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astPackage ast declares Rego syntax tree types and also includes a parser and compiler for preparing policies for execution in the policy engine.
ast/locationPackage location defines locations in Rego source code.
bundlePackage bundle implements bundle loading.
cmdPackage cmd contains the entry points for OPA commands.
compilePackage compile implements bundles compilation and linking.
configPackage config implements OPA configuration file parsing and validation.
coverPackage cover reports coverage on modules.
dependenciesPackage dependencies provides functions for determining the set of ast.Refs that AST elements depend on.
downloadPackage download implements low-level OPA bundle downloading.
formatPackage format implements formatting of Rego source files.
internal/compiler/wasmPackage wasm contains an IR->WASM compiler backend.
internal/compiler/wasm/opaPackage opa contains bytecode for the OPA-WASM library.
internal/configPackage config implements helper functions to parse OPA's configuration.
internal/file/urlPackage url contains helpers for dealing with file paths and URLs.
internal/irPackage ir defines an intermediate representation (IR) for Rego.
internal/leb128Package leb128 implements LEB128 integer encoding.
internal/mergePackage merge contains helpers to merge data structures frequently encountered in OPA.
internal/plannerPackage planner contains a query planner for Rego queries.
internal/presentationPackage presentation prints results of an expression evaluation in json and tabular formats.
internal/reportPackage report provides functions to report OPA's version information to an external service and process the response.
internal/runtimePackage runtime contains utilities to return runtime information on the OPA instance.
internal/storage/mockPackage mock defines a fake storage implementation for use in testing.
internal/strvalsPackage strvals provides tools for working with strval lines.
internal/versionPackage version implements helper functions for the stored version.
internal/wasm/constantPackage constant contains WASM constant definitions.
internal/wasm/encodingPackage encoding implements WASM module reading and writing.
internal/wasm/instructionPackage instruction defines WASM instruction types.
internal/wasm/opcodePackage opcode contains constants and utilities for working with WASM opcodes.
internal/wasm/typesPackage types defines the WASM value type constants.
loaderPackage loader contains utilities for loading files into OPA.
metricsPackage metrics contains helpers for performance metric management inside the policy engine.
pluginsPackage plugins implements plugin management for the policy engine.
plugins/bundlePackage bundle implements bundle downloading.
plugins/discoveryPackage discovery implements configuration discovery.
plugins/logsPackage logs implements decision log buffering and uploading.
plugins/restPackage rest implements a REST client for communicating with remote services.
plugins/statusPackage status implements status reporting.
profilerPackage profiler computes and reports on the time spent on expressions.
regoPackage rego exposes high level APIs for evaluating Rego policies.
replPackage repl implements a Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) for interacting with the policy engine.
runtimePackage runtime contains the entry point to the policy engine.
serverPackage server contains the policy engine's server handlers.
server/authorizerPackage authorizer provides authorization handlers to the server.
server/identifierPackage identifier provides handlers for associating an identity with incoming requests.
server/typesPackage types contains request/response types and codes for the server.
server/writerPackage writer contains utilities for writing responses in the server.
storagePackage storage exposes the policy engine's storage layer.
storage/inmemPackage inmem implements an in-memory version of the policy engine's storage layer.
testerPackage tester contains utilities for executing Rego tests.
topdownPackage topdown provides low-level query evaluation support.
topdown/builtinsPackage builtins contains utilities for implementing built-in functions.
topdown/internal/jwx/bufferPackage buffer provides a very thin wrapper around []byte buffer called `Buffer`, to provide functionalities that are often used within the jwx related packages
topdown/internal/jwx/jwkPackage jwk implements JWK as described in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7517
topdown/internal/jwx/jwsPackage jws implements the digital Signature on JSON based data structures as described in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7515
typesPackage types declares data types for Rego values and helper functions to operate on these types.
utilPackage util provides generic utilities used throughout the policy engine.
util/testPackage test contains utilities used in the policy engine's test suite.
versionPackage version contains version information that is set at build time.
watchPackage watch provides the ability to set a watch on a Rego query.

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