appstatusPackage appstatus can attach/reterieve an application-specific response status to/from an error.
cmd/prpcCommand prpc can make RPCs to pRPC servers and display their description.
cmd/svcdecCommand svcdec stands for 'service decorator'.
cmd/svcmuxCommand svcmux reads a service interface XYZServer generated by protoc and generates VersionedXYZV struct that stores a map version->implementation, and a default version.
discoveryPackage discovery implements RPC service introspection.
grpcmonPackage grpcmon defines gRPC interceptors with monitoring instrumentation.
grpcutilPackage grpcutil is a utility package to supplement Google's gRPC package, "".
internal/svctoolPackage svctool implements svcmux/svcdec tools command line parsing
loggingPackage logging implements a gRPC glog.Logger implementation backed by a Logger.
prpcPackage prpc (provisional RPC) implements an RPC client over HTTP 1.x.
svcmuxPackage svcmux contains utility functions used by code generated by svcmux tool.

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