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package limits

import ""


Package Files

handler.go setup.go

func LengthDescending Uses

func LengthDescending(p1, p2 *httpserver.PathLimit) bool

LengthDescending is the comparator for SortPathLimits

func MaxBytesReader Uses

func MaxBytesReader(w http.ResponseWriter, r io.ReadCloser, n int64) io.ReadCloser

MaxBytesReader and its associated methods are borrowed from the Go Standard library (comments intact). The only difference is that it returns a ErrMaxBytesExceeded error instead of a generic error message when the request body has exceeded the requested limit

func SortPathLimits Uses

func SortPathLimits(pathLimits []httpserver.PathLimit)

SortPathLimits sort pathLimits by their paths length, longest first

type Limit Uses

type Limit struct {
    Next       httpserver.Handler
    BodyLimits []httpserver.PathLimit

Limit is a middleware to control request body size

func (Limit) ServeHTTP Uses

func (l Limit) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) (int, error)

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