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package compress

import ""


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func Estimate Uses

func Estimate(b []byte) float64

Estimate returns a normalized compressibility estimate of block b. Values close to zero are likely uncompressible. Values above 0.1 are likely to be compressible. Values above 0.5 are very compressible. Very small lengths will return 0.

func ShannonEntropyBits Uses

func ShannonEntropyBits(b []byte) int

ShannonEntropyBits returns the number of bits minimum required to represent an entropy encoding of the input bytes.


flatePackage flate implements the DEFLATE compressed data format, described in RFC 1951.
fsePackage fse provides Finite State Entropy encoding and decoding.
gzipPackage gzip implements reading and writing of gzip format compressed files, as specified in RFC 1952.
huff0Package huff0 provides fast huffman encoding as used in zstd.
s2Package s2 implements the S2 compression format.
s2/cmd/internal/readaheadThe readahead package will do asynchronous read-ahead from an input io.Reader and make the data available as an io.Reader.
snappyPackage snappy implements the Snappy compression format.
zipPackage zip provides support for reading and writing ZIP archives.
zlibPackage zlib implements reading and writing of zlib format compressed data, as specified in RFC 1950.
zstdPackage zstd provides decompression of zstandard files.

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