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package host

import "github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p-core/host"

Package host provides the core Host interface for libp2p.

Host represents a single libp2p node in a peer-to-peer network.


Package Files

helpers.go host.go

func InfoFromHost Uses

func InfoFromHost(h Host) *peer.AddrInfo

InfoFromHost returns a peer.AddrInfo struct with the Host's ID and all of its Addrs.

type Host Uses

type Host interface {
    // ID returns the (local) peer.ID associated with this Host
    ID() peer.ID

    // Peerstore returns the Host's repository of Peer Addresses and Keys.
    Peerstore() peerstore.Peerstore

    // Returns the listen addresses of the Host
    Addrs() []ma.Multiaddr

    // Networks returns the Network interface of the Host
    Network() network.Network

    // Mux returns the Mux multiplexing incoming streams to protocol handlers
    Mux() protocol.Switch

    // Connect ensures there is a connection between this host and the peer with
    // given peer.ID. Connect will absorb the addresses in pi into its internal
    // peerstore. If there is not an active connection, Connect will issue a
    // h.Network.Dial, and block until a connection is open, or an error is
    // returned. // TODO: Relay + NAT.
    Connect(ctx context.Context, pi peer.AddrInfo) error

    // SetStreamHandler sets the protocol handler on the Host's Mux.
    // This is equivalent to:
    //   host.Mux().SetHandler(proto, handler)
    // (Threadsafe)
    SetStreamHandler(pid protocol.ID, handler network.StreamHandler)

    // SetStreamHandlerMatch sets the protocol handler on the Host's Mux
    // using a matching function for protocol selection.
    SetStreamHandlerMatch(protocol.ID, func(string) bool, network.StreamHandler)

    // RemoveStreamHandler removes a handler on the mux that was set by
    // SetStreamHandler
    RemoveStreamHandler(pid protocol.ID)

    // NewStream opens a new stream to given peer p, and writes a p2p/protocol
    // header with given ProtocolID. If there is no connection to p, attempts
    // to create one. If ProtocolID is "", writes no header.
    // (Threadsafe)
    NewStream(ctx context.Context, p peer.ID, pids ...protocol.ID) (network.Stream, error)

    // Close shuts down the host, its Network, and services.
    Close() error

    // ConnManager returns this hosts connection manager
    ConnManager() connmgr.ConnManager

    // EventBus returns the hosts eventbus
    EventBus() event.Bus

Host is an object participating in a p2p network, which implements protocols or provides services. It handles requests like a Server, and issues requests like a Client. It is called Host because it is both Server and Client (and Peer may be confusing).

type IntrospectableHost Uses

type IntrospectableHost interface {
    // Introspector returns the introspector, or nil if one hasn't been
    // registered. With it, the call can register data providers, and can fetch
    // introspection data.
    Introspector() introspection.Introspector

    // IntrospectionEndpoint returns the introspection endpoint, or nil if one
    // hasn't been registered.
    IntrospectionEndpoint() introspection.Endpoint

IntrospectableHost is implemented by Host implementations that are introspectable, that is, that may have introspection capability.

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