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package unit

import "github.com/martinlindhe/unit"


Package Files

acceleration.go amount_of_substance.go angle.go area.go datarate.go datasize.go duration.go electric_current.go electrical_conductance.go electrical_resistance.go energy.go force.go frequency.go illuminance.go length.go luminous_flux.go luminous_intensity.go mass.go power.go pressure.go speed.go temperature.go unit.go voltage.go volume.go


const (
    CentimeterPerSecondSquared              = MeterPerSecondSquared * 1e-2     // SI
    MeterPerSecondSquared      Acceleration = 1e0                              // SI
    FootPerSecondSquared                    = MeterPerSecondSquared * 0.304800 // US
    StandardGravity                         = MeterPerSecondSquared * 9.80665  // space
    Gal                                     = CentimeterPerSecondSquared       // alias


const (
    Yoctoradian          = Radian * 1e-24
    Zeptoradian          = Radian * 1e-21
    Attoradian           = Radian * 1e-18
    Femtoradian          = Radian * 1e-15
    Picoradian           = Radian * 1e-12
    Nanoradian           = Radian * 1e-9
    Microradian          = Radian * 1e-6
    Milliradian          = Radian * 1e-3
    Centiradian          = Radian * 1e-2
    Deciradian           = Radian * 1e-1
    Radian         Angle = 1e0
    Degree               = Radian * math.Pi / 180
    Arcminute            = Degree / 60
    Arcsecond            = Degree / 3600
    Milliarcsecond       = Arcsecond * 1e-3
    Microarcsecond       = Arcsecond * 1e-6


const (
    // SI
    SquareYoctometer      = SquareMeter * 1e-48
    SquareZeptometer      = SquareMeter * 1e-42
    SquareAttometer       = SquareMeter * 1e-36
    SquareFemtometer      = SquareMeter * 1e-30
    SquarePicometer       = SquareMeter * 1e-24
    SquareNanometer       = SquareMeter * 1e-18
    SquareMicrometer      = SquareMeter * 1e-12
    SquareMillimeter      = SquareMeter * 1e-6
    SquareCentimeter      = SquareMeter * 1e-4
    SquareDecimeter       = SquareMeter * 1e-2
    SquareMeter      Area = 1e0
    SquareDecameter       = SquareMeter * 1e2
    SquareHectometer      = SquareMeter * 1e4
    SquareKilometer       = SquareMeter * 1e6
    SquareMegameter       = SquareMeter * 1e12
    SquareGigameter       = SquareMeter * 1e18
    SquareTerameter       = SquareMeter * 1e24
    SquarePetameter       = SquareMeter * 1e30
    SquareExameter        = SquareMeter * 1e36
    SquareZettameter      = SquareMeter * 1e42
    SquareYottameter      = SquareMeter * 1e48

    // US
    SquareInch = SquareMeter * 0.00064516
    SquareFoot = SquareInch * 144
    SquareYard = SquareFoot * 9
    Acre       = SquareYard * 4840
    SquareMile = Acre * 640

    // imperial
    SquareRod = SquareFoot * 272.25
    Rood      = SquareYard * 1210

    // aliases
    Centiare    = SquareMeter
    Are         = SquareDecameter
    Hectare     = SquareHectometer
    SquarePerch = SquareRod


const (
    // base 10 (SI prefixes)
    BitPerSecond      Datarate = 1e0
    KilobitPerSecond           = BitPerSecond * 1e3
    MegabitPerSecond           = BitPerSecond * 1e6
    GigabitPerSecond           = BitPerSecond * 1e9
    TerabitPerSecond           = BitPerSecond * 1e12
    PetabitPerSecond           = BitPerSecond * 1e15
    ExabitPerSecond            = BitPerSecond * 1e18
    ZettabitPerSecond          = BitPerSecond * 1e21
    YottabitPerSecond          = BitPerSecond * 1e24

    BytePerSecond      = BitPerSecond * 8
    KilobytePerSecond  = BytePerSecond * 1e3
    MegabytePerSecond  = BytePerSecond * 1e6
    GigabytePerSecond  = BytePerSecond * 1e9
    TerabytePerSecond  = BytePerSecond * 1e12
    PetabytePerSecond  = BytePerSecond * 1e15
    ExabytePerSecond   = BytePerSecond * 1e18
    ZettabytePerSecond = BytePerSecond * 1e21
    YottabytePerSecond = BytePerSecond * 1e24

    // base 2 (IEC prefixes)
    KibibitPerSecond = BitPerSecond * 1024
    MebibitPerSecond = KibibitPerSecond * 1024
    GibibitPerSecond = MebibitPerSecond * 1024
    TebibitPerSecond = GibibitPerSecond * 1024
    PebibitPerSecond = TebibitPerSecond * 1024
    ExbibitPerSecond = PebibitPerSecond * 1024
    ZebibitPerSecond = ExbibitPerSecond * 1024
    YobibitPerSecond = ZebibitPerSecond * 1024

    KibibytePerSecond = BytePerSecond * 1024
    MebibytePerSecond = KibibytePerSecond * 1024
    GibibytePerSecond = MebibytePerSecond * 1024
    TebibytePerSecond = GibibytePerSecond * 1024
    PebibytePerSecond = TebibytePerSecond * 1024
    ExbibytePerSecond = PebibytePerSecond * 1024
    ZebibytePerSecond = ExbibytePerSecond * 1024
    YobibytePerSecond = ZebibytePerSecond * 1024


const (
    // base 10 (SI prefixes)
    Bit      Datasize = 1e0
    Kilobit           = Bit * 1e3
    Megabit           = Bit * 1e6
    Gigabit           = Bit * 1e9
    Terabit           = Bit * 1e12
    Petabit           = Bit * 1e15
    Exabit            = Bit * 1e18
    Zettabit          = Bit * 1e21
    Yottabit          = Bit * 1e24

    Byte      = Bit * 8
    Kilobyte  = Byte * 1e3
    Megabyte  = Byte * 1e6
    Gigabyte  = Byte * 1e9
    Terabyte  = Byte * 1e12
    Petabyte  = Byte * 1e15
    Exabyte   = Byte * 1e18
    Zettabyte = Byte * 1e21
    Yottabyte = Byte * 1e24

    // base 2 (IEC prefixes)
    Kibibit = Bit * 1024
    Mebibit = Kibibit * 1024
    Gibibit = Mebibit * 1024
    Tebibit = Gibibit * 1024
    Pebibit = Tebibit * 1024
    Exbibit = Pebibit * 1024
    Zebibit = Exbibit * 1024
    Yobibit = Zebibit * 1024

    Kibibyte = Byte * 1024
    Mebibyte = Kibibyte * 1024
    Gibibyte = Mebibyte * 1024
    Tebibyte = Gibibyte * 1024
    Pebibyte = Tebibyte * 1024
    Exbibyte = Pebibyte * 1024
    Zebibyte = Exbibyte * 1024
    Yobibyte = Zebibyte * 1024


const (
    // SI
    Yoctosecond          = Second * 1e-24
    Zeptosecond          = Second * 1e-21
    Attosecond           = Second * 1e-18
    Femtosecond          = Second * 1e-15
    Picosecond           = Second * 1e-12
    Nanosecond           = Second * 1e-9
    Microsecond          = Second * 1e-6
    Millisecond          = Second * 1e-3
    Centisecond          = Second * 1e-2
    Decisecond           = Second * 1e-1
    Second      Duration = 1e0
    Decasecond           = Second * 1e1
    Hectosecond          = Second * 1e2
    Kilosecond           = Second * 1e3
    Megasecond           = Second * 1e6
    Gigasecond           = Second * 1e9
    Terasecond           = Second * 1e12
    Petasecond           = Second * 1e15
    Exasecond            = Second * 1e18
    Zettasecond          = Second * 1e21
    Yottasecond          = Second * 1e24

    // non-SI
    Minute         = Second * 60
    Hour           = Minute * 60
    Day            = Hour * 24
    Week           = Day * 7
    ThirtyDayMonth = Day * 30
    JulianYear     = Day * 365.25


const (
    // SI
    Yoctoampere                 = Ampere * 1e-24
    Zeptoampere                 = Ampere * 1e-21
    Attoampere                  = Ampere * 1e-18
    Femtoampere                 = Ampere * 1e-15
    Picoampere                  = Ampere * 1e-12
    Nanoampere                  = Ampere * 1e-9
    Microampere                 = Ampere * 1e-6
    Milliampere                 = Ampere * 1e-3
    Deciampere                  = Ampere * 1e-2
    Centiampere                 = Ampere * 1e-1
    Ampere      ElectricCurrent = 1e0
    Decaampere                  = Ampere * 1e1
    Hectoampere                 = Ampere * 1e2
    Kiloampere                  = Ampere * 1e3
    Megaampere                  = Ampere * 1e6
    Gigaampere                  = Ampere * 1e9
    Teraampere                  = Ampere * 1e12
    Petaampere                  = Ampere * 1e15
    Exaampere                   = Ampere * 1e18
    Zettaampere                 = Ampere * 1e21
    Yottaampere                 = Ampere * 1e24


const (
    // SI
    Yoctojoule        = Joule * 1e-24
    Zeptojoule        = Joule * 1e-21
    Attojoule         = Joule * 1e-18
    Femtojoule        = Joule * 1e-15
    Picojoule         = Joule * 1e-12
    Nanojoule         = Joule * 1e-9
    Microjoule        = Joule * 1e-6
    Millijoule        = Joule * 1e-3
    Centijoule        = Joule * 1e-2
    Decijoule         = Joule * 1e-1
    Joule      Energy = 1e0
    Decajoule         = Joule * 1e1
    Hectojoule        = Joule * 1e2
    Kilojoule         = Joule * 1e3
    Megajoule         = Joule * 1e6
    Gigajoule         = Joule * 1e9
    Terajoule         = Joule * 1e12
    Petajoule         = Joule * 1e15
    Exajoule          = Joule * 1e18
    Zettajoule        = Joule * 1e21
    Yottajoule        = Joule * 1e24

