constantsPackage constants defines internal constants for the Katzenpost server.
cryptoworkerPackage cryptoworker implements the Katzenpost Sphinx crypto worker.
debugPackage debug implements useful helper routines to aid debugging.
decoyPackage decoy implements the decoy traffic source and sink.
gluePackage glue implements the glue structure that ties all the internal subpackages together.
incomingPackage incoming implements the incoming connection support.
mixkeyPackage mixkey provides persistent mix keys and associated utilities.
outgoingPackage outgoing implements the outgoing connection support.
packetPackage packet implements the Katzenpost server side packet structure.
pkiPackage pki implements the server PKI handler.
pkicachePackage pkicache provides a rudimentary cached representation of a PKI Document suitable for server use.
providerPackage provider implements the Katzenpost sever provider.
provider/kaetzchenPackage kaetzchen implements support for provider side auto-responder agents.
schedulerPackage scheduler implements the Katzenpost server scheduler.
sqldbPackage sqldb interfaces the Katzenpost server with a SQL database.

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