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package status

import ""

Package status contains types that plugins can make use of in their bindables for displaying status to the user. This package is kept on its own to reduce the frequency with which plugins importing it must be rebuilt.

For more information, see vidar's plugin package documentation.


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var (
    ColorErr = gxui.Color{
        R:  1,
        G:  0.2,
        B:  0,
        A:  1,
    ColorWarn = gxui.Color{
        R:  0.8,
        G:  0.7,
        B:  0.1,
        A:  1,
    ColorInfo = gxui.Color{
        R:  0.1,
        G:  0.8,
        B:  0,
        A:  1,

type General Uses

type General struct {
    Theme gxui.Theme

    Err  string
    Warn string
    Info string

General is a type used to keep track of a general status. It implements commander.Statuser so that other types can simply embed it and rely on its functionality.

Types that embed this *must* set its Theme field.

func (*General) Clear Uses

func (s *General) Clear()

Clear clears all fields in s.

func (*General) Status Uses

func (s *General) Status() gxui.Control

Status returns the gxui.Control element that displays s's status.

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