.
    // This collection is provider-specific: each provider is interested in different credential details.
    Attributes map[string]string `json:"details,omitempty" yaml:",omitempty,inline"`

    // Revoked is true if the credential has been revoked.
    Revoked bool `json:"revoked,omitempty" yaml:"revoked,omitempty"`

    // Label is optionally set to describe the credentials to a user.
    Label string `json:"label,omitempty" yaml:"label,omitempty"`

Credential instances represent cloud credentials.

type CredentialAPI Uses

type CredentialAPI interface {
    Clouds() (map[names.CloudTag]jujucloud.Cloud, error)
    AddCloudsCredentials(cloudCredentials map[string]jujucloud.Credential) ([]params.UpdateCredentialResult, error)
    UpdateCloudsCredentials(cloudCredentials map[string]jujucloud.Credential, force bool) ([]params.UpdateCredentialResult, error)
    BestAPIVersion() int
    Close() error

type CredentialContent Uses

type CredentialContent struct {
    AuthType   string            `yaml:"auth-type"`
    Validity   string            `yaml:"validity-check,omitempty"`
    Attributes map[string]string `yaml:",inline"`

type CredentialContentAPI Uses

type CredentialContentAPI interface {
    CredentialContents(cloud, credential string, withSecrets bool) ([]params.CredentialContentResult, error)
    BestAPIVersion() int
    Close() error

type CredentialDetails Uses

type CredentialDetails struct {
    Content CredentialContent `yaml:"content"`
    Models  map[string]string `yaml:"models,omitempty"`

type FoundRegions Uses

type FoundRegions struct {
    Local  interface{} `yaml:"client-cloud-regions,omitempty" json:"client-cloud-regions,omitempty"`
    Remote interface{} `yaml:"controller-cloud-regions,omitempty" json:"controller-cloud-regions,omitempty"`

func (*FoundRegions) IsEmpty Uses

func (f *FoundRegions) IsEmpty() bool

type ListCloudsAPI Uses

type ListCloudsAPI interface {
    Clouds() (map[names.CloudTag]jujucloud.Cloud, error)
    Close() error

type ListCredentialsAPI Uses

type ListCredentialsAPI interface {
    CredentialContents(cloud, credential string, withSecrets bool) ([]params.CredentialContentResult, error)
    Close() error

type NamedCredentials Uses

type NamedCredentials map[string]CredentialDetails

type PersonalCloudMetadataStore Uses

type PersonalCloudMetadataStore interface {
    PersonalCloudMetadata() (map[string]jujucloud.Cloud, error)
    WritePersonalCloudMetadata(cloudsMap map[string]jujucloud.Cloud) error

type RegionDetails Uses

type RegionDetails struct {
    Name             string `yaml:"-" json:"-"`
    Endpoint         string `yaml:"endpoint,omitempty" json:"endpoint,omitempty"`
    IdentityEndpoint string `yaml:"identity-endpoint,omitempty" json:"identity-endpoint,omitempty"`
    StorageEndpoint  string `yaml:"storage-endpoint,omitempty" json:"storage-endpoint,omitempty"`

RegionDetails holds region details.

type RemoveCredentialAPI Uses

type RemoveCredentialAPI interface {
    // Clouds returns all remote clouds that the currently logged-in user can access.
    Clouds() (map[names.CloudTag]jujucloud.Cloud, error)
    // RevokeCredential removes remote credential.
    RevokeCredential(tag names.CloudCredentialTag, force bool) error
    // BestAPIVersion returns current best api version.
    BestAPIVersion() int
    // Close closes api client.
    Close() error

RemoveCredentialAPI defines api Cloud facade that can remove a remote credential.

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