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package objstore

import ""


Package Files

health_objstore.go metric_round_tripper.go objstore.go

func Client Uses

func Client() (*minio.Client, error)

deprecated consider using DefaultClientFromEnv

func CustomClient Uses

func CustomClient(endpoint string, opts *minio.Options) (*minio.Client, error)

CustomClient with customized client

func DefaultClientFromEnv Uses

func DefaultClientFromEnv() (*minio.Client, error)

Client with environment based configuration. Registers healthchecks automatically. If yo do not want to use healthchecks consider calling CustomClient.

func RegisterHealthchecks Uses

func RegisterHealthchecks()

type HealthCheck Uses

type HealthCheck struct {
    Client *minio.Client
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

HealthCheck checks the state of the object storage client. It must not be changed after it was registered as a health check.

func (*HealthCheck) HealthCheck Uses

func (h *HealthCheck) HealthCheck(ctx context.Context) servicehealthcheck.HealthCheckResult

HealthCheck checks if the object storage client is healthy. If the last result is outdated, object storage is checked for upload and download, otherwise returns the old result

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