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package dhcp6

import "github.com/mdlayher/dhcp6"

Package dhcp6 implements a DHCPv6 server, as described in RFC 3315.

Unless otherwise stated, any reference to "DHCP" in this package refers to DHCPv6 only.


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const.go dhcp6.go options.go packet.go string.go


var (
    // ErrInvalidOptions is returned when invalid options data is encountered
    // during parsing.  The data could report an incorrect length or have
    // trailing bytes which are not part of the option.
    ErrInvalidOptions = errors.New("invalid options data")

    // ErrInvalidPacket is returned when a byte slice does not contain enough
    // data to create a valid Packet.  A Packet must have at least a message type
    // and transaction ID.
    ErrInvalidPacket = errors.New("not enough bytes for valid packet")

    // ErrOptionNotPresent is returned when a requested opcode is not in
    // the packet.
    ErrOptionNotPresent = errors.New("option code not present in packet")

type MessageType Uses

type MessageType uint8

MessageType represents a DHCP message type, as defined in RFC 3315, Section 5.3. Different DHCP message types are used to perform different actions between a client and server.

const (
    // RFC 3315
    MessageTypeSolicit            MessageType = 1
    MessageTypeAdvertise          MessageType = 2
    MessageTypeRequest            MessageType = 3
    MessageTypeConfirm            MessageType = 4
    MessageTypeRenew              MessageType = 5
    MessageTypeRebind             MessageType = 6
    MessageTypeReply              MessageType = 7
    MessageTypeRelease            MessageType = 8
    MessageTypeDecline            MessageType = 9
    MessageTypeReconfigure        MessageType = 10
    MessageTypeInformationRequest MessageType = 11
    MessageTypeRelayForw          MessageType = 12
    MessageTypeRelayRepl          MessageType = 13

    // RFC 5007
    MessageTypeLeasequery      MessageType = 14
    MessageTypeLeasequeryReply MessageType = 15

    // RFC 5460
    MessageTypeLeasequeryDone MessageType = 16
    MessageTypeLeasequeryData MessageType = 17

    // RFC 6977
    MessageTypeReconfigureRequest MessageType = 18
    MessageTypeReconfigureReply   MessageType = 19

    // RFC 7341
    MessageTypeDHCPv4Query    MessageType = 20
    MessageTypeDHCPv4Response MessageType = 21

MessageType constants which indicate the message types described in RFCs 3315, 5007, 5460, 6977, and 7341.

These message types are taken from IANA's DHCPv6 parameters registry: http://www.iana.org/assignments/dhcpv6-parameters/dhcpv6-parameters.xhtml.

func (MessageType) String Uses

func (i MessageType) String() string

type OptionCode Uses

type OptionCode uint16

OptionCode represents a DHCP option, as defined in RFC 3315, Section 22. Options are used to carry additional information and parameters in DHCP messages between client and server.

const (
    // RFC 3315
    OptionClientID    OptionCode = 1
    OptionServerID    OptionCode = 2
    OptionIANA        OptionCode = 3
    OptionIATA        OptionCode = 4
    OptionIAAddr      OptionCode = 5
    OptionORO         OptionCode = 6
    OptionPreference  OptionCode = 7
    OptionElapsedTime OptionCode = 8
    OptionRelayMsg    OptionCode = 9

    OptionAuth         OptionCode = 11
    OptionUnicast      OptionCode = 12
    OptionStatusCode   OptionCode = 13
    OptionRapidCommit  OptionCode = 14
    OptionUserClass    OptionCode = 15
    OptionVendorClass  OptionCode = 16
    OptionVendorOpts   OptionCode = 17
    OptionInterfaceID  OptionCode = 18
    OptionReconfMsg    OptionCode = 19
    OptionReconfAccept OptionCode = 20

    // RFC 3646
    OptionDNSServers OptionCode = 23

    // RFC 3633
    OptionIAPD     OptionCode = 25
    OptionIAPrefix OptionCode = 26

    // RFC 4649
    OptionRemoteIdentifier OptionCode = 37

    // RFC 5970
    OptionBootFileURL    OptionCode = 59
    OptionBootFileParam  OptionCode = 60
    OptionClientArchType OptionCode = 61
    OptionNII            OptionCode = 62

OptionCode constants which indicate the option codes described in RFC 3315, RFC 3633, and RFC 5970.

