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Burrow provides advanced Kafka Consumer Lag Checking. It is a monitoring companion for Apache Kafka that provides consumer lag checking as a service without the need for specifying thresholds. It monitors committed offsets for all consumers and calculates the status of those consumers on demand. An HTTP endpoint is provided to request status on demand, as well as provide other Kafka cluster information. There are also configurable notifiers that can send status out via email or HTTP calls to another service.

CLI or Library

Burrow is designed to be run as a standalone application (CLI), and this is what the main package provides. In some situations it may be better for you to wrap Burrow with another application - for example, in environments where you have your own application structure to provide configuration and logging. To this end, Burrow can also be used as a library within another app.

When embedding Burrow, please refer to https://github.com/linkedin/Burrow/blob/master/main.go for details on what preparation should happen before starting it. This is the wrapper that provides the CLI interface. The main logic for Burrow is in the core package, while the protocol package provides some of the common interfaces that are used.

Additional Documentation

More documentation on Burrow, including configuration and HTTP requests, can be found at https://github.com/linkedin/Burrow/wiki

Package Files



corePackage core - Core Burrow logic.
core/internalPackage internal - Here be dragons.
core/internal/clusterPackage cluster - Kafka cluster subsystem.
core/internal/consumerPackage consumer - Kafka consumer subsystem.
core/internal/evaluatorPackage evaluator - Group evaluation subsystem.
core/internal/helpersPackage helpers - Common utilities.
core/internal/httpserverPackage httpserver - HTTP API endpoint The httpserver subsystem provides an HTTP interface to Burrow that can be used to fetch information about the clusters and consumers it is monitoring.
core/internal/notifierPackage notifier - Status notification subsystem.
core/internal/storagePackage storage - Data storage subsystem.
core/internal/zookeeperPackage zookeeper - Common Zookeeper subsystem.
core/protocolPackage protocol - Burrow types and interfaces.

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