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package metrics

import ""


Package Files

auto.go scope.go


var InternetFacingBuckets = []float64{.1, .25, .5, 1, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 30, 45}

InternetFacingBuckets are the histogram buckets that should be used when measuring latencies that involve traversing the public internet.

type Scope Uses

type Scope interface {
    NewScope(scopes ...string) Scope

    Inc(stat string, value int64)
    Gauge(stat string, value int64)
    GaugeDelta(stat string, value int64)
    Timing(stat string, delta int64)
    TimingDuration(stat string, delta time.Duration)
    SetInt(stat string, value int64)


Scope is a stats collector that will prefix the name the stats it collects.

func NewNoopScope Uses

func NewNoopScope() Scope

NewNoopScope returns a Scope that won't collect anything

func NewPromScope Uses

func NewPromScope(registerer prometheus.Registerer, scopes ...string) Scope

NewPromScope returns a Scope that sends data to Prometheus


mock_metricsPackage mock_metrics is a generated GoMock package.

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