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package codec

import ""


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const (
    HeadLength    = 4
    MaxPacketSize = 64 * 1024

Codec constants.


var ErrPacketSizeExcced = errors.New("codec: packet size exceed")

ErrPacketSizeExcced is the error used for encode/decode.

func Encode Uses

func Encode(typ packet.Type, data []byte) ([]byte, error)

Encode create a packet.Packet from the raw bytes slice and then encode to network bytes slice Protocol refs:

-<type>-|--------<length>--------|-<data>- --------|------------------------|-------- 1 byte packet type, 3 bytes packet data length(big end), and data segment

type Decoder Uses

type Decoder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Decoder reads and decodes network data slice

func NewDecoder Uses

func NewDecoder() *Decoder

NewDecoder returns a new decoder that used for decode network bytes slice.

func (*Decoder) Decode Uses

func (c *Decoder) Decode(data []byte) ([]*packet.Packet, error)

Decode decode the network bytes slice to packet.Packet(s) TODO(Warning): shared slice

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