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package test

import ""


Package Files

db.go mock-vendor.go test-tools.go

func Assert Uses

func Assert(t *testing.T, result bool, message string)

Assert a boolean

func AssertByteEquals Uses

func AssertByteEquals(t *testing.T, one []byte, two []byte)

AssertByteEquals uses bytes.Equal to measure one and two for equality.

func AssertContains Uses

func AssertContains(t *testing.T, haystack string, needle string)

AssertContains determines whether needle can be found in haystack

func AssertDeepEquals Uses

func AssertDeepEquals(t *testing.T, one interface{}, two interface{})

AssertDeepEquals uses the reflect.DeepEqual method to measure one and two

func AssertEquals Uses

func AssertEquals(t *testing.T, one interface{}, two interface{})

AssertEquals uses the equality operator (==) to measure one and two

func AssertError Uses

func AssertError(t *testing.T, err error, message string)

AssertError checks that err is non-nil

func AssertMarshaledEquals Uses

func AssertMarshaledEquals(t *testing.T, one interface{}, two interface{})

AssertMarshaledEquals marshals one and two to JSON, and then uses the equality operator to measure them

func AssertNotContains Uses

func AssertNotContains(t *testing.T, haystack string, needle string)

AssertNotContains determines if needle is not found in haystack

func AssertNotEquals Uses

func AssertNotEquals(t *testing.T, one interface{}, two interface{})

AssertNotEquals uses the equality operator to measure that one and two are different

func AssertNotError Uses

func AssertNotError(t *testing.T, err error, message string)

AssertNotError checks that err is nil

func AssertNotNil Uses

func AssertNotNil(t *testing.T, obj interface{}, message string)

AssertNotNil checks an object to be non-nil

func AssertUnmarshaledEquals Uses

func AssertUnmarshaledEquals(t *testing.T, got, expected string)

AssertUnmarshaledEquals unmarshals two JSON strings (got and expected) to a map[string]interface{} and then uses reflect.DeepEqual to check they are the same

func CountCounter Uses

func CountCounter(counter prometheus.Counter) int

CountCounter returns the count by label and value of a prometheus metric

func CountCounterVec Uses

func CountCounterVec(labelName string, value string, counterVec *prometheus.CounterVec) int

CountCounterVec returns the count by label and value of a prometheus metric

func CountHistogramSamples Uses

func CountHistogramSamples(hist prometheus.Histogram) int

func GaugeValueWithLabels Uses

func GaugeValueWithLabels(vecGauge *prometheus.GaugeVec, labels prometheus.Labels) (int, error)

GaugeValueWithLabels returns the current value with the provided labels from the the GaugeVec argument, or an error if there was a problem collecting the value.

func ResetSATestDatabase Uses

func ResetSATestDatabase(t testing.TB) func()

ResetSATestDatabase deletes all rows in all tables in the SA DB. If fails the tests if that errors and returns a clean up function that will delete all rows again and close the database. "Tables available" means all tables that can be seen in the MariaDB configuration by the database user except for ones that are configuration only like goose_db_version (for migrations) or the ones describing the internal configuration of the server. To be used only in test code.

type CleanUpDB Uses

type CleanUpDB interface {
    Begin() (*sql.Tx, error)
    Exec(query string, args ...interface{}) (sql.Result, error)
    Query(query string, args ...interface{}) (*sql.Rows, error)


CleanUpDB is an interface with only what is needed to delete all rows in all tables in a database plus close the database connection. It is satisfied by *sql.DB.


authz-fillerA quick way to fill up a database with a large number of authz objects, in order to manually test the performance of the expired-authz-purger.
block-a-keyblock-a-key is a small utility for creating key blocklist entries.
ct-test-srvThis is a test server that implements the subset of RFC6962 APIs needed to run Boulder's CT log submission code.
load-generator/acmePackage acme provides ACME client functionality tailored to the needs of the load-generator.
sd-test-srvsd-test-srv runs a simple service discovery system; it returns two hardcoded IP addresses for every A query.

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