appThe ReShifter app launches an API and a UI at port 8080 and uses the ReShifter library to communicate and manipulate etcd.
app/handlerPackage handler implements the ReShifter HTTP handlers.
pkg/backupPackage backup contains backup operations against etcd.
pkg/discoveryPackage discovery contains functionality to discover the type of etcd used in back up and restore operations as well as what Kubernetes distro is used.
pkg/remotesPackage remotes contains operations to store and retrieve backups in remote storage locations such as Amazon S3.
pkg/restorePackage restore contains restore operations against etcd.
pkg/typesPackage types defines types and constants used in the ReShifter lib.
pkg/utilPackage util contains various helper functions for ReShifter.
rcliPackage main implements the ReShifter CLI tool rcli.
rcli/cmdPackage cmd implements the ReShifter CLI commands.

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