    // SI-derived
    YoctowattHour = WattHour * 1e-24
    ZeptowattHour = WattHour * 1e-21
    AttowattHour  = WattHour * 1e-18
    FemtowattHour = WattHour * 1e-15
    PicowattHour  = WattHour * 1e-12
    NanowattHour  = WattHour * 1e-9
    MicrowattHour = WattHour * 1e-6
    MilliwattHour = WattHour * 1e-3
    CentiwattHour = WattHour * 1e-2
    DeciwattHour  = WattHour * 1e-1
    WattHour      = Joule * 3600
    DecawattHour  = WattHour * 1e1
    HectowattHour = WattHour * 1e2
    KilowattHour  = WattHour * 1e3
    MegawattHour  = WattHour * 1e6
    GigawattHour  = WattHour * 1e9
    TerawattHour  = WattHour * 1e12
    PetawattHour  = WattHour * 1e15
    ExawattHour   = WattHour * 1e18
    ZettawattHour = WattHour * 1e21
    YottawattHour = WattHour * 1e24

    // constant from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calorie#Definitions
    Gramcalorie = Joule * 4.184
    Kilocalorie = Gramcalorie * 1e3
    Megacalorie = Gramcalorie * 1e6


const (
    // SI
    Newton Force = 1e0

    // non-SI
    Dyne          = Newton * 1e-5
    KilogramForce = Newton * 9.80665
    PoundForce    = Newton * 4.448222
    Poundal       = Newton * 0.138255

    // aliases
    Kilopond = KilogramForce


const (
    // SI
    Yoctohertz           = Hertz * 1e-24
    Zeptohertz           = Hertz * 1e-21
    Attohertz            = Hertz * 1e-18
    Femtohertz           = Hertz * 1e-15
    Picohertz            = Hertz * 1e-12
    Nanohertz            = Hertz * 1e-9
    Microhertz           = Hertz * 1e-6
    Millihertz           = Hertz * 1e-3
    Centihertz           = Hertz * 1e-2
    Decihertz            = Hertz * 1e-1
    Hertz      Frequency = 1e0
    Decahertz            = Hertz * 1e1
    Hectohertz           = Hertz * 1e2
    Kilohertz            = Hertz * 1e3
    Megahertz            = Hertz * 1e6
    Gigahertz            = Hertz * 1e9
    Terahertz            = Hertz * 1e12
    Petahertz            = Hertz * 1e15
    Exahertz             = Hertz * 1e18
    Zettahertz           = Hertz * 1e21
    Yottahertz           = Hertz * 1e24


const (
    // SI
    Yoctometer              = Meter * 1e-24
    Zeptometer              = Meter * 1e-21
    Attometer               = Meter * 1e-18
    Femtometer              = Meter * 1e-15
    Picometer               = Meter * 1e-12
    Nanometer               = Meter * 1e-9
    Micrometer              = Meter * 1e-6
    Millimeter              = Meter * 1e-3
    Centimeter              = Meter * 1e-2
    Decimeter               = Meter * 1e-1
    Meter            Length = 1e0
    Decameter               = Meter * 1e1
    Hectometer              = Meter * 1e2
    Kilometer               = Meter * 1e3
    ScandinavianMile        = Meter * 1e4
    Megameter               = Meter * 1e6
    Gigameter               = Meter * 1e9
    Terameter               = Meter * 1e12
    Petameter               = Meter * 1e15
    Exameter                = Meter * 1e18
    Zettameter              = Meter * 1e21
    Yottameter              = Meter * 1e24

    // US
    Inch    = Meter * 0.0254
    Hand    = Inch * 4
    Foot    = Inch * 12
    Yard    = Foot * 3
    Link    = Chain / 100
    Rod     = Yard * 5.5
    Chain   = Rod * 4
    Furlong = Chain * 10
    Mile    = Meter * 1609.344

    // US maritime
    Fathom       = Foot * 6
    Cable        = NauticalMile / 10
    NauticalMile = Meter * 1852

    // space
    LunarDistance    = Kilometer * 384400
    AstronomicalUnit = Meter * 149597870700
    LightYear        = Meter * 9460730472580800


const (
    // SI
    Yoctogram      = Gram * 1e-24
    Zeptogram      = Gram * 1e-21
    Attogram       = Gram * 1e-18
    Femtogram      = Gram * 1e-15
    Picogram       = Gram * 1e-12
    Nanogram       = Gram * 1e-9
    Microgram      = Gram * 1e-6
    Milligram      = Gram * 1e-3
    Centigram      = Gram * 1e-2
    Decigram       = Gram * 1e-1
    Gram           = Kilogram * 1e-3
    Decagram       = Gram * 1e1
    Hectogram      = Gram * 1e2
    Kilogram  Mass = 1e0
    Megagram       = Gram * 1e6
    Gigagram       = Gram * 1e9
    Teragram       = Gram * 1e12
    Petagram       = Gram * 1e15
    Exagram        = Gram * 1e18
    Zettagram      = Gram * 1e21
    Yottagram      = Gram * 1e24

    // non-SI
    Tonne     = Megagram
    Kilotonne = Gigagram
    Megatonne = Teragram
    Gigatonne = Petagram
    Teratonne = Exagram
    Petatonne = Zettagram
    Exatonne  = Yottagram

    // US, avoirdupois
    TroyGrain          = Milligram * 64.79891
    AvoirdupoisDram    = AvoirdupoisOunce / 16
    AvoirdupoisOunce   = TroyGrain * 437.5
    AvoirdupoisPound   = TroyGrain * 7000
    UsStone            = AvoirdupoisPound * 14
    UsQuarter          = ShortHundredweight / 4
    ShortHundredweight = AvoirdupoisPound * 100

    // UK
    UkStone           = Gram * 6350.29318
    UkQuarter         = LongHundredweight / 4
    LongHundredweight = UkStone * 8
    TroyOunce         = TroyGrain * 480
    TroyPound         = TroyGrain * 5760

    // aliases
    CentalHundredweight   = ShortHundredweight // british
    ImperialHundredweight = LongHundredweight  // british


const (
    // SI
    Yoctowatt       = Watt * 1e-24
    Zeptowatt       = Watt * 1e-21
    Attowatt        = Watt * 1e-18
    Femtowatt       = Watt * 1e-15
    Picowatt        = Watt * 1e-12
    Nanowatt        = Watt * 1e-9
    Microwatt       = Watt * 1e-6
    Milliwatt       = Watt * 1e-3
    Centiwatt       = Watt * 1e-2
    Deciwatt        = Watt * 1e-1
    Watt      Power = 1e0
    Decawatt        = Watt * 1e1
    Hectowatt       = Watt * 1e2
    Kilowatt        = Watt * 1e3
    Megawatt        = Watt * 1e6
    Gigawatt        = Watt * 1e9
    Terawatt        = Watt * 1e12
    Petawatt        = Watt * 1e15
    Exawatt         = Watt * 1e18
    Zettawatt       = Watt * 1e21
    Yottawatt       = Watt * 1e24

    // non-SI
    Pferdestarke = Watt * 735.49875


const (
    // SI derived
    Yoctopascal          = Pascal * 1e-24
    Zeptopascal          = Pascal * 1e-21
    Attopascal           = Pascal * 1e-18
    Femtopascal          = Pascal * 1e-15
    Picopascal           = Pascal * 1e-12
    Nanopascal           = Pascal * 1e-9
    Micropascal          = Pascal * 1e-6
    Millipascal          = Pascal * 1e-3
    Centipascal          = Pascal * 1e-2
    Decipascal           = Pascal * 1e-1
    Pascal      Pressure = 1e0
    Decapascal           = Pascal * 1e1
    Hectopascal          = Pascal * 1e2
    Kilopascal           = Pascal * 1e3
    Megapascal           = Pascal * 1e6
    Gigapascal           = Pascal * 1e9
    Terapascal           = Pascal * 1e12
    Petapascal           = Pascal * 1e15
    Exapascal            = Pascal * 1e18
    Zettapascal          = Pascal * 1e21
    Yottapascal          = Pascal * 1e24

    // non-SI
    Yoctobar = Bar * 1e-24
    Zeptobar = Bar * 1e-21
    Attobar  = Bar * 1e-18
    Femtobar = Bar * 1e-15
    Picobar  = Bar * 1e-12
    Nanobar  = Bar * 1e-9
    Microbar = Bar * 1e-6
    Millibar = Bar * 1e-3
    Centibar = Bar * 1e-2
    Decibar  = Bar * 1e-1
    Bar      = Pascal * 1e5
    Decabar  = Bar * 1e1
    Hectobar = Bar * 1e2
    Kilobar  = Bar * 1e3
    Megabar  = Bar * 1e6
    Gigabar  = Bar * 1e9
    Terabar  = Bar * 1e12
    Petabar  = Bar * 1e15
    Exabar   = Bar * 1e18
    Zettabar = Bar * 1e21
    Yottabar = Bar * 1e24

    Atmosphere          = Pascal * 1.01325 * 1e5
    TechAtmosphere      = Pascal * 9.80665 * 1e4
    Torr                = Pascal * 133.3224
    PoundsPerSquareInch = Pascal * 6.8948 * 1e3


const (
    MetersPerSecond   Speed = 1e0
    KilometersPerHour       = MetersPerSecond * 0.277778
    FeetPerSecond           = MetersPerSecond * 0.3048
    MilesPerHour            = MetersPerSecond * 0.44704
    Knot                    = MetersPerSecond * 0.514444
    SpeedOfLight            = MetersPerSecond * 299792458


const (
    // SI
    Yoctovolt         = Volt * 1e-24
    Zeptovolt         = Volt * 1e-21
    Attovolt          = Volt * 1e-18
    Femtovolt         = Volt * 1e-15
    Picovolt          = Volt * 1e-12
    Nanovolt          = Volt * 1e-9
    Microvolt         = Volt * 1e-6
    Millivolt         = Volt * 1e-3
    Centivolt         = Volt * 1e-2
    Decivolt          = Volt * 1e-1
    Volt      Voltage = 1e0
    Decavolt          = Volt * 1e1
    Hectovolt         = Volt * 1e2
    Kilovolt          = Volt * 1e3
    Megavolt          = Volt * 1e6
    Gigavolt          = Volt * 1e9
    Teravolt          = Volt * 1e12
    Petavolt          = Volt * 1e15
    Exavolt           = Volt * 1e18
    Zettavolt         = Volt * 1e21
    Yottavolt         = Volt * 1e24


const (
    // SI
    CubicYoctometer        = CubicMeter * 1e-72
    CubicZeptometer        = CubicMeter * 1e-63
    CubicAttometer         = CubicMeter * 1e-54
    CubicFemtometer        = CubicMeter * 1e-45
    CubicPicometer         = CubicMeter * 1e-36
    CubicNanometer         = CubicMeter * 1e-27
    CubicMicrometer        = CubicMeter * 1e-18
    CubicMillimeter        = CubicMeter * 1e-9
    CubicCentimeter        = CubicMeter * 1e-6
    CubicDecimeter         = CubicMeter * 1e-3
    CubicMeter      Volume = 1e0
    CubicDecameter         = CubicMeter * 1e3
    CubicHectometer        = CubicMeter * 1e6
    CubicKilometer         = CubicMeter * 1e9
    CubicMegameter         = CubicMeter * 1e18
    CubicGigameter         = CubicMeter * 1e27
    CubicTerameter         = CubicMeter * 1e36
    CubicPetameter         = CubicMeter * 1e45
    CubicExameter          = CubicMeter * 1e54
    CubicZettameter        = CubicMeter * 1e63
    CubicYottameter        = CubicMeter * 1e72

