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package client

import ""


Package Files

client.go client_others.go context.go

func WithClient Uses

func WithClient(ctx context.Context, c *Client) context.Context

WithClient returns a context with a client instance set.

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is a agent client

func GetClient Uses

func GetClient(ctx context.Context) *Client

GetClient returns a client instance, if set. May be nil.

func New Uses

func New(dir string) *Client

New creates a new client

func (*Client) Passphrase Uses

func (c *Client) Passphrase(ctx context.Context, key, reason string) (string, error)

Passphrase asks for a passphrase from the agent

func (*Client) Ping Uses

func (c *Client) Ping(ctx context.Context) error

Ping checks connectivity to the agent

func (*Client) Remove Uses

func (c *Client) Remove(ctx context.Context, key string) error

Remove un-caches a single key

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