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package bakerystorage

import "github.com/juju/juju/state/bakerystorage"

Package bakerystorage provides an implementation of the bakery Storage interface that uses MongoDB to store items.

This is based on gopkg.in/macaroon-bakery.v2/bakery/mgorootkeystore.


Package Files

config.go interface.go storage.go

func MongoIndexes Uses

func MongoIndexes() []mgo.Index

MongoIndexes returns the indexes to apply to the MongoDB collection.

type BakeryConfig Uses

type BakeryConfig interface {
    InitialiseBakeryConfigOp() (txn.Op, error)
    GetLocalUsersKey() (*bakery.KeyPair, error)
    GetLocalUsersThirdPartyKey() (*bakery.KeyPair, error)
    GetExternalUsersThirdPartyKey() (*bakery.KeyPair, error)
    GetOffersThirdPartyKey() (*bakery.KeyPair, error)

BakeryConfig defines methods used to access bakery configuration.

func NewBakeryConfig Uses

func NewBakeryConfig(collection string, collectionGetter collectionGetterFunc) BakeryConfig

NewBakeryConfig returns an instance used to access bakery configuration.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // GetCollection returns a mongo.Collection and a function that
    // will close any associated resources.
    GetCollection func() (collection mongo.Collection, closer func())

    // GetStorage returns a bakery.Storage and a function that will close
    // any associated resources.
    GetStorage func(rootKeys *mgorootkeystore.RootKeys, coll mongo.Collection, expireAfter time.Duration) (storage bakery.RootKeyStore)

Config contains configuration for creating bakery storage with New.

func (Config) Validate Uses

func (c Config) Validate() error

Validate validates the configuration.

type ExpirableStorage Uses

type ExpirableStorage interface {

    // ExpireAfter returns a new ExpirableStorage that will expire
    // added items after the specified duration.
    ExpireAfter(time.Duration) ExpirableStorage

ExpirableStorage extends bakery.Storage with the ExpireAfter method, to expire data added at the specified time.

func New Uses

func New(config Config) (ExpirableStorage, error)

New returns an implementation of bakery.Storage that stores all items in MongoDB with an expiry time.

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