    // SI derived
    Yoctoliter = Liter * 1e-24
    Zepoliter  = Liter * 1e-21
    Attoliter  = Liter * 1e-18
    Femtoliter = Liter * 1e-15
    Picoliter  = Liter * 1e-12
    Nanoliter  = Liter * 1e-9
    Microliter = Liter * 1e-6
    Milliliter = Liter * 1e-3
    Centiliter = Liter * 1e-2
    Deciliter  = Liter * 1e-1
    Liter      = CubicMeter * 1e-3
    Decaliter  = Liter * 1e1
    Hectoliter = Liter * 1e2
    Kiloliter  = Liter * 1e3
    Megaliter  = Liter * 1e6
    Gigaliter  = Liter * 1e9
    Teraliter  = Liter * 1e12
    Petaliter  = Liter * 1e15
    Exaliter   = Liter * 1e18
    Zettaliter = Liter * 1e21
    Yottaliter = Liter * 1e24

    // US
    CubicInch    = Liter * 0.016387064
    CubicFoot    = CubicInch * 1728
    CubicYard    = CubicFoot * 27
    CubicMile    = CubicYard * 5451776000
    CubicFurlong = CubicMile * 0.00195314

    // imperial liquid
    ImperialGallon     = Liter * 4.54609
    ImperialQuart      = ImperialGallon / 4
    ImperialPint       = ImperialQuart / 2
    ImperialCup        = ImperialPint / 2
    ImperialGill       = ImperialPint / 4
    ImperialFluidOunce = ImperialGill / 5
    ImperialFluidDram  = ImperialFluidOunce / 8
    ImperialPeck       = ImperialGallon * 2
    ImperialBushel     = ImperialPeck * 4

    // metric cooking
    MetricTableSpoon = Milliliter * 15
    MetricTeaSpoon   = Milliliter * 5

    // US liquid
    USLiquidGallon = CubicInch * 231
    USLiquidQuart  = CubicInch * 57.75
    USLiquidPint   = CubicInch * 28.875
    USCup          = USLiquidPint / 2
    USLegalCup     = Milliliter * 240
    USGill         = Milliliter * 118.29411825
    USFluidDram    = USFluidOunce / 8
    USFluidOunce   = USLiquidGallon / 128
    USTableSpoon   = USFluidOunce / 2
    USTeaSpoon     = USTableSpoon / 3

    // US dry
    USDryQuart  = USDryGallon / 4
    USBushel    = USPeck * 4
    USPeck      = USDryGallon * 2
    USDryGallon = CubicInch * 268.8025
    USDryPint   = CubicInch * 33.6003125

    // misc
    AustralianTableSpoon = Milliliter * 20

    // aliases
    ImperialTableSpoon = MetricTableSpoon
    ImperialTeaSpoon   = MetricTeaSpoon


type Acceleration Uses

type Acceleration Unit

Acceleration represents a SI unit of acceleration (in meter per second squared, m/s²)

func (Acceleration) CentimetersPerSecondSquared Uses

func (a Acceleration) CentimetersPerSecondSquared() float64

CentimetersPerSecondSquared returns the acceleration in cm/s²

func (Acceleration) FeetPerSecondSquared Uses

func (a Acceleration) FeetPerSecondSquared() float64

FeetPerSecondSquared returns the acceleration in ft/s²

func (Acceleration) Gals Uses

func (a Acceleration) Gals() float64

Gals returns the acceleration in Gal

func (Acceleration) MetersPerSecondSquared Uses

func (a Acceleration) MetersPerSecondSquared() float64

MetersPerSecondSquared returns the acceleration in m/s²

func (Acceleration) StandardGravity Uses

func (a Acceleration) StandardGravity() float64

StandardGravity returns the acceleration in ɡ₀

type AmountOfSubstance Uses

type AmountOfSubstance Unit

AmountOfSubstance represents a SI unit of amount of substance (in mole, mol)

const (
    Mole AmountOfSubstance = 1e0 // SI


func (AmountOfSubstance) Moles Uses

func (a AmountOfSubstance) Moles() float64

Moles returns the amount of substance in mol

type Angle Uses

type Angle Unit

Angle represents a SI unit of angle (in radians, ㎭)

func (Angle) Arcminutes Uses

func (a Angle) Arcminutes() float64

Arcminutes returns the angle in amin

func (Angle) Arcseconds Uses

func (a Angle) Arcseconds() float64

Arcseconds returns the angle in asec

func (Angle) Attoradians Uses

func (a Angle) Attoradians() float64

Attoradians returns the angle in a㎭

func (Angle) Centiradians Uses

func (a Angle) Centiradians() float64

Centiradians returns the angle in c㎭

func (Angle) Deciradians Uses

func (a Angle) Deciradians() float64

Deciradians returns the angle in d㎭

func (Angle) Degrees Uses

func (a Angle) Degrees() float64

Degrees returns the angle in °

func (Angle) Femtoradians Uses

func (a Angle) Femtoradians() float64

Femtoradians returns the angle in f㎭

func (Angle) Microarcseconds Uses

func (a Angle) Microarcseconds() float64

Microarcseconds returns the angle in µasec

func (Angle) Microradians Uses

func (a Angle) Microradians() float64

Microradians returns the angle in µ㎭

func (Angle) Milliarcseconds Uses

func (a Angle) Milliarcseconds() float64

Milliarcseconds returns the angle in masec

func (Angle) Milliradians Uses

func (a Angle) Milliradians() float64

Milliradians returns the angle in m㎭

func (Angle) Nanoradians Uses

func (a Angle) Nanoradians() float64

Nanoradians returns the angle in n㎭

func (Angle) Picoradians Uses

func (a Angle) Picoradians() float64

Picoradians returns the angle in p㎭

func (Angle) Radians Uses

func (a Angle) Radians() float64

Radians returns the angle in ㎭

func (Angle) Yoctoradians Uses

func (a Angle) Yoctoradians() float64

Yoctoradians returns the angle in y㎭

func (Angle) Zeptoradians Uses

func (a Angle) Zeptoradians() float64

Zeptoradians returns the angle in z㎭

type Area Uses

type Area Unit

Area represents a SI unit of area (in square meters, m²)

func (Area) Acres Uses

func (a Area) Acres() float64

Acres returns the area in ac

func (Area) Ares Uses

func (a Area) Ares() float64

Ares returns the area in a²

func (Area) Centiares Uses

func (a Area) Centiares() float64

Centiares returns the area in ca² (m²)

func (Area) Hectares Uses

func (a Area) Hectares() float64

Hectares returns the area in ha

func (Area) Roods Uses

func (a Area) Roods() float64

Roods returns the area in roods

func (Area) SquareAttometers Uses

func (a Area) SquareAttometers() float64

SquareAttometers returns the area in am²

func (Area) SquareCentimeters Uses

func (a Area) SquareCentimeters() float64

SquareCentimeters returns the area in cm²

func (Area) SquareDecameter Uses

func (a Area) SquareDecameter() float64

SquareDecameter returns the area in dam²

func (Area) SquareDecimeters Uses

func (a Area) SquareDecimeters() float64

SquareDecimeters returns the area in dm²

func (Area) SquareExameters Uses

func (a Area) SquareExameters() float64

SquareExameters returns the area in Em²

func (Area) SquareFeet Uses

func (a Area) SquareFeet() float64

SquareFeet returns the area in ft²

func (Area) SquareFemtometers Uses

func (a Area) SquareFemtometers() float64

SquareFemtometers returns the area in fm²

func (Area) SquareGigameters Uses

func (a Area) SquareGigameters() float64

SquareGigameters returns the area in Gm²

func (Area) SquareHectometer Uses

func (a Area) SquareHectometer() float64

SquareHectometer returns the area in hm² (hectare)

func (Area) SquareInches Uses

func (a Area) SquareInches() float64

SquareInches returns the area in in²

func (Area) SquareKilometers Uses

func (a Area) SquareKilometers() float64

SquareKilometers returns the area in km²

func (Area) SquareMegameters Uses

func (a Area) SquareMegameters() float64

SquareMegameters returns the area in Mm²

func (Area) SquareMeters Uses

func (a Area) SquareMeters() float64

SquareMeters returns the area in m²

func (Area) SquareMicrometers Uses

func (a Area) SquareMicrometers() float64

SquareMicrometers returns the area in µm²

func (Area) SquareMiles Uses

func (a Area) SquareMiles() float64

SquareMiles returns the area in mi²

func (Area) SquareMillimeters Uses

func (a Area) SquareMillimeters() float64

SquareMillimeters returns the area in mm²

func (Area) SquareNanometers Uses

func (a Area) SquareNanometers() float64

SquareNanometers returns the area in nm²

func (Area) SquarePetameters Uses

func (a Area) SquarePetameters() float64

SquarePetameters returns the area in Pm²

func (Area) SquarePicometers Uses

func (a Area) SquarePicometers() float64

SquarePicometers returns the area in pm²

func (Area) SquareRods Uses

func (a Area) SquareRods() float64

SquareRods returns the area in square rods

func (Area) SquareTerameters Uses

func (a Area) SquareTerameters() float64

SquareTerameters returns the area in Tm²

func (Area) SquareYards Uses

func (a Area) SquareYards() float64

SquareYards returns the area in yd

func (Area) SquareYoctometers Uses

func (a Area) SquareYoctometers() float64

SquareYoctometers returns the area in ym²

func (Area) SquareYottameters Uses

func (a Area) SquareYottameters() float64

SquareYottameters returns the area in Ym²

func (Area) SquareZeptometers Uses

func (a Area) SquareZeptometers() float64

SquareZeptometers returns the area in zm²

func (Area) SquareZettameters Uses

func (a Area) SquareZettameters() float64

SquareZettameters returns the area in Zm²

type Datarate Uses

type Datarate Unit

Datarate represents a unit of data rate (in bits per second, bit/s)

func (Datarate) BitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) BitsPerSecond() float64

