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package nrsnowflake

import "github.com/newrelic/go-agent/v3/integrations/nrsnowflake"

Package nrsnowflake instruments github.com/snowflakedb/gosnowflake

Use this package to instrument your Snowflake calls without having to manually create DatastoreSegments. This is done in a two step process:

1. Use this package's driver in place of the snowflake driver.

If your code is using sql.Open like this:

import (
	_ "github.com/snowflakedb/gosnowflake"

func main() {
	db, err := sql.Open("snowflake", "user@unix(/path/to/socket)/dbname")

Then change the side-effect import to this package, and open "nrsnowflake" instead:

import (
	_ "github.com/newrelic/go-agent/v3/integrations/nrsnowflake"

func main() {
	db, err := sql.Open("nrsnowflake", "user@unix(/path/to/socket)/dbname")

2. Provide a context containing a newrelic.Transaction to all exec and query methods on sql.DB, sql.Conn, sql.Tx, and sql.Stmt. This requires using the context methods ExecContext, QueryContext, and QueryRowContext in place of Exec, Query, and QueryRow respectively. For example, instead of the following:

row := db.QueryRow("SELECT count(*) from tables")

Do this:

ctx := newrelic.NewContext(context.Background(), txn)
row := db.QueryRowContext(ctx, "SELECT count(*) from tables")

A working example is shown here: https://github.com/newrelic/go-agent/tree/master/v3/integrations/nrsnowflake/example/main.go


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