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package client

import ""

Package client implements the Katzenpost non-voting authority client.


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func New Uses

func New(cfg *Config) (pki.Client, error)

New constructs a new pki.Client instance.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // LogBackend is the `core/log` Backend instance to use for logging.
    LogBackend *log.Backend

    // Address is the authority's address to connect to for posting and
    // fetching documents.
    Address string

    // PublicKey is the authority's public key to use when validating documents.
    PublicKey *eddsa.PublicKey

    // DialContextFn is the optional alternative Dialer.DialContext function
    // to be used when creating outgoing network connections.
    DialContextFn func(ctx context.Context, network, address string) (net.Conn, error)

Config is a nonvoting authority pki.Client instance.

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