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package mountlib

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/cmd/mountlib"


Package Files

daemon_unix.go mount.go


var (
    DebugFUSE                        = false
    AllowNonEmpty                    = false
    AllowRoot                        = false
    AllowOther                       = false
    DefaultPermissions               = false
    WritebackCache                   = false
    Daemon                           = false
    MaxReadAhead       fs.SizeSuffix = 128 * 1024
    ExtraOptions       []string
    ExtraFlags         []string
    AttrTimeout        = 1 * time.Second // how long the kernel caches attribute for
    VolumeName         string
    NoAppleDouble      = true        // use noappledouble by default
    NoAppleXattr       = false       // do not use noapplexattr by default
    DaemonTimeout      time.Duration // OSXFUSE only

Options set by command line flags

func ClipBlocks Uses

func ClipBlocks(b *uint64)

ClipBlocks clips the blocks pointed to to the OS max

func NewMountCommand Uses

func NewMountCommand(commandName string, Mount func(f fs.Fs, mountpoint string) error) *cobra.Command

NewMountCommand makes a mount command with the given name and Mount function



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