constantsPackage constants contains the constants for Katzenpost.
crypto/certPackage cert provides a cryptographic certicate library.
crypto/ecdhPackage ecdh provides ECDH (X25519) wrappers.
crypto/eddsaPackage eddsa provides EdDSA (Ed25519) wrappers.
crypto/randPackage rand provides various utitilies related to generating cryptographically secure random numbers and byte vectors.
epochtimePackage epochtime implements Katzenpost epoch related timekeeping functions.
logPackage log provides a logging backend, based around the go-logging package.
monotimePackage monotime implements a monotonic clock.
pkiPackage pki provides the mix network PKI related interfaces.
queuePackage queue implements a priority queue.
sphinxPackage sphinx implements the Katzenpost parameterized Sphinx Packet Format.
sphinx/commandsPackage commands implements the Sphinx Packet Format per-hop routing info commands.
sphinx/constantsPackage constants contains the Sphinx Packet Format constants for the Katzenpost parameterization.
sphinx/internal/cryptoPackage crypto provides the Katzenpost parameterization of the Sphinx Packet Format cryptographic operations.
sphinx/pathPackage path provides routines for path selection.
thwackPackage thwack provides a trivial text based management protocol.
wirePackage wire implements the Katzenpost wire protocol.
workerPackage worker provides background worker tasks.

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