go-plugins: github.com/micro/go-plugins/broker


gocloudPackage gocloud provides a pubsub broker for Go Cloud.
googlepubsubPackage googlepubsub provides a Google cloud pubsub broker
grpcPackage grpc is a point to point grpc broker
grpc/protoPackage broker is a generated protocol buffer package.
httpPackage http provides a http based message broker
kafkaPackage kafka provides a kafka broker using sarama cluster
memoryPackage memory provides a memory broker
mqttPackage mqtt provides an mqtt broker
natsPackage memory provides a memory broker
nsqPackage nsq provides an NSQ broker
proxyPackage proxy is a broker using the micro proxy
rabbitmqPackage rabbitmq provides a RabbitMQ broker
redisPackage redis provides a Redis broker
servicePackage service provides the broker service client
stanPackage stan provides a NATS Streaming broker

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