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package bmp085

import "github.com/kidoman/embd/sensor/bmp085"

Package bmp085 allows interfacing with Bosch BMP085 barometric pressure sensor. This sensor has the ability to provided compensated temperature and pressure readings.


Package Files


type BMP085 Uses

type BMP085 struct {
    Bus  embd.I2CBus
    Poll int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

BMP085 represents a Bosch BMP085 barometric sensor.

func New Uses

func New(bus embd.I2CBus) *BMP085

New returns a handle to a BMP085 sensor.

func (*BMP085) Altitude Uses

func (d *BMP085) Altitude() (float64, error)

Altitude returns the current altitude reading.

func (*BMP085) Close Uses

func (d *BMP085) Close()


func (*BMP085) Pressure Uses

func (d *BMP085) Pressure() (int, error)

Pressure returns the current pressure reading.

func (*BMP085) Run Uses

func (d *BMP085) Run()

Run starts the sensor data acquisition loop.

func (*BMP085) Temperature Uses

func (d *BMP085) Temperature() (float64, error)

Temperature returns the current temperature reading.

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