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package netutils

import "github.com/lxc/lxd/shared/netutils"


Package Files

cgo.go network.go network_linux.go network_linux_cgo.go

func AbstractUnixReceiveFd Uses

func AbstractUnixReceiveFd(sockFD int) (*os.File, error)

AbstractUnixReceiveFd receives a Unix file descriptor from a Unix socket.

func AbstractUnixReceiveFdData Uses

func AbstractUnixReceiveFdData(sockFD int, numFds int, iov unsafe.Pointer, iovLen int32) (uint64, []C.int, error)

AbstractUnixReceiveFdData is a low level function to receive a file descriptor over a unix socket.

func AbstractUnixSendFd Uses

func AbstractUnixSendFd(sockFD int, sendFD int) error

AbstractUnixSendFd sends a Unix file descriptor over a Unix socket.

func NetnsGetifaddrs Uses

func NetnsGetifaddrs(initPID int32) (map[string]api.InstanceStateNetwork, error)

NetnsGetifaddrs returns a map of InstanceStateNetwork for a particular process.

func WebsocketExecMirror Uses

func WebsocketExecMirror(conn *websocket.Conn, w io.WriteCloser, r io.ReadCloser, exited chan struct{}, fd int) (chan bool, chan bool)

WebsocketExecMirror mirrors a websocket connection with a set of Writer/Reader.

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