These option codes are taken from IANA's DHCPv6 parameters registry: http://www.iana.org/assignments/dhcpv6-parameters/dhcpv6-parameters.xhtml.

func (OptionCode) String Uses

func (i OptionCode) String() string

type Options Uses

type Options map[OptionCode][][]byte

Options is a map of OptionCode keys with a slice of byte slice values.

Its methods can be used to easily check for additional information from a packet. Get and GetOne should be used to access data from Options.

func (Options) Add Uses

func (o Options) Add(key OptionCode, value encoding.BinaryMarshaler) error

Add adds a new OptionCode key and BinaryMarshaler struct's bytes to the Options map.

func (Options) AddRaw Uses

func (o Options) AddRaw(key OptionCode, value []byte)

AddRaw adds a new OptionCode key and raw value byte slice to the Options map.

func (Options) Get Uses

func (o Options) Get(key OptionCode) ([][]byte, error)

Get attempts to retrieve all values specified by an OptionCode key.

If a value is found, get returns a non-nil [][]byte and nil. If it is not found, Get returns nil and ErrOptionNotPresent.

func (Options) GetOne Uses

func (o Options) GetOne(key OptionCode) ([]byte, error)

GetOne attempts to retrieve the first and only value specified by an OptionCode key. GetOne should only be used for OptionCode keys that must have at most one value.

GetOne works just like Get, but if there is more than one value for the OptionCode key, ErrInvalidPacket will be returned.

func (Options) MarshalBinary Uses

func (o Options) MarshalBinary() ([]byte, error)

MarshalBinary allocates a buffer and writes options in their DHCPv6 binary format into the buffer.

func (*Options) UnmarshalBinary Uses

func (o *Options) UnmarshalBinary(p []byte) error

UnmarshalBinary fills opts with option codes and corresponding values from an input byte slice.

It is used with various different types to enable parsing of both top-level options, and options embedded within other options. If options data is malformed, it returns ErrInvalidOptions.

type Packet Uses

type Packet struct {
    // MessageType specifies the DHCP message type constant, such as
    // MessageTypeSolicit, MessageTypeAdvertise, etc.
    MessageType MessageType

    // TransactionID specifies the DHCP transaction ID.  The transaction ID must
    // be the same for all message exchanges in one DHCP transaction.
    TransactionID [3]byte

    // Options specifies a map of DHCP options.  Its methods can be used to
    // retrieve data from an incoming packet, or send data with an outgoing
    // packet.
    Options Options

Packet represents a raw DHCPv6 packet, using the format described in RFC 3315, Section 6.

The Packet type is typically only needed for low-level operations within the client, server, or in tests.

func (*Packet) MarshalBinary Uses

func (p *Packet) MarshalBinary() ([]byte, error)

MarshalBinary allocates a byte slice containing the data from a Packet.

func (*Packet) UnmarshalBinary Uses

func (p *Packet) UnmarshalBinary(q []byte) error

UnmarshalBinary unmarshals a raw byte slice into a Packet.

If the byte slice does not contain enough data to form a valid Packet, ErrInvalidPacket is returned.

type Status Uses

type Status uint16

Status represesents a DHCP status code, as defined in RFC 3315, Section 5.4. Status codes are used to communicate success or failure between client and server.

const (
    // RFC 3315
    StatusSuccess      Status = 0
    StatusUnspecFail   Status = 1
    StatusNoAddrsAvail Status = 2
    StatusNoBinding    Status = 3
    StatusNotOnLink    Status = 4
    StatusUseMulticast Status = 5

    // RFC 3633
    StatusNoPrefixAvail Status = 6

    // RFC 5007
    StatusUnknownQueryType Status = 7
    StatusMalformedQuery   Status = 8
    StatusNotConfigured    Status = 9
    StatusNotAllowed       Status = 10

    // RFC 5460
    StatusQueryTerminated Status = 11

Status constants which indicate the status codes described in RFCs 3315, 3633, 5007, and 5460.

These status codes are taken from IANA's DHCPv6 parameters registry: http://www.iana.org/assignments/dhcpv6-parameters/dhcpv6-parameters.xhtml.

func (Status) String Uses

func (i Status) String() string


add additional option code types defined by IANA


dhcp6testPackage dhcp6test provides utilities for testing DHCPv6 clients and servers.

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