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package http

import ""

Package http provides the client transport for Reunion DB queries over http.


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type Transport Uses

type Transport struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Transport is used by Reunion protocol clients to send queries to the Reunion DB service over HTTP.

func NewTransport Uses

func NewTransport(url string) *Transport

NewTransport creates a new Transport given a URL string.

func (*Transport) CurrentEpochs Uses

func (k *Transport) CurrentEpochs() ([]uint64, error)

CurrentEpochs returns the valid epochs the transport provides

func (*Transport) CurrentSharedRandoms Uses

func (k *Transport) CurrentSharedRandoms() ([][]byte, error)

CurrentSharedRandoms returns the valid shared randoms the transport provides

func (*Transport) Query Uses

func (k *Transport) Query(command commands.Command) (commands.Command, error)

Query sends the command to the destination Reunion DB service over HTTP.

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