BitsPerSecond returns the data rate in bit/s

func (Datarate) BytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) BytesPerSecond() float64

BytesPerSecond returns the data rate in B/s

func (Datarate) ExabitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ExabitsPerSecond() float64

ExabitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Ebit/s

func (Datarate) ExabytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ExabytesPerSecond() float64

ExabytesPerSecond returns the data rate in EB/s

func (Datarate) ExbibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ExbibitsPerSecond() float64

ExbibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Eibit/s

func (Datarate) ExbibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ExbibytesPerSecond() float64

ExbibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in EiB/s

func (Datarate) GibibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) GibibitsPerSecond() float64

GibibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Gibit/s

func (Datarate) GibibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) GibibytesPerSecond() float64

GibibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in GiB/s

func (Datarate) GigabitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) GigabitsPerSecond() float64

GigabitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Gbit/s

func (Datarate) GigabytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) GigabytesPerSecond() float64

GigabytesPerSecond returns the data rate in GB/s

func (Datarate) KibibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) KibibitsPerSecond() float64

KibibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Kibit/s

func (Datarate) KibibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) KibibytesPerSecond() float64

KibibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in KiB/s

func (Datarate) KilobitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) KilobitsPerSecond() float64

KilobitsPerSecond returns the data rate in kbit/s

func (Datarate) KilobytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) KilobytesPerSecond() float64

KilobytesPerSecond returns the data rate in kB/s

func (Datarate) MebibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) MebibitsPerSecond() float64

MebibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Mibit/s

func (Datarate) MebibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) MebibytesPerSecond() float64

MebibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in MiB/s

func (Datarate) MegabitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) MegabitsPerSecond() float64

MegabitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Mbit/s

func (Datarate) MegabytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) MegabytesPerSecond() float64

MegabytesPerSecond returns the data rate in MB/s

func (Datarate) PebibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) PebibitsPerSecond() float64

PebibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Pibit/s

func (Datarate) PebibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) PebibytesPerSecond() float64

PebibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in PiB/s

func (Datarate) PetabitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) PetabitsPerSecond() float64

PetabitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Pbit/s

func (Datarate) PetabytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) PetabytesPerSecond() float64

PetabytesPerSecond returns the data rate in PB/s

func (Datarate) TebibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) TebibitsPerSecond() float64

TebibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Tibit/s

func (Datarate) TebibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) TebibytesPerSecond() float64

TebibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in TiB/s

func (Datarate) TerabitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) TerabitsPerSecond() float64

TerabitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Tbit/s

func (Datarate) TerabytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) TerabytesPerSecond() float64

TerabytesPerSecond returns the data rate in TB/s

func (Datarate) YobibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) YobibitsPerSecond() float64

YobibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Yibit/s

func (Datarate) YobibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) YobibytesPerSecond() float64

YobibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in YiB/s

func (Datarate) YottabitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) YottabitsPerSecond() float64

YottabitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Ybit/s

func (Datarate) YottabytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) YottabytesPerSecond() float64

YottabytesPerSecond returns the data rate in YB/s

func (Datarate) ZebibitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ZebibitsPerSecond() float64

ZebibitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Zibit/s

func (Datarate) ZebibytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ZebibytesPerSecond() float64

ZebibytesPerSecond returns the data rate in ZiB/s

func (Datarate) ZettabitsPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ZettabitsPerSecond() float64

ZettabitsPerSecond returns the data rate in Zbit/s

func (Datarate) ZettabytesPerSecond Uses

func (b Datarate) ZettabytesPerSecond() float64

ZettabytesPerSecond returns the data rate in ZB/s

type Datasize Uses

type Datasize Unit

Datasize represents a unit of data size (in bits, bit)

func (Datasize) Bits Uses

func (b Datasize) Bits() float64

Bits returns the datasize in bit

func (Datasize) Bytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Bytes() float64

Bytes returns the datasize in B

func (Datasize) Exabits Uses

func (b Datasize) Exabits() float64

Exabits returns the datasize in Ebit

func (Datasize) Exabytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Exabytes() float64

Exabytes returns the datasize in EB

func (Datasize) Exbibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Exbibits() float64

Exbibits returns the datasize in Eibit

func (Datasize) Exbibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Exbibytes() float64

Exbibytes returns the datasize in EiB

func (Datasize) Gibibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Gibibits() float64

Gibibits returns the datasize in Gibit

func (Datasize) Gibibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Gibibytes() float64

Gibibytes returns the datasize in GiB

func (Datasize) Gigabits Uses

func (b Datasize) Gigabits() float64

Gigabits returns the datasize in Gbit

func (Datasize) Gigabytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Gigabytes() float64

Gigabytes returns the datasize in GB

func (Datasize) Kibibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Kibibits() float64

Kibibits returns the datasize in Kibit

func (Datasize) Kibibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Kibibytes() float64

Kibibytes returns the datasize in KiB

func (Datasize) Kilobits Uses

func (b Datasize) Kilobits() float64

Kilobits returns the datasize in kbit

func (Datasize) Kilobytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Kilobytes() float64

Kilobytes returns the datasize in kB

func (Datasize) Mebibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Mebibits() float64

Mebibits returns the datasize in Mibit

func (Datasize) Mebibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Mebibytes() float64

Mebibytes returns the datasize in MiB

func (Datasize) Megabits Uses

func (b Datasize) Megabits() float64

Megabits returns the datasize in Mbit

func (Datasize) Megabytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Megabytes() float64

Megabytes returns the datasize in MB

func (Datasize) Pebibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Pebibits() float64

Pebibits returns the datasize in Pibit

func (Datasize) Pebibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Pebibytes() float64

Pebibytes returns the datasize in PiB

func (Datasize) Petabits Uses

func (b Datasize) Petabits() float64

Petabits returns the datasize in Pbit

func (Datasize) Petabytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Petabytes() float64

Petabytes returns the datasize in PB

func (Datasize) Tebibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Tebibits() float64

Tebibits returns the datasize in Tibit

func (Datasize) Tebibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Tebibytes() float64

Tebibytes returns the datasize in TiB

func (Datasize) Terabits Uses

func (b Datasize) Terabits() float64

Terabits returns the datasize in Tbit

func (Datasize) Terabytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Terabytes() float64

Terabytes returns the datasize in TB

func (Datasize) Yobibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Yobibits() float64

Yobibits returns the datasize in Yibit

func (Datasize) Yobibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Yobibytes() float64

Yobibytes returns the datasize in YiB

func (Datasize) Yottabits Uses

func (b Datasize) Yottabits() float64

Yottabits returns the datasize in Ybit

func (Datasize) Yottabytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Yottabytes() float64

Yottabytes returns the datasize in YB

func (Datasize) Zebibits Uses

func (b Datasize) Zebibits() float64

Zebibits returns the datasize in Zibit

func (Datasize) Zebibytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Zebibytes() float64

Zebibytes returns the datasize in ZiB

func (Datasize) Zettabits Uses

func (b Datasize) Zettabits() float64

Zettabits returns the datasize in Zbit

func (Datasize) Zettabytes Uses

func (b Datasize) Zettabytes() float64

Zettabytes returns the datasize in ZB

type Duration Uses

type Duration Unit

Duration represents a SI unit of time (in seconds, s)

func (Duration) Attoseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Attoseconds() float64

Attoseconds returns the time in as

func (Duration) Centiseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Centiseconds() float64

Centiseconds returns the time in cs

func (Duration) Days Uses

func (t Duration) Days() float64

Days returns the time in d

func (Duration) Decaseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Decaseconds() float64

Decaseconds returns the time in das

func (Duration) Deciseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Deciseconds() float64

Deciseconds returns the time in ds

func (Duration) Exaseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Exaseconds() float64

Exaseconds returns the time in Es

func (Duration) Femtoseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Femtoseconds() float64

Femtoseconds returns the time in fs

func (Duration) Gigaseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Gigaseconds() float64

Gigaseconds returns the time in Gs

func (Duration) Hectoseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Hectoseconds() float64

Hectoseconds returns the time in hs

func (Duration) Hours Uses

func (t Duration) Hours() float64

Hours returns the time in h

func (Duration) JulianYears Uses

func (t Duration) JulianYears() float64

JulianYears returns the time in Y

func (Duration) Kiloseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Kiloseconds() float64

Kiloseconds returns the time in ks

func (Duration) Megaseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Megaseconds() float64

Megaseconds returns the time in Ms

func (Duration) Microseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Microseconds() float64

Microseconds returns the time in µs

func (Duration) Milliseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Milliseconds() float64

Milliseconds returns the time in ms

func (Duration) Minutes Uses

func (t Duration) Minutes() float64

Minutes returns the time in m

func (Duration) Nanoseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Nanoseconds() float64

Nanoseconds returns the time in ns

func (Duration) Petaseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Petaseconds() float64

Petaseconds returns the time in Ps

func (Duration) Picoseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Picoseconds() float64

Picoseconds returns the time in ps

func (Duration) Seconds Uses

func (t Duration) Seconds() float64

Seconds returns the time in s

func (Duration) Teraseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Teraseconds() float64

Teraseconds returns the time in Ts

func (Duration) ThirtyDayMonths Uses

func (t Duration) ThirtyDayMonths() float64

ThirtyDayMonths returns the time in M

func (Duration) Weeks Uses

func (t Duration) Weeks() float64

Weeks returns the time in w

func (Duration) Yoctoseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Yoctoseconds() float64

Yoctoseconds returns the time in ys

func (Duration) Yottaseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Yottaseconds() float64

