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package event

import "github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p-core/event"

Package event contains the abstractions for a local event bus, along with the standard events that libp2p subsystems may emit.

Source code is arranged as follows:

	* doc.go: this file.
	* bus.go: abstractions for the event bus.
	* rest: event structs, sensibly categorised in files by entity, and following this naming convention:
         Evt[Entity (noun)][Event (verb past tense / gerund)]
   The past tense is used to convey that something happened, whereas the gerund form of the verb (-ing)
   expresses that a process is in progress. Examples: EvtConnEstablishing, EvtConnEstablished.


Package Files

bus.go doc.go protocol.go

type Bus Uses

type Bus interface {
    // Subscribe creates a new Subscription.
    // eventType can be either a pointer to a single event type, or a slice of pointers to
    // subscribe to multiple event types at once, under a single subscription (and channel).
    // Failing to drain the channel may cause publishers to block.
    // Simple example
    //  sub, err := eventbus.Subscribe(new(EventType))
    //  defer sub.Close()
    //  for e := range sub.Out() {
    //    event := e.(EventType) // guaranteed safe
    //    [...]
    //  }
    // Multi-type example
    //  sub, err := eventbus.Subscribe([]interface{}{new(EventA), new(EventB)})
    //  defer sub.Close()
    //  for e := range sub.Out() {
    //    select e.(type):
    //      case EventA:
    //        [...]
    //      case EventB:
    //        [...]
    //    }
    //  }
    Subscribe(eventType interface{}, opts ...SubscriptionOpt) (Subscription, error)

    // Emitter creates a new event emitter.
    // eventType accepts typed nil pointers, and uses the type information for wiring purposes.
    // Example:
    //  em, err := eventbus.Emitter(new(EventT))
    //  defer em.Close() // MUST call this after being done with the emitter
    //  em.Emit(EventT{})
    Emitter(eventType interface{}, opts ...EmitterOpt) (Emitter, error)

Bus is an interface for a type-based event delivery system.

type CancelFunc Uses

type CancelFunc = func()

CancelFunc closes a subscriber.

type Emitter Uses

type Emitter interface {

    // Emit emits an event onto the eventbus. If any channel subscribed to the topic is blocked,
    // calls to Emit will block.
    // Calling this function with wrong event type will cause a panic.
    Emit(evt interface{}) error

Emitter represents an actor that emits events onto the eventbus.

type EmitterOpt Uses

type EmitterOpt = func(interface{}) error

EmitterOpt represents an emitter option. Use the options exposed by the implementation of choice.

type EvtLocalProtocolsUpdated Uses

type EvtLocalProtocolsUpdated struct {
    // Added enumerates the protocols that were added locally.
    Added []protocol.ID
    // Removed enumerates the protocols that were removed locally.
    Removed []protocol.ID

EvtLocalProtocolsUpdated should be emitted when stream handlers are attached or detached from the local host. For handlers attached with a matcher predicate (host.SetStreamHandlerMatch()), only the protocol ID will be included in this event.

type EvtPeerProtocolsUpdated Uses

type EvtPeerProtocolsUpdated struct {
    // Peer is the peer whose protocols were updated.
    Peer peer.ID
    // Added enumerates the protocols that were added by this peer.
    Added []protocol.ID
    // Removed enumerates the protocols that were removed by this peer.
    Removed []protocol.ID

EvtPeerProtocolsUpdated should be emitted when a peer we're connected to adds or removes protocols from their stack.

type Subscription Uses

type Subscription interface {

    // Out returns the channel from which to consume events.
    Out() <-chan interface{}

Subscription represents a subscription to one or multiple event types.

type SubscriptionOpt Uses

type SubscriptionOpt = func(interface{}) error

SubscriptionOpt represents a subscriber option. Use the options exposed by the implementation of choice.

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