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package nude

import "github.com/koyachi/go-nude"


Package Files

nude.go region.go util.go

func DecodeImage Uses

func DecodeImage(filePath string) (img image.Image, err error)


func IsFileNude Uses

func IsFileNude(imageFilePath string) (bool, error)

func IsImageNude Uses

func IsImageNude(img image.Image) (bool, error)

func IsNude Uses

func IsNude(imageFilePath string) (bool, error)

type Detector Uses

type Detector struct {
    SkinRegions Regions
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDetector Uses

func NewDetector(img image.Image) *Detector

func (*Detector) Parse Uses

func (d *Detector) Parse() (result bool, err error)

func (*Detector) String Uses

func (d *Detector) String() string

type Pixel Uses

type Pixel struct {
    X   int
    Y   int

    V   float64 // intesitiy(Value) of HSV
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

type Region Uses

type Region []*Pixel

TODO: cache caluculated leftMost, rightMost, upperMost, lowerMost.

type Regions Uses

type Regions []Region

func (Regions) Len Uses

func (r Regions) Len() int

func (Regions) Less Uses

func (r Regions) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Regions) Swap Uses

func (r Regions) Swap(i, j int)

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