Yottaseconds returns the time in Ys

func (Duration) Zeptoseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Zeptoseconds() float64

Zeptoseconds returns the time in zs

func (Duration) Zettaseconds Uses

func (t Duration) Zettaseconds() float64

Zettaseconds returns the time in Zs

type ElectricCurrent Uses

type ElectricCurrent Unit

ElectricCurrent represents a SI unit of electric current (in ampere, A)

func (ElectricCurrent) Amperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Amperes() float64

Amperes returns the electric current in A

func (ElectricCurrent) Attoamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Attoamperes() float64

Attoamperes returns the electric current in aA

func (ElectricCurrent) Centiamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Centiamperes() float64

Centiamperes returns the electric current in cA

func (ElectricCurrent) Decaamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Decaamperes() float64

Decaamperes returns the electric current in daA

func (ElectricCurrent) Deciamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Deciamperes() float64

Deciamperes returns the electric current in dA

func (ElectricCurrent) Exaamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Exaamperes() float64

Exaamperes returns the electric current in EA

func (ElectricCurrent) Femtoamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Femtoamperes() float64

Femtoamperes returns the electric current in fA

func (ElectricCurrent) Gigaamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Gigaamperes() float64

Gigaamperes returns the electric current in GA

func (ElectricCurrent) Hectoamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Hectoamperes() float64

Hectoamperes returns the electric current in hA

func (ElectricCurrent) Kiloamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Kiloamperes() float64

Kiloamperes returns the electric current in kA

func (ElectricCurrent) Megaamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Megaamperes() float64

Megaamperes returns the electric current in MA

func (ElectricCurrent) Microamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Microamperes() float64

Microamperes returns the electric current in µA

func (ElectricCurrent) Milliamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Milliamperes() float64

Milliamperes returns the electric current in mA

func (ElectricCurrent) Nanoamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Nanoamperes() float64

Nanoamperes returns the electric current in nA

func (ElectricCurrent) Petaamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Petaamperes() float64

Petaamperes returns the electric current in PA

func (ElectricCurrent) Picoamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Picoamperes() float64

Picoamperes returns the electric current in pA

func (ElectricCurrent) Teraamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Teraamperes() float64

Teraamperes returns the electric current in TA

func (ElectricCurrent) Yoctoamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Yoctoamperes() float64

Yoctoamperes returns the electric current in yA

func (ElectricCurrent) Yottaamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Yottaamperes() float64

Yottaamperes returns the electric current in YA

func (ElectricCurrent) Zeptoamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Zeptoamperes() float64

Zeptoamperes returns the electric current in zA

func (ElectricCurrent) Zettaamperes Uses

func (c ElectricCurrent) Zettaamperes() float64

Zettaamperes returns the electric current in ZA

type ElectricalConductance Uses

type ElectricalConductance Unit

ElectricalConductance represents a SI unit of electrical conductance (in siemens, S)

const (
    Siemens ElectricalConductance = 1e0 // SI


func (ElectricalConductance) Siemens Uses

func (e ElectricalConductance) Siemens() float64

Siemens returns the amount of substance in S

type ElectricalResistance Uses

type ElectricalResistance Unit

ElectricalResistance represents a SI derived unit of electrical resistance (in ohm, Ω)

const (
    Ohm ElectricalResistance = 1e0 // SI


func (ElectricalResistance) Ohms Uses

func (e ElectricalResistance) Ohms() float64

Ohms returns the electrical resistance in Ω

type Energy Uses

type Energy Unit

Energy represents a SI unit of energy (in joules, J)

func (Energy) Attojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Attojoules() float64

Attojoules returns the energy in aJ

func (Energy) AttowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) AttowattHours() float64

AttowattHours returns the energy in aWh

func (Energy) Centijoules Uses

func (e Energy) Centijoules() float64

Centijoules returns the energy in cJ

func (Energy) CentiwattHours Uses

func (e Energy) CentiwattHours() float64

CentiwattHours returns the energy in cWh

func (Energy) Decajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Decajoules() float64

Decajoules returns the energy in dJ

func (Energy) DecawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) DecawattHours() float64

DecawattHours returns the energy in daWh

func (Energy) Decijoules Uses

func (e Energy) Decijoules() float64

Decijoules returns the energy in dJ

func (Energy) DeciwattHours Uses

func (e Energy) DeciwattHours() float64

DeciwattHours returns the energy in dWh

func (Energy) Exajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Exajoules() float64

Exajoules returns the energy in EJ

func (Energy) ExawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) ExawattHours() float64

ExawattHours returns the energy in EWh

func (Energy) Femtojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Femtojoules() float64

Femtojoules returns the energy in fJ

func (Energy) FemtowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) FemtowattHours() float64

FemtowattHours returns the energy in fWh

func (Energy) Gigajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Gigajoules() float64

Gigajoules returns the energy in GJ

func (Energy) GigawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) GigawattHours() float64

GigawattHours returns the energy in GWh

func (Energy) Hectojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Hectojoules() float64

Hectojoules returns the energy in hJ

func (Energy) HectowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) HectowattHours() float64

HectowattHours returns the energy in hWh

func (Energy) Joules Uses

func (e Energy) Joules() float64

Joules returns the energy in J

func (Energy) Kilojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Kilojoules() float64

Kilojoules returns the energy in kJ

func (Energy) KilowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) KilowattHours() float64

KilowattHours returns the energy in kWh

func (Energy) Megajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Megajoules() float64

Megajoules returns the energy in MJ

func (Energy) MegawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) MegawattHours() float64

MegawattHours returns the energy in MWh

func (Energy) Microjoules Uses

func (e Energy) Microjoules() float64

Microjoules returns the energy in µJ

func (Energy) MicrowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) MicrowattHours() float64

MicrowattHours returns the energy in µWh

func (Energy) Millijoules Uses

func (e Energy) Millijoules() float64

Millijoules returns the energy in mJ

func (Energy) MilliwattHours Uses

func (e Energy) MilliwattHours() float64

MilliwattHours returns the energy in mWh

func (Energy) Nanojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Nanojoules() float64

Nanojoules returns the energy in nJ

func (Energy) NanowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) NanowattHours() float64

NanowattHours returns the energy in nWh

func (Energy) Petajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Petajoules() float64

Petajoules returns the energy in PJ

func (Energy) PetawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) PetawattHours() float64

PetawattHours returns the energy in PWh

func (Energy) Picojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Picojoules() float64

Picojoules returns the energy in pJ

func (Energy) PicowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) PicowattHours() float64

PicowattHours returns the energy in pWh

func (Energy) Terajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Terajoules() float64

Terajoules returns the energy in TJ

func (Energy) TerawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) TerawattHours() float64

TerawattHours returns the energy in TWh

func (Energy) WattHours Uses

func (e Energy) WattHours() float64

WattHours returns the energy in Wh

func (Energy) Yoctojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Yoctojoules() float64

Yoctojoules returns the energy in yJ

func (Energy) YoctowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) YoctowattHours() float64

YoctowattHours returns the energy in yWh

func (Energy) Yottajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Yottajoules() float64

Yottajoules returns the energy in YJ

func (Energy) YottawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) YottawattHours() float64

YottawattHours returns the energy in YWh

func (Energy) Zeptojoules Uses

func (e Energy) Zeptojoules() float64

Zeptojoules returns the energy in zJ

func (Energy) ZeptowattHours Uses

func (e Energy) ZeptowattHours() float64

ZeptowattHours returns the energy in zWh

func (Energy) Zettajoules Uses

func (e Energy) Zettajoules() float64

Zettajoules returns the energy in ZJ

func (Energy) ZettawattHours Uses

func (e Energy) ZettawattHours() float64

ZettawattHours returns the energy in ZWh

type Force Uses

type Force Unit

Force represents a SI unit of force (in newtons, N)

func (Force) Dynes Uses

func (f Force) Dynes() float64

Dynes returns the force in dyn

func (Force) KilogramForce Uses

func (f Force) KilogramForce() float64

KilogramForce returns the force in kp

func (Force) Newtons Uses

func (f Force) Newtons() float64

Newtons returns the force in N

func (Force) PoundForce Uses

func (f Force) PoundForce() float64

PoundForce returns the force in lbf

func (Force) Poundals Uses

func (f Force) Poundals() float64

Poundals returns the force in pdl

type Frequency Uses

type Frequency Unit

Frequency represents a SI unit of frequency (in hertz, Hz)

func (Frequency) Attohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Attohertz() float64

Attohertz returns the frequency in aHz

func (Frequency) Centihertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Centihertz() float64

Centihertz returns the frequency in cHz

func (Frequency) Decahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Decahertz() float64

Decahertz returns the frequency in daHz

func (Frequency) Decihertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Decihertz() float64

Decihertz returns the frequency in dHz

func (Frequency) Exahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Exahertz() float64

Exahertz returns the frequency in EHz

func (Frequency) Femtohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Femtohertz() float64

Femtohertz returns the frequency in fHz

func (Frequency) Gigahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Gigahertz() float64

Gigahertz returns the frequency in GHz

func (Frequency) Hectohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Hectohertz() float64

Hectohertz returns the frequency in hHz

func (Frequency) Hertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Hertz() float64

Hertz returns the frequency in Hz

func (Frequency) Kilohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Kilohertz() float64

Kilohertz returns the frequency in kHz

func (Frequency) Megahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Megahertz() float64

Megahertz returns the frequency in MHz

func (Frequency) Microhertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Microhertz() float64

Microhertz returns the frequency in µHz

func (Frequency) Millihertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Millihertz() float64

Millihertz returns the frequency in mHz

func (Frequency) Nanohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Nanohertz() float64

Nanohertz returns the frequency in nHz

func (Frequency) Petahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Petahertz() float64

Petahertz returns the frequency in PHz

func (Frequency) Picohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Picohertz() float64

Picohertz returns the frequency in pHz

func (Frequency) Terahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Terahertz() float64

Terahertz returns the frequency in THz

func (Frequency) Yoctohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Yoctohertz() float64

Yoctohertz returns the frequency in yHz

func (Frequency) Yottahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Yottahertz() float64

Yottahertz returns the frequency in YHz

func (Frequency) Zeptohertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Zeptohertz() float64

