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package server

import ""


Package Files

admin.go auth.go healthz.go openshiftclient.go repositorymiddleware.go


var (
    // Challenging errors
    ErrTokenRequired          = errors.New("authorization header with basic token required")
    ErrTokenInvalid           = errors.New("failed to decode basic token")
    ErrOpenShiftTokenRequired = errors.New("expected bearer token as password for basic token to registry")
    ErrOpenShiftAccessDenied  = errors.New("access denied")

    // Non-challenging errors
    ErrNamespaceRequired   = errors.New("repository namespace required")
    ErrUnsupportedAction   = errors.New("unsupported action")
    ErrUnsupportedResource = errors.New("unsupported resource")

Errors used and exported by this package.

func BlobDispatcher Uses

func BlobDispatcher(ctx *handlers.Context, r *http.Request) http.Handler

BlobDispatcher takes the request context and builds the appropriate handler for handling blob requests.

func HealthzHandler Uses

func HealthzHandler(ctx *handlers.Context, r *http.Request) http.Handler

func LayerDispatcher Uses

func LayerDispatcher(ctx *handlers.Context, r *http.Request) http.Handler

LayerDispatcher takes the request context and builds the appropriate handler for handling layer requests.

func ManifestDispatcher Uses

func ManifestDispatcher(ctx *handlers.Context, r *http.Request) http.Handler

ManifestDispatcher takes the request context and builds the appropriate handler for handling manifest requests.

func NewRegistryOpenShiftClient Uses

func NewRegistryOpenShiftClient() (*osclient.Client, error)

func NewUserOpenShiftClient Uses

func NewUserOpenShiftClient(bearerToken string) (*osclient.Client, error)

func UserClientFrom Uses

func UserClientFrom(ctx context.Context) (*client.Client, bool)

func WithUserClient Uses

func WithUserClient(parent context.Context, userClient *client.Client) context.Context

type AccessController Uses

type AccessController struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*AccessController) Authorized Uses

func (ac *AccessController) Authorized(ctx context.Context, accessRecords ...registryauth.Access) (context.Context, error)

Authorized handles checking whether the given request is authorized for actions on resources allowed by openshift. Sources of access records:


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