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package ctpolicy

import ""


Package Files


type CTPolicy Uses

type CTPolicy struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CTPolicy is used to hold information about SCTs required from various groupings

func New Uses

func New(pub core.Publisher,
    groups []ctconfig.CTGroup,
    informational []ctconfig.LogDescription,
    log blog.Logger,
    stats prometheus.Registerer,
) *CTPolicy

New creates a new CTPolicy struct

func (*CTPolicy) GetSCTs Uses

func (ctp *CTPolicy) GetSCTs(ctx context.Context, cert core.CertDER, expiration time.Time) (core.SCTDERs, error)

GetSCTs attempts to retrieve a SCT from each configured grouping of logs and returns the set of SCTs to the caller.

func (*CTPolicy) SubmitFinalCert Uses

func (ctp *CTPolicy) SubmitFinalCert(cert []byte, expiration time.Time)

SubmitFinalCert submits finalized certificates created from precertificates to any configured logs



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