Zeptohertz returns the frequency in zHz

func (Frequency) Zettahertz Uses

func (f Frequency) Zettahertz() float64

Zettahertz returns the frequency in ZHz

type Illuminance Uses

type Illuminance Unit

Illuminance represents a SI unit for illuminance (in lux, lx)

const (
    Lux Illuminance = 1e0 // SI


func (Illuminance) Lux Uses

func (i Illuminance) Lux() float64

Lux returns the illuminance in lx

type Length Uses

type Length Unit

Length represents a SI unit of length (in meters, m)

func (Length) AstronomicalUnits Uses

func (l Length) AstronomicalUnits() float64

AstronomicalUnits returns the length in au

func (Length) Attometers Uses

func (l Length) Attometers() float64

Attometers returns the length in am

func (Length) Cables Uses

func (l Length) Cables() float64

Cables returns the length in cable

func (Length) Centimeters Uses

func (l Length) Centimeters() float64

Centimeters returns the length in cm

func (Length) Chains Uses

func (l Length) Chains() float64

Chains returns the length in ch

func (Length) Decameters Uses

func (l Length) Decameters() float64

Decameters returns the length in dam

func (Length) Decimeters Uses

func (l Length) Decimeters() float64

Decimeters returns the length in dm

func (Length) Exameters Uses

func (l Length) Exameters() float64

Exameters returns the length in in Em

func (Length) Fathoms Uses

func (l Length) Fathoms() float64

Fathoms returns the length in fathom

func (Length) Feet Uses

func (l Length) Feet() float64

Feet returns the length in ft

func (Length) Femtometers Uses

func (l Length) Femtometers() float64

Femtometers returns the length in fm

func (Length) Furlongs Uses

func (l Length) Furlongs() float64

Furlongs returns the length in furlong

func (Length) Gigameters Uses

func (l Length) Gigameters() float64

Gigameters returns the length in in Gm

func (Length) Hands Uses

func (l Length) Hands() float64

Hands returns the length in h

func (Length) Hectometers Uses

func (l Length) Hectometers() float64

Hectometers returns the length in hm

func (Length) Inches Uses

func (l Length) Inches() float64

Inches returns the length in in

func (Length) Kilometers Uses

func (l Length) Kilometers() float64

Kilometers returns the length in km

func (Length) LightYears Uses

func (l Length) LightYears() float64

LightYears returns the length in ly

func (l Length) Links() float64

Links return the length in li

func (Length) LunarDistances Uses

func (l Length) LunarDistances() float64

LunarDistances returns the length in ld

func (Length) Megameters Uses

func (l Length) Megameters() float64

Megameters returns the length in in Mm

func (Length) Meters Uses

func (l Length) Meters() float64

Meters returns the length in m

func (Length) Micrometers Uses

func (l Length) Micrometers() float64

Micrometers returns the length in microms

func (Length) Miles Uses

func (l Length) Miles() float64

Miles returns the length in mi

func (Length) Millimeters Uses

func (l Length) Millimeters() float64

Millimeters returns the length in mm

func (Length) Nanometers Uses

func (l Length) Nanometers() float64

Nanometers returns the length in nm

func (Length) NauticalMiles Uses

func (l Length) NauticalMiles() float64

NauticalMiles returns the length in nm

func (Length) Petameters Uses

func (l Length) Petameters() float64

Petameters returns the length in in Pm

func (Length) Picometers Uses

func (l Length) Picometers() float64

Picometers returns the length in pm

func (Length) Rods Uses

func (l Length) Rods() float64

Rods returns the length in rod

func (Length) ScandinavianMiles Uses

func (l Length) ScandinavianMiles() float64

ScandinavianMiles returns the length in in scandinavian miles (1 scandmile = 10 km)

func (Length) Terameters Uses

func (l Length) Terameters() float64

Terameters returns the length in in Tm

func (Length) Yards Uses

func (l Length) Yards() float64

Yards returns the length in yd

func (Length) Yoctometers Uses

func (l Length) Yoctometers() float64

Yoctometers returns the length in ym

func (Length) Yottameters Uses

func (l Length) Yottameters() float64

Yottameters returns the length in in Ym

func (Length) Zeptometers Uses

func (l Length) Zeptometers() float64

Zeptometers returns the length in zm

func (Length) Zettameters Uses

func (l Length) Zettameters() float64

Zettameters returns the length in in Zm

type LuminousFlux Uses

type LuminousFlux Unit

LuminousFlux represents a SI unit for luminous flux (in lumen, lm)

const (
    Lumen LuminousFlux = 1e0 // SI


func (LuminousFlux) Lumen Uses

func (l LuminousFlux) Lumen() float64

Lumen returns the luminous flux in lm

type LuminousIntensity Uses

type LuminousIntensity Unit

LuminousIntensity represents a SI unit for luminous intensity (in candela, cd)

const (
    Candela LuminousIntensity = 1e0


func (LuminousIntensity) Candela Uses

func (l LuminousIntensity) Candela() float64

Candela returns the luminous intensity in cd

type Mass Uses

type Mass Unit

Mass represents a SI unit of mass (in grams, G)

func (Mass) Attograms Uses

func (m Mass) Attograms() float64

Attograms returns the mass in ag

func (Mass) AvoirdupoisDrams Uses

func (m Mass) AvoirdupoisDrams() float64

AvoirdupoisDrams returns the mass in XXX

func (Mass) AvoirdupoisOunces Uses

func (m Mass) AvoirdupoisOunces() float64

AvoirdupoisOunces returns the mass in oz

func (Mass) AvoirdupoisPounds Uses

func (m Mass) AvoirdupoisPounds() float64

AvoirdupoisPounds returns the mass in lb

func (Mass) Centigrams Uses

func (m Mass) Centigrams() float64

Centigrams returns the mass in cg

func (Mass) Decagrams Uses

func (m Mass) Decagrams() float64

Decagrams returns the mass in dag

func (Mass) Decigrams Uses

func (m Mass) Decigrams() float64

Decigrams returns the mass in dg

func (Mass) Exagrams Uses

func (m Mass) Exagrams() float64

Exagrams returns the mass in Eg

func (Mass) Exatonnes Uses

func (m Mass) Exatonnes() float64

Exatonnes returns the mass in Et

func (Mass) Femtograms Uses

func (m Mass) Femtograms() float64

Femtograms returns the mass in fg

func (Mass) Gigagrams Uses

func (m Mass) Gigagrams() float64

Gigagrams returns the mass in Gg

func (Mass) Gigatonnes Uses

func (m Mass) Gigatonnes() float64

Gigatonnes returns the mass in Gt

func (Mass) Grams Uses

func (m Mass) Grams() float64

Grams returns the mass in g

func (Mass) Hectograms Uses

func (m Mass) Hectograms() float64

Hectograms returns the mass in hg

func (Mass) Kilograms Uses

func (m Mass) Kilograms() float64

Kilograms returns the mass in kg

func (Mass) Kilotonnes Uses

func (m Mass) Kilotonnes() float64

Kilotonnes returns the mass in ktǂ

func (Mass) LongHundredweights Uses

func (m Mass) LongHundredweights() float64

LongHundredweights returns the mass in cwt

func (Mass) Megagrams Uses

func (m Mass) Megagrams() float64

Megagrams returns the mass in Mg

func (Mass) Megatonnes Uses

func (m Mass) Megatonnes() float64

Megatonnes returns the mass in Mt

func (Mass) Micrograms Uses

func (m Mass) Micrograms() float64

Micrograms returns the mass in µg

func (Mass) Milligrams Uses

func (m Mass) Milligrams() float64

Milligrams returns the mass in mg

func (Mass) Nanograms Uses

func (m Mass) Nanograms() float64

Nanograms returns the mass in ng

func (Mass) Petagrams Uses

func (m Mass) Petagrams() float64

Petagrams returns the mass in Pg

func (Mass) Petatonnes Uses

func (m Mass) Petatonnes() float64

Petatonnes returns the mass in Pt

func (Mass) Picograms Uses

func (m Mass) Picograms() float64

Picograms returns the mass in pg

func (Mass) ShortHundredweights Uses

func (m Mass) ShortHundredweights() float64

ShortHundredweights returns the mass in cwt

func (Mass) Teragrams Uses

func (m Mass) Teragrams() float64

Teragrams returns the mass in Tg

func (Mass) Teratonnes Uses

func (m Mass) Teratonnes() float64

Teratonnes returns the mass in Tt

func (Mass) Tonnes Uses

func (m Mass) Tonnes() float64

Tonnes returns the mass in t

func (Mass) TroyGrains Uses

func (m Mass) TroyGrains() float64

TroyGrains returns the mass in gr

func (Mass) TroyOunces Uses

func (m Mass) TroyOunces() float64

TroyOunces returns the mass in oz

func (Mass) TroyPounds Uses

func (m Mass) TroyPounds() float64

TroyPounds returns the mass in lb

func (Mass) UkQuarters Uses

func (m Mass) UkQuarters() float64

UkQuarters returns the mass in qr av

func (Mass) UkStones Uses

func (m Mass) UkStones() float64

UkStones returns the mass in st

func (Mass) UsQuarters Uses

func (m Mass) UsQuarters() float64

UsQuarters returns the mass in qr av

func (Mass) UsStones Uses

func (m Mass) UsStones() float64

UsStones returns the mass in st

func (Mass) Yoctograms Uses

func (m Mass) Yoctograms() float64

Yoctograms returns the mass in yg

func (Mass) Yottagrams Uses

func (m Mass) Yottagrams() float64

Yottagrams returns the mass in Yg

func (Mass) Zeptograms Uses

func (m Mass) Zeptograms() float64

Zeptograms returns the mass in zg

func (Mass) Zettagrams Uses

func (m Mass) Zettagrams() float64

Zettagrams returns the mass in Zg

type Power Uses

type Power Unit

Power represents a SI unit of power (in watts, W)

