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package setting

import ""


Package Files

default_project.go keybindings.go paths_default.go plugins.go settings.go


const (
    // LicenseHeaderFilename is the file name to look for in projects.
    // TODO: this belongs in the license header plugin, since not all
    // languages need it.
    LicenseHeaderFilename = ".license-header"

    // DefaultFontSize is the font size that will be used if no font
    // size settings are found in the config files.
    DefaultFontSize = 12


var (
    // App is an XDG application config.  It's exported so that plugins can load their own config
    // files from vidar's config directories.
    // TODO: we should unexport this and provide functions to access its methods.  Allowing plugins
    // to assign to App is misleading and potentially dangerous.
    App = xdg.New("", "vidar")

    // BuiltinFonts is a list of the fonts that we have built in to the
    // editor.  This is done so that vidar will always be able to start,
    // even if none of the fonts on a user's system are parseable.
    BuiltinFonts = map[string][]byte{
        "gomono":           gomono.TTF,
        "gomonobold":       gomonobold.TTF,
        "gomonoitalic":     gomonoitalic.TTF,
        "gomonobolditalic": gomonobolditalic.TTF,
var (
    DefaultProject = Project{
        Name:   "*default*",
        Path:   "/",
        Gopath: os.Getenv("GOPATH"),

func AddProject Uses

func AddProject(project Project)

func Bindings Uses

func Bindings(commandName string) (events []gxui.KeyboardEvent)

func Plugins Uses

func Plugins() []string

func PrefFont Uses

func PrefFont(d gxui.Driver) gxui.Font

PrefFont returns the most preferred font found on the system.

func SetDefaultBindings Uses

func SetDefaultBindings(cmds ...bind.Command)

type Font Uses

type Font struct {
    Name string
    Size int

type Project Uses

type Project struct {
    Name   string
    Path   string
    Gopath string

func Projects Uses

func Projects() (projs []Project)

func (Project) Environ Uses

func (p Project) Environ() []string

func (Project) LicenseHeader Uses

func (p Project) LicenseHeader() string

func (Project) String Uses

func (p Project) String() string



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