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package hypermedia

import "github.com/lostisland/go-sawyer/hypermedia"

Package hypermedia provides helpers for parsing hypermedia links in resources and expanding the links to make further requests.


Package Files

hal.go hyperfields.go hyperheaders.go hypermedia.go

func FillRels Uses

func FillRels(resource interface{}, rels Relations)

FillRels populates the given relations object from the relations in the resource.

type CachedResource Uses

type CachedResource interface {
    Rels() (Relations, bool)

A CachedResource is capable of caching the relations locally, so that multiple accesses don't require parsing it again.

type HALResource Uses

type HALResource struct {
    Links Links `json:"_links"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

HALResource is a resource with hypermedia specified as JSON HAL.


func (*HALResource) HypermediaRels Uses

func (r *HALResource) HypermediaRels(rels Relations)

HypermediaRels implements the HypermediaResource interface by getting the Relations from the Links property.

type HyperfieldResource Uses

type HyperfieldResource interface {
type Hyperlink string

Hyperlink is a string url. If it is a uri template, it can be converted to a full URL with Expand().

func (Hyperlink) Expand Uses

func (l Hyperlink) Expand(m M) (*url.URL, error)

Expand converts a uri template into a url.URL using the given M map.

type HypermediaResource Uses

type HypermediaResource interface {

A HypermediaResource has link relations for next actions of a resource.

type Link struct {
    Href Hyperlink `json:"href"`

Link represents a single link in a HALResource.

func (*Link) Expand Uses

func (l *Link) Expand(m M) (*url.URL, error)

Expand converts a uri template into a url.URL using the given M map.

type Links map[string]Link

Links is a collection of Link objects in a HALResource. Note that the HAL spec allows single link objects or an array of link objects. Sawyer currently only supports single link objects.

type M Uses

type M map[string]interface{}

M represents a map of values to expand a Hyperlink.

type Relations Uses

type Relations map[string]Hyperlink

Relations is a map of keys that point to Hyperlink objects.

func HyperFieldRelations Uses

func HyperFieldRelations(res interface{}, rels Relations) Relations

The HyperFieldRelations gets link relations from a resource by reflecting on its Hyperlink properties. The relation name is taken either from the name of the field, or a "rel" struct tag.

type Foo struct {
  Url         Hyperlink `rel:"self" json:"url"`
  CommentsUrl Hyperlink `rel:"comments" json:"comments_url"`

func HyperHeaderRelations Uses

func HyperHeaderRelations(header http.Header, rels Relations) Relations

TODO: need a full link header parser for http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5988

func NewRels Uses

func NewRels() Relations

Rels returns a new Relations object.

func Rels Uses

func Rels(resource interface{}) Relations

Rels gets the hypermedia relations from the given resource.

func (Relations) Rel Uses

func (h Relations) Rel(name string, m M) (*url.URL, error)

Rel fetches and expands the Hyperlink by its given key in the Relations map.

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