func (Power) Attowatts Uses

func (p Power) Attowatts() float64

Attowatts returns the power in aW

func (Power) Centiwatts Uses

func (p Power) Centiwatts() float64

Centiwatts returns the power in cW

func (Power) Decawatts Uses

func (p Power) Decawatts() float64

Decawatts returns the power in daW

func (Power) Deciwatts Uses

func (p Power) Deciwatts() float64

Deciwatts returns the power in dW

func (Power) Exawatts Uses

func (p Power) Exawatts() float64

Exawatts returns the power in EW

func (Power) Femtowatts Uses

func (p Power) Femtowatts() float64

Femtowatts returns the power in fW

func (Power) Gigawatts Uses

func (p Power) Gigawatts() float64

Gigawatts returns the power in GW

func (Power) Hectowatts Uses

func (p Power) Hectowatts() float64

Hectowatts returns the power in hW

func (Power) Kilowatts Uses

func (p Power) Kilowatts() float64

Kilowatts returns the power in kW

func (Power) Megawatts Uses

func (p Power) Megawatts() float64

Megawatts returns the power in MW

func (Power) Microwatts Uses

func (p Power) Microwatts() float64

Microwatts returns the power in µW

func (Power) Milliwatts Uses

func (p Power) Milliwatts() float64

Milliwatts returns the power in mW

func (Power) Nanowatts Uses

func (p Power) Nanowatts() float64

Nanowatts returns the power in nW

func (Power) Petawatts Uses

func (p Power) Petawatts() float64

Petawatts returns the power in PW

func (Power) Pferdestarke Uses

func (p Power) Pferdestarke() float64

Pferdestarke returns the power in PS

func (Power) Picowatts Uses

func (p Power) Picowatts() float64

Picowatts returns the power in pW

func (Power) Terawatts Uses

func (p Power) Terawatts() float64

Terawatts returns the power in tW

func (Power) Watts Uses

func (p Power) Watts() float64

Watts returns the power in W

func (Power) Yoctowatts Uses

func (p Power) Yoctowatts() float64

Yoctowatts returns the power in yW

func (Power) Yottawatts Uses

func (p Power) Yottawatts() float64

Yottawatts returns the power in YW

func (Power) Zeptowatts Uses

func (p Power) Zeptowatts() float64

Zeptowatts returns the power in zW

func (Power) Zettawatts Uses

func (p Power) Zettawatts() float64

Zettawatts returns the power in ZW

type Pressure Uses

type Pressure Unit

Pressure represents a SI derived unit of pressure (in pascal, Pa)

func (Pressure) Atmospheres Uses

func (p Pressure) Atmospheres() float64

Atmospheres returns the pressure in atm

func (Pressure) Attobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Attobars() float64

Attobars returns the pressure in abar

func (Pressure) Attopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Attopascals() float64

Attopascals returns the pressure in aPa

func (Pressure) Bars Uses

func (p Pressure) Bars() float64

Bars returns the pressure in bar

func (Pressure) Centibars Uses

func (p Pressure) Centibars() float64

Centibars returns the pressure in cbar

func (Pressure) Centipascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Centipascals() float64

Centipascals returns the pressure in cPa

func (Pressure) Decabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Decabars() float64

Decabars returns the pressure in dabar

func (Pressure) Decapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Decapascals() float64

Decapascals returns the pressure in daPa

func (Pressure) Decibars Uses

func (p Pressure) Decibars() float64

Decibars returns the pressure in dbar

func (Pressure) Decipascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Decipascals() float64

Decipascals returns the pressure in dPa

func (Pressure) Exabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Exabars() float64

Exabars returns the pressure in Ebar

func (Pressure) Exapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Exapascals() float64

Exapascals returns the pressure in EPa

func (Pressure) Femtobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Femtobars() float64

Femtobars returns the pressure in fbar

func (Pressure) Femtopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Femtopascals() float64

Femtopascals returns the pressure in fPa

func (Pressure) Gigabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Gigabars() float64

Gigabars returns the pressure in Gbar

func (Pressure) Gigapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Gigapascals() float64

Gigapascals returns the pressure in GPa

func (Pressure) Hectobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Hectobars() float64

Hectobars returns the pressure in hbar

func (Pressure) Hectopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Hectopascals() float64

Hectopascals returns the pressure in hPa

func (Pressure) Kilobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Kilobars() float64

Kilobars returns the pressure in kbar

func (Pressure) Kilopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Kilopascals() float64

Kilopascals returns the pressure in kPa

func (Pressure) Megabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Megabars() float64

Megabars returns the pressure in Mbar

func (Pressure) Megapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Megapascals() float64

Megapascals returns the pressure in MPa

func (Pressure) Microbars Uses

func (p Pressure) Microbars() float64

Microbars returns the pressure in µbar

func (Pressure) Micropascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Micropascals() float64

Micropascals returns the pressure in µPa

func (Pressure) Millibars Uses

func (p Pressure) Millibars() float64

Millibars returns the pressure in mbar

func (Pressure) Millipascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Millipascals() float64

Millipascals returns the pressure in mPa

func (Pressure) Nanobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Nanobars() float64

Nanobars returns the pressure in nbar

func (Pressure) Nanopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Nanopascals() float64

Nanopascals returns the pressure in nPa

func (Pressure) Pascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Pascals() float64

Pascals returns the pressure in Pa

func (Pressure) Petabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Petabars() float64

Petabars returns the pressure in Pbar

func (Pressure) Petapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Petapascals() float64

Petapascals returns the pressure in PPa

func (Pressure) Picobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Picobars() float64

Picobars returns the pressure in pbar

func (Pressure) Picopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Picopascals() float64

Picopascals returns the pressure in pPa

func (Pressure) PoundsPerSquareInch Uses

func (p Pressure) PoundsPerSquareInch() float64

PoundsPerSquareInch returns the pressure in psi

func (Pressure) TechAtmospheres Uses

func (p Pressure) TechAtmospheres() float64

TechAtmospheres returns the pressure in at

func (Pressure) Terabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Terabars() float64

Terabars returns the pressure in Tbar

func (Pressure) Terapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Terapascals() float64

Terapascals returns the pressure in TPa

func (Pressure) Torrs Uses

func (p Pressure) Torrs() float64

Torrs returns the pressure in Torr

func (Pressure) Yoctobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Yoctobars() float64

Yoctobars returns the pressure in ybar

func (Pressure) Yoctopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Yoctopascals() float64

Yoctopascals returns the pressure in yPa

func (Pressure) Yottabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Yottabars() float64

Yottabars returns the pressure in Ybar

func (Pressure) Yottapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Yottapascals() float64

Yottapascals returns the pressure in YPa

func (Pressure) Zeptobars Uses

func (p Pressure) Zeptobars() float64

Zeptobars returns the pressure in zbar

func (Pressure) Zeptopascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Zeptopascals() float64

Zeptopascals returns the pressure in zPa

func (Pressure) Zettabars Uses

func (p Pressure) Zettabars() float64

Zettabars returns the pressure in Zbar

func (Pressure) Zettapascals Uses

func (p Pressure) Zettapascals() float64

Zettapascals returns the pressure in ZPa

type Speed Uses

type Speed Unit

Speed represents a unit of speed (in meters per second, m/s)

func (Speed) FeetPerSecond Uses

func (s Speed) FeetPerSecond() float64

FeetPerSecond returns the speed in ft/s

func (Speed) KilometersPerHour Uses

func (s Speed) KilometersPerHour() float64

KilometersPerHour returns the speed in km/h

func (Speed) Knots Uses

func (s Speed) Knots() float64

Knots returns the speed in knots

func (Speed) MetersPerSecond Uses

func (s Speed) MetersPerSecond() float64

MetersPerSecond returns the speed in m/s

func (Speed) MilesPerHour Uses

func (s Speed) MilesPerHour() float64

MilesPerHour returns the speed in mph

func (Speed) SpeedOfLight Uses

func (s Speed) SpeedOfLight() float64

SpeedOfLight returns the speed in c

type Temperature Uses

type Temperature Unit

Temperature represents a SI unit of temperature (in kelvin, K)

const (
    Kelvin Temperature = 1e0


func FromCelsius Uses

func FromCelsius(t float64) Temperature

FromCelsius converts temperature from °C to °K

func FromDelisle Uses

func FromDelisle(t float64) Temperature

FromDelisle converts temperature from °De to °K

func FromFahrenheit Uses

func FromFahrenheit(t float64) Temperature

FromFahrenheit converts temperature from °F to °K

func FromKelvin Uses

func FromKelvin(t float64) Temperature

FromKelvin converts temperature from °K to °K

func FromNewton Uses

func FromNewton(t float64) Temperature

FromNewton converts temperature from °N to °K

func FromRankine Uses

func FromRankine(t float64) Temperature

FromRankine converts temperature from °Ra to °K

func FromReaumur Uses

func FromReaumur(t float64) Temperature

FromReaumur converts temperature from °Re to °K

func FromRomer Uses

func FromRomer(t float64) Temperature

FromRomer converts temperature from °Ro to °K

func (Temperature) Celsius Uses

func (t Temperature) Celsius() float64

Celsius returns the temperature in °C

func (Temperature) Delisle Uses

func (t Temperature) Delisle() float64

Delisle returns the temperature in °De

func (Temperature) Fahrenheit Uses

func (t Temperature) Fahrenheit() float64

Fahrenheit returns the temperature in °F

func (Temperature) Kelvin Uses

func (t Temperature) Kelvin() float64

Kelvin returns the temperature in °K

func (Temperature) Newton Uses

func (t Temperature) Newton() float64

Newton returns the temperature in °N

func (Temperature) Rankine Uses

func (t Temperature) Rankine() float64

Rankine returns the temperature in °R

func (Temperature) Reaumur Uses

func (t Temperature) Reaumur() float64

Reaumur returns the temperature in °Ré

func (Temperature) Romer Uses

func (t Temperature) Romer() float64

Romer returns the temperature in °Rø

type Unit Uses

type Unit float64

Unit represents a unit

type Voltage Uses

type Voltage Unit

Voltage represents a unit of voltage (in volt, V)

func (Voltage) Attovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Attovolts() float64

Attovolts returns the voltage in aV

func (Voltage) Centivolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Centivolts() float64

Centivolts returns the voltage in cV

func (Voltage) Decavolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Decavolts() float64

Decavolts returns the voltage in daV

func (Voltage) Decivolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Decivolts() float64

Decivolts returns the voltage in dV

func (Voltage) Exavolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Exavolts() float64

Exavolts returns the voltage in EV

func (Voltage) Femtovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Femtovolts() float64

Femtovolts returns the voltage in fV

func (Voltage) Gigavolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Gigavolts() float64

