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package sys

import "github.com/lxc/lxd/lxd/sys"


Package Files

apparmor.go fs.go os.go testing.go

func SetupTestCerts Uses

func SetupTestCerts(dir string) error

SetupTestCerts populates the given test LXD directory with server certificates.

Since generating certificates is CPU intensive, they will be simply symlink'ed from the test/deps/ directory.

FIXME: this function is exported because some tests use it

directly. Eventually we should rework those tests to use NewTestOS

type InotifyInfo Uses

type InotifyInfo struct {
    Fd  int
    Targets map[string]*InotifyTargetInfo

InotifyInfo records the inotify information associated with a given inotify instance

type InotifyTargetInfo Uses

type InotifyTargetInfo struct {
    Mask uint32
    Wd   int
    Path string

InotifyTargetInfo records the inotify information associated with a given inotify target

type OS Uses

type OS struct {
    // Directories
    CacheDir string // Cache directory (e.g. /var/cache/lxd/).
    LogDir   string // Log directory (e.g. /var/log/lxd).
    VarDir   string // Data directory (e.g. /var/lib/lxd/).

    // Daemon environment
    Architectures   []int           // Cache of detected system architectures
    BackingFS       string          // Backing filesystem of $LXD_DIR/containers
    ExecPath        string          // Absolute path to the LXD executable
    IdmapSet        *idmap.IdmapSet // Information about user/group ID mapping
    InotifyWatch    InotifyInfo
    LxcPath         string // Path to the $LXD_DIR/containers directory
    MockMode        bool   // If true some APIs will be mocked (for testing)
    Nodev           bool
    RunningInUserNS bool

    // Privilege dropping
    UnprivUser  string
    UnprivUID   uint32
    UnprivGroup string
    UnprivGID   uint32

    // Apparmor features
    AppArmorAdmin     bool
    AppArmorAvailable bool
    AppArmorConfined  bool
    AppArmorStacked   bool
    AppArmorStacking  bool

    // Cgroup features
    CGInfo cgroup.Info

    // Kernel features
    CloseRange              bool
    NativeTerminals         bool
    NetnsGetifaddrs         bool
    PidFds                  bool
    PidFdSetns              bool
    SeccompListener         bool
    SeccompListenerAddfd    bool
    SeccompListenerContinue bool
    Shiftfs                 bool
    UeventInjection         bool
    VFS3Fscaps              bool

    // LXC features
    LXCFeatures map[string]bool

OS is a high-level facade for accessing all operating-system level functionality that LXD uses.

func DefaultOS Uses

func DefaultOS() *OS

DefaultOS returns a fresh uninitialized OS instance with default values.

func NewTestOS Uses

func NewTestOS(t *testing.T) (*OS, func())

NewTestOS returns a new OS instance initialized with test values.

func (*OS) GlobalDatabaseDir Uses

func (s *OS) GlobalDatabaseDir() string

GlobalDatabaseDir returns the path of the global database directory.

func (*OS) GlobalDatabasePath Uses

func (s *OS) GlobalDatabasePath() string

GlobalDatabasePath returns the path of the global database SQLite file managed by dqlite.

func (*OS) Init Uses

func (s *OS) Init() error

Init our internal data structures.

func (*OS) LegacyGlobalDatabasePath Uses

func (s *OS) LegacyGlobalDatabasePath() string

LegacyGlobalDatabasePath returns the path of legacy global database file.

func (*OS) LegacyLocalDatabasePath Uses

func (s *OS) LegacyLocalDatabasePath() string

LegacyLocalDatabasePath returns the path of legacy local database file.

func (*OS) LocalDatabasePath Uses

func (s *OS) LocalDatabasePath() string

LocalDatabasePath returns the path of the local database file.

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