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package dnsmasq

import "github.com/lxc/lxd/lxd/dnsmasq"


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var ConfigMutex sync.Mutex

ConfigMutex used to coordinate access to the dnsmasq config files.

func DHCPAllocatedIPs Uses

func DHCPAllocatedIPs(network string) (map[[4]byte]DHCPAllocation, map[[16]byte]DHCPAllocation, error)

DHCPAllocatedIPs returns a map of IPs currently allocated (statically and dynamically) in dnsmasq for a specific network. The returned map is keyed by a 16 byte array representing the net.IP format. The value of each map item is a DHCPAllocation struct containing at least whether the allocation was static or dynamic and optionally container name or MAC address. MAC addresses are only included for dynamic IPv4 allocations (where name is not reliable). Static allocations are not overridden by dynamic allocations, allowing for container name to be included for static IPv6 allocations. IPv6 addresses that are dynamically assigned cannot be reliably linked to containers using either name or MAC because dnsmasq does not record the MAC address for these records, and the recorded host name can be set by the container if the dns.mode for the network is set to "dynamic" and so cannot be trusted, so in this case we do not return any identifying info.

func DHCPStaticIPs Uses

func DHCPStaticIPs(network, projectName, instanceName string) (DHCPAllocation, DHCPAllocation, error)

DHCPStaticIPs retrieves the dnsmasq statically allocated IPs for a container. Returns IPv4 and IPv6 DHCPAllocation structs respectively.

func GetVersion Uses

func GetVersion() (*version.DottedVersion, error)

GetVersion returns the version of dnsmasq.

func Kill Uses

func Kill(name string, reload bool) error

Kill kills dnsmasq for a particular network (or optionally reloads it).

func RemoveStaticEntry Uses

func RemoveStaticEntry(network string, projectName string, instanceName string) error

RemoveStaticEntry removes a single dhcp-host line for a network/instance combination.

func UpdateStaticEntry Uses

func UpdateStaticEntry(network string, projectName string, instanceName string, netConfig map[string]string, hwaddr string, ipv4Address string, ipv6Address string) error

UpdateStaticEntry writes a single dhcp-host line for a network/instance combination.

type DHCPAllocation Uses

type DHCPAllocation struct {
    IP     net.IP
    Name   string
    MAC    net.HardwareAddr
    Static bool

DHCPAllocation represents an IP allocation from dnsmasq.

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