Gigavolts returns the voltage in GV

func (Voltage) Hectovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Hectovolts() float64

Hectovolts returns the voltage in hV

func (Voltage) Kilovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Kilovolts() float64

Kilovolts returns the voltage in kV

func (Voltage) Megavolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Megavolts() float64

Megavolts returns the voltage in MV

func (Voltage) Microvolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Microvolts() float64

Microvolts returns the voltage in µV

func (Voltage) Millivolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Millivolts() float64

Millivolts returns the voltage in mV

func (Voltage) Nanovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Nanovolts() float64

Nanovolts returns the voltage in nV

func (Voltage) Petavolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Petavolts() float64

Petavolts returns the voltage in PV

func (Voltage) Picovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Picovolts() float64

Picovolts returns the voltage in pV

func (Voltage) Teravolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Teravolts() float64

Teravolts returns the voltage in TV

func (Voltage) Volts Uses

func (v Voltage) Volts() float64

Volts returns the voltage in V

func (Voltage) Yoctovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Yoctovolts() float64

Yoctovolts returns the voltage in yV

func (Voltage) Yottavolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Yottavolts() float64

Yottavolts returns the voltage in YV

func (Voltage) Zeptovolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Zeptovolts() float64

Zeptovolts returns the voltage in zV

func (Voltage) Zettavolts Uses

func (v Voltage) Zettavolts() float64

Zettavolts returns the voltage in ZV

type Volume Uses

type Volume Unit

Volume represents a volume in cubic meters

func (Volume) Attoliters Uses

func (v Volume) Attoliters() float64

Attoliters returns the volume in al

func (Volume) AustralianTableSpoons Uses

func (v Volume) AustralianTableSpoons() float64

AustralianTableSpoons returns the volume in Australian tablespoons

func (Volume) Centiliters Uses

func (v Volume) Centiliters() float64

Centiliters returns the volume in cl

func (Volume) CubicAttometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicAttometers() float64

CubicAttometers returns the volume in am³

func (Volume) CubicCentimeters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicCentimeters() float64

CubicCentimeters returns the volume in cm³

func (Volume) CubicDecameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicDecameters() float64

CubicDecameters returns the volume in dam³

func (Volume) CubicDecimeters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicDecimeters() float64

CubicDecimeters returns the volume in dm³

func (Volume) CubicExameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicExameters() float64

CubicExameters returns the volume in Em³

func (Volume) CubicFeet Uses

func (v Volume) CubicFeet() float64

CubicFeet returns the volume in ft³

func (Volume) CubicFemtometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicFemtometers() float64

CubicFemtometers returns the volume in fm³

func (Volume) CubicFurlongs Uses

func (v Volume) CubicFurlongs() float64

CubicFurlongs returns the volume in furlong³

func (Volume) CubicGigameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicGigameters() float64

CubicGigameters returns the volume in Gm³

func (Volume) CubicHectometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicHectometers() float64

CubicHectometers returns the volume in hm³

func (Volume) CubicInches Uses

func (v Volume) CubicInches() float64

CubicInches returns the volume in in³

func (Volume) CubicKilometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicKilometers() float64

CubicKilometers returns the volume in km³

func (Volume) CubicMegameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicMegameters() float64

CubicMegameters returns the volume in Mm³

func (Volume) CubicMeters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicMeters() float64

CubicMeters returns the volume in m³

func (Volume) CubicMicrometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicMicrometers() float64

CubicMicrometers returns the volume in µm³

func (Volume) CubicMiles Uses

func (v Volume) CubicMiles() float64

CubicMiles returns the volume in mi³

func (Volume) CubicMillimeters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicMillimeters() float64

CubicMillimeters returns the volume in mm³

func (Volume) CubicNanometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicNanometers() float64

CubicNanometers returns the volume in nm³

func (Volume) CubicPetameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicPetameters() float64

CubicPetameters returns the volume in Pm³

func (Volume) CubicPicometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicPicometers() float64

CubicPicometers returns the volume in pm³

func (Volume) CubicTerameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicTerameters() float64

CubicTerameters returns the volume in Tm³

func (Volume) CubicYards Uses

func (v Volume) CubicYards() float64

CubicYards returns the volume in yd³

func (Volume) CubicYoctometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicYoctometers() float64

CubicYoctometers returns the volume in ym³

func (Volume) CubicYottameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicYottameters() float64

CubicYottameters returns the volume in Ym³

func (Volume) CubicZeptometers Uses

func (v Volume) CubicZeptometers() float64

CubicZeptometers returns the volume in zm³

func (Volume) CubicZettameters Uses

func (v Volume) CubicZettameters() float64

CubicZettameters returns the volume in Zm³

func (Volume) Decaliters Uses

func (v Volume) Decaliters() float64

Decaliters returns the volume in Dl

func (Volume) Deciliters Uses

func (v Volume) Deciliters() float64

Deciliters returns the volume in dl

func (Volume) Exaliters Uses

func (v Volume) Exaliters() float64

Exaliters returns the volume in El

func (Volume) Femtoliters Uses

func (v Volume) Femtoliters() float64

Femtoliters returns the volume in fl

func (Volume) Gigaliters Uses

func (v Volume) Gigaliters() float64

Gigaliters returns the volume in Gl

func (Volume) Hectoliters Uses

func (v Volume) Hectoliters() float64

Hectoliters returns the volume in Hl

func (Volume) ImperialBushels Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialBushels() float64

ImperialBushels returns the volume in imperial bushels

func (Volume) ImperialCups Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialCups() float64

ImperialCups returns the volume in imperial cups

func (Volume) ImperialFluidDrams Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialFluidDrams() float64

ImperialFluidDrams returns the volume in imperial fluid drams

func (Volume) ImperialFluidOunces Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialFluidOunces() float64

ImperialFluidOunces returns the volume in imperial fluid ounces

func (Volume) ImperialGallons Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialGallons() float64

ImperialGallons returns the volume in imperial gallons

func (Volume) ImperialGills Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialGills() float64

ImperialGills returns the volume in imperial gills

func (Volume) ImperialPecks Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialPecks() float64

ImperialPecks returns the volume in imperial pecks

func (Volume) ImperialPints Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialPints() float64

ImperialPints returns the volume in imperial pints

func (Volume) ImperialQuarts Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialQuarts() float64

ImperialQuarts returns the volume in imperial quarts

func (Volume) ImperialTableSpoons Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialTableSpoons() float64

ImperialTableSpoons returns the volume in metric/imperial tablespoons

func (Volume) ImperialTeaSpoons Uses

func (v Volume) ImperialTeaSpoons() float64

ImperialTeaSpoons returns the volume in metric/imperial teaspoons

func (Volume) Kiloliters Uses

func (v Volume) Kiloliters() float64

Kiloliters returns the volume in Kl

func (Volume) Liters Uses

func (v Volume) Liters() float64

Liters returns the volume in l

func (Volume) Megaliters Uses

func (v Volume) Megaliters() float64

Megaliters returns the volume in Ml

func (Volume) MetricTableSpoons Uses

func (v Volume) MetricTableSpoons() float64

MetricTableSpoons returns the volume in metric/imperial tablespoons

func (Volume) MetricTeaSpoons Uses

func (v Volume) MetricTeaSpoons() float64

MetricTeaSpoons returns the volume in metric/imperial teaspoons

func (Volume) Microliters Uses

func (v Volume) Microliters() float64

Microliters returns the volume in µl

func (Volume) Milliliters Uses

func (v Volume) Milliliters() float64

Milliliters returns the volume in ml

func (Volume) Nanoliters Uses

func (v Volume) Nanoliters() float64

Nanoliters returns the volume in nl

func (Volume) Petaliters Uses

func (v Volume) Petaliters() float64

Petaliters returns the volume in Pl

func (Volume) Picoliters Uses

func (v Volume) Picoliters() float64

Picoliters returns the volume in pl

func (Volume) Teraliters Uses

func (v Volume) Teraliters() float64

Teraliters returns the volume in Tl

func (Volume) USBushels Uses

func (v Volume) USBushels() float64

USBushels returns the volume in US bushels

func (Volume) USCups Uses

func (v Volume) USCups() float64

USCups returns the volume in US cups

func (Volume) USDryGallons Uses

func (v Volume) USDryGallons() float64

USDryGallons returns the volume in US dry gallons

func (Volume) USDryPints Uses

func (v Volume) USDryPints() float64

USDryPints returns the volume in US dry pints

func (Volume) USDryQuarts Uses

func (v Volume) USDryQuarts() float64

USDryQuarts returns the volume in US dry quarts

func (Volume) USFluidDrams Uses

func (v Volume) USFluidDrams() float64

USFluidDrams returns the volume in US fluid drams

func (Volume) USFluidOunces Uses

func (v Volume) USFluidOunces() float64

USFluidOunces returns the volume in US fluid ounces

func (Volume) USGills Uses

func (v Volume) USGills() float64

USGills returns the volume in US gills

func (Volume) USLegalCups Uses

func (v Volume) USLegalCups() float64

USLegalCups returns the volume in US legal cups

func (Volume) USLiquidGallons Uses

func (v Volume) USLiquidGallons() float64

USLiquidGallons returns the volume in US liquid gallons

func (Volume) USLiquidPints Uses

func (v Volume) USLiquidPints() float64

USLiquidPints returns the volume in US liquid pints

func (Volume) USLiquidQuarts Uses

func (v Volume) USLiquidQuarts() float64

USLiquidQuarts returns the volume in US liquid quarts

func (Volume) USPecks Uses

func (v Volume) USPecks() float64

USPecks returns the volume in US pecks

func (Volume) USTableSpoons Uses

func (v Volume) USTableSpoons() float64

USTableSpoons returns the volume in US table spoons

func (Volume) USTeaSpoons Uses

func (v Volume) USTeaSpoons() float64

USTeaSpoons returns the volume in US tea spoons

func (Volume) Yoctoliters Uses

func (v Volume) Yoctoliters() float64

Yoctoliters returns the volume in yl

func (Volume) Zepoliters Uses

func (v Volume) Zepoliters() float64

Zepoliters returns the volume in zl

func (Volume) Zettaliters Uses

func (v Volume) Zettaliters() float64

Zettaliters returns the volume in Zl

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