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package internal

import ""


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func EnvWithCurrentGOOS Uses

func EnvWithCurrentGOOS() ([]string, error)

EnvWithCurrentGOOS returns a copy of os.Environ with the GOOS and GOARCH set to runtime.GOOS and runtime.GOARCH.

func EnvWithGOOS Uses

func EnvWithGOOS(goos, goarch string) ([]string, error)

EnvWithGOOS retuns the os.Environ() values with GOOS and/or GOARCH either set to their runtime value, or the given value if non-empty.

func OutputDebug Uses

func OutputDebug(cmd string, args ...string) (string, error)

func RunDebug Uses

func RunDebug(cmd string, args ...string) error

func SetDebug Uses

func SetDebug(l *log.Logger)

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