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package alertoverbee

import ""

Package alertoverbee is able to send notifications on AlertOver.

Package alertoverbee is able to send notifications on AlertOver.


Package Files

alertoverbee.go alertoverbeefactory.go

type AlertOverBee Uses

type AlertOverBee struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AlertOverBee is a Bee that is able to send notifications on AlertOver.

func (*AlertOverBee) Action Uses

func (mod *AlertOverBee) Action(action bees.Action) []bees.Placeholder

Action triggers the action passed to it.

func (*AlertOverBee) ReloadOptions Uses

func (mod *AlertOverBee) ReloadOptions(options bees.BeeOptions)

ReloadOptions parses the config options and initializes the Bee.

type AlertOverBeeFactory Uses

type AlertOverBeeFactory struct {

AlertOverBeeFactory is a factory for AlertOverBees.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) Actions Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) Actions() []bees.ActionDescriptor

Actions describes the available actions provided by this Bee.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) Description Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) Description() string

Description returns the description of this Bee.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) Events Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) Events() []bees.EventDescriptor

Events describes the available events provided by this Bee.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) ID Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) ID() string

ID returns the ID of this Bee.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) Image Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) Image() string

Image returns the filename of an image for this Bee.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) LogoColor Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) LogoColor() string

LogoColor returns the preferred logo background color (used by the admin interface).

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) Name Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) Name() string

Name returns the name of this Bee.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) New Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) New(name, description string, options bees.BeeOptions) bees.BeeInterface

New returns a new Bee instance configured with the supplied options.

func (*AlertOverBeeFactory) Options Uses

func (factory *AlertOverBeeFactory) Options() []bees.BeeOptionDescriptor

Options returns the options available to configure this Bee.

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