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package csvreader

import ""

csvreader reads the "provincia" files on a local directory decodes the csv and stores them in a Redis database.


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const (
    //IP Addres and port where the Redis Data base can be located.
    ADDRESS = ""

type PadronCsvReader Uses

type PadronCsvReader struct {
    TmpDir string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PadronCsvReader acts as an object container for this package

func NewPadronCsvReader Uses

func NewPadronCsvReader(provincia string) *PadronCsvReader

NewPadronCsvReader creates a reader for the cvs donloaded for each "provincia".

func (*PadronCsvReader) ReadDistElectoral Uses

func (p *PadronCsvReader) ReadDistElectoral()

ReadDistElectoral read the electoral codes from the Distelect file and stores the results in a CodeElectT struct that is later saved in a map that is eventually used by ReadProvincia to decode the eleccode into real places names.

func (*PadronCsvReader) ReadProvincia Uses

func (p *PadronCsvReader) ReadProvincia()

ReadProvincia reads de csv for a provincia and stores the results in a Redis database

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