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package gosip

import "github.com/koltyakov/gosip"

Package gosip is pure Go library for dealing with SharePoint unattended authentication and API consumption.

It supports a variety of different authentication strategies such as:

- ADFS user credentials
- Auth to SharePoint behind a reverse proxy (TMG, WAP)
- Form-based authentication (FBA)
- Add-in only permissions
- SAML based with user credentials

Amongst supported platform versions are:

- SharePoint Online (SPO)
- On-Premise: 2019, 2016, and 2013


Package Files

digest.go gosip.go hooks.go retry.go

func GetDigest Uses

func GetDigest(context context.Context, client *SPClient) (string, error)

GetDigest retrieves and caches SharePoint API X-RequestDigest value

type AuthCnfg Uses

type AuthCnfg interface {
    SetAuth(req *http.Request, client *SPClient) error // Authentication middleware fabric
    GetSiteURL() string                                // SiteURL getter method
    GetStrategy() string                               // Strategy code getter (triggered on demand)
    ReadConfig(configPath string) error                // Reads credentials from storage (triggered on demand)
    WriteConfig(configPath string) error               // Writes credential to storage (triggered on demand)
    GetAuth() (string, error)                          // Authentication initializer

AuthCnfg is an abstract auth config interface, allows different authentications strategies' dependency injection

type HookEvent Uses

type HookEvent struct {
    Request    *http.Request
    StartedAt  time.Time
    StatusCode int
    Error      error

HookEvent hook event parameters struct

type HookHandlers Uses

type HookHandlers struct {
    OnError    func(event *HookEvent) // when error appeared
    OnRetry    func(event *HookEvent) // before retry request
    OnRequest  func(event *HookEvent) // before request is sent
    OnResponse func(event *HookEvent) // after response is received

HookHandlers struct to configure events handlers

type SPClient Uses

type SPClient struct {
    AuthCnfg   AuthCnfg // authentication configuration interface
    ConfigPath string   // private.json location path, optional when AuthCnfg is provided with creds explicitly

    RetryPolicies map[int]int   // allows redefining error state requests retry policies
    Hooks         *HookHandlers // hook handlers definition

SPClient : SharePoint HTTP client struct

func (*SPClient) Execute Uses

func (c *SPClient) Execute(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

Execute : SharePoint HTTP client is a wrapper for standard http.Client' `Do` method, injects authorization tokens, etc.


apiPackage api represents Fluent API for SharePoint object model
auth/addinPackage addin implements AddIn Only Auth
auth/adfsPackage adfs implements ADFS Auth (user credentials authentication)
auth/anonPackage anon provides anonymous "strategy" no auth mechanisms are applied to the requests
auth/fbaPackage fba implements FBA (Form-based authentication)
auth/ntlmPackage ntlm implements NTLM Auth (NTLM handshake)
auth/samlPackage saml implements SAML Auth (SharePoint Online user credentials authentication)
auth/tmgPackage tmg implements FBA authentication behind TMG (Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway)
csomPackage csom helps building CSOM XML requests

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