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package tree

import "github.com/ncw/rclone/cmd/tree"


Package Files


func Tree Uses

func Tree(fsrc fs.Fs, outFile io.Writer, opts *tree.Options) error

Tree lists fsrc to outFile using the Options passed in

type FileInfo Uses

type FileInfo struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FileInfo maps a fs.DirEntry into an os.FileInfo

func (*FileInfo) IsDir Uses

func (to *FileInfo) IsDir() bool

IsDir is abbreviation for Mode().IsDir()

func (*FileInfo) ModTime Uses

func (to *FileInfo) ModTime() time.Time

ModTime is modification time

func (*FileInfo) Mode Uses

func (to *FileInfo) Mode() os.FileMode

Mode is file mode bits

func (*FileInfo) Name Uses

func (to *FileInfo) Name() string

Name is base name of the file

func (*FileInfo) Size Uses

func (to *FileInfo) Size() int64

Size in bytes for regular files; system-dependent for others

func (*FileInfo) String Uses

func (to *FileInfo) String() string

String returns the full path

func (*FileInfo) Sys Uses

func (to *FileInfo) Sys() interface{}

Sys is underlying data source (can return nil)

type Fs Uses

type Fs dirtree.DirTree

Fs maps an fs.Fs into a tree.Fs

func NewFs Uses

func NewFs(dirs dirtree.DirTree) Fs

NewFs creates a new tree

func (Fs) ReadDir Uses

func (dirs Fs) ReadDir(dir string) (names []string, err error)

ReadDir returns info about the directory and fills up the directory cache

func (Fs) Stat Uses

func (dirs Fs) Stat(filePath string) (fi os.FileInfo, err error)

Stat returns info about the file

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