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package plate

import ""

Package plate provides a Recorder for testing Go's HTML templates.


Package Files

executor.go recorder.go

type Execution Uses

type Execution struct {
    Output  []byte
    Context interface{}

    Error error

Execution represents one occurence of template being executed. It provides access to the output produced, the context that was passed to the template and the error returned from the Execute*() function, if any.

type Executor Uses

type Executor interface {
    Execute(wr io.Writer, data interface{}) error
    ExecuteTemplate(wr io.Writer, name string, data interface{}) error

Executor is an interface comprised of the metods that html/template and text/template use to render themselves. Thus any *template.Template implements Executor automatically.

type Recorder Uses

type Recorder struct {
    // The original template to wrap.
    Template Executor
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Recorder wraps an Executor and records results of executions for later checks.

func New Uses

func New(tmpl Executor) *Recorder

New() returns a new Recorder wrapping the given template. It is equivalent to:

&Recorder{Template: tmpl}

func (*Recorder) Execute Uses

func (r *Recorder) Execute(wr io.Writer, data interface{}) error

Execute executes the wrapped template, saving information into the Recorder.

func (*Recorder) ExecuteTemplate Uses

func (r *Recorder) ExecuteTemplate(wr io.Writer, name string, data interface{}) error

ExecuteTemplate is like Execute, but for named teplates.

func (*Recorder) Executions Uses

func (r *Recorder) Executions() []Execution

Executions returns all executions that have occured since the construction of a Recorder (or since Reset()).

func (*Recorder) FailedExecutions Uses

func (r *Recorder) FailedExecutions() []Execution

FailedExecutions returns all executions that have Error != nil

func (*Recorder) LastExecution Uses

func (r *Recorder) LastExecution() Execution

LastExecution returns the information of the latest execution. LastExecution PANICS if no executions have occured yet.

func (*Recorder) Reset Uses

func (r *Recorder) Reset()

Reset clears all executions. Recorder is thus restored to its initial state.

func (*Recorder) TimesExecuted Uses

func (r *Recorder) TimesExecuted() int

TimesExecuted returns the count of times template has been executed since construction or